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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Arbitrator, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. OnTheJazzTR

    Oh I agree it's much better than no sticky targetting, I remember PS1 having chat macros to tell people to "STAND STILL so I can heal you!!" in bright colours to try and be as visible as possible... and they never did :p Just really wish it would actually target the person I'm aiming at lol, oh well, hopefully they'll improve it in a patch or something soon.
  2. Epicon

    I understand the need for a delay in rez. However regardless, if you can speed up the process with certs or not, it takes far too long to rez someone.
    I am not saying it should be instant, but 2 seconds is more than fair. People always seem to respawn before you can rez them or you are a sitting duck for snipers sometimes.
    Also think the healing recharge, even maxed out takes way too long.
    I mean I understand this could lead to people boosting points on medic if XP came that easy. I still feel these changes need to be made to this class.
    I'd be willing to trade self healing for faster rez and faster heal recharge time, that would balance it out.
    I think we all agree the med gun is also too slow to target someone and needs a better way to aim and increased range.
  3. CrimsonDaemon

    I think in addition to all this, there needs to be a notification like they had in planetside 1 that lets you know when someone is trying to revive you. I think that would help notify people who accidently click out of the revive accept menu
  4. Dornez

    Most of the time it is a whole squad of friendlies dead, it is because one of them accidentally grenaded his squad and medics don't get xp for FF revives.

    I have gotten 20+ rezzes though inside a tower that was about to be flipped. Rev grenades apparently go through the floor.
  5. Hekyl

    Give us a faster run speed so we can catch up to the bleeders running away! :p
  6. Spiffy McBang

    Seconded, thirded, fourthed, and many numbers after that. Even if it's an upgrade that requires cert points, do it. I've already found myself wishing for a jetpack, but this would be so much better. I like the fact that medics are real soldiers in this game (as opposed to, say, TF2); that said, if we've chosen support as our main job, and we're in a massive multiplayer environment with names that are very tiny and hard to read (so that you don't know many of your teammates and also can't even call them out on chat because they're too far off and their names are unreadable), give us a chance to chase them down and do our jobs.

    Edit: Now watch someone say there is something like that. But I can't log in to check, yay G37!
  7. MDefender

    Make the speed boost only when you have the applicator equipped, or something. It'd be just like having a knife out in certain other games - the speed can help you get where you need to go, it doesn't help in an actual gunfight. You just get shot to pieces.
  8. irishroy


    and nearly always these wounded idiots crying for MEDIC MEDIC, and sprinting away....
    if you like memes, then scroll down, if not, just don´t scroll down ;)

  9. Ghoest

  10. BombrMan

    5. Yes.

    4. I always just assume in my mind they got critical hitted real bad and that's why I can't get up. On voice it's like "Pick me up im over here" "Ok coming...nope sorry can't pick you up your brain is all over the ground, respawn"

    1-3. Stop worrying about XP and play the game and these things won't matter that much. It's an FPs, not some other clickedy-click MMO, so the game itself is fun even if it's not spraying you with XP and levels and unlocks.
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  11. Willy_Wolfy

    My issues are:

    The gun targetting sucks monkeyballs. So so so SO frustrating.

    Just people in general. If you want heals stay near me... Us medics can be just as bad. I've been rezzed then the medic legs it off leaving me with no health...
  12. thehaireola

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