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Discussion in 'Combat Medic' started by Arbitrator, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Arbitrator

    1) Not Getting Points From Revives

    It appears to be random whenever you get points for a revive. Sometimes you will, sometimes you won't. I can understand if this was due to a stray bullet finishing a team mate off, but I've seen people run clean into two NC, get gunned down, revived and no points at all. This was tolerable at first but when I'm spending Station Cash on Cert boosts it gets old very, very, quickly. After a big firefight at a Bio-Dome I think the chance of me getting points is about 60:40 to getting them.

    2) Not Getting Heal Points

    When you revive somebody you get the same amount of points regardless of how much it heals this. This has been discussed since beta when the certs were unlocked and I am not sure if it's intentional on SoE's part or not. Essentially, you're somewhat punished for unlocking your faster revive tool by not being granted the points for the amount automatically healed. At Rank 5 this means you get zero points for "topping off their health" that you would with a Rank 1 tool. Now, people defend this by saying the quicker revives get you to more casualties more quickly, but I think this is clutching at straws. Why are you being punished for putting hundreds of certs into something? If there was a slow and a fast tool I could understand, but there isn't. Additionally, in small squad scenarios with only ten or so players only one person is going down at a time usually so that logic doesn't work. I will assume this is a bug or something overlook in development until SoE say otherwise.

    3) Interrupted Heal gives no points.

    If I heal somebody for a good two-three seconds I will get the points for that amount of health. Great. The problem comes when that heal is interrupted at some point. If I begin to heal somebody and a team mate runs in front of me, or they break into a sprint expecting me to keep up, the chain is broken and I don't get the points. This is a big problem when I'm trying to keep somebody topped up on health and I keep having to start and restart the healing process, at times this has left me without any points for healing. Additionally, if I don't heal them for "that much" of their health I get nadda. I either get the full amount or I get nothing. Personally I think this should be changed to one point every 1-2 mini-bar(s) rather than four points every few bars (or whatever the non boost XP amount is)

    4) Corpses That Refuse to Revive

    I don't know if this is people logging off whilst dead, but certain corpses linger for a long time with the 'Need Revive' icon above their heads. You revive, nothing happens. This is obviously a bug but it's one that is there and makes for an annoying distraction when corpses are dropping around you.

    5) Minor Issues

    Healing Grenades should be reduced down to 100-150 Certs. They're good, but they're not 'that' great and most people just skip them entirely to get to revive grenades. As an AoE you can throw they're very situational and in most cases you can just sit in the middle of a group after a two second sprint and heal away. I feel they should act more as a 'pit stop' between working your way to your revive grenades, but at there current cost they are just not worth the price and can be skipped over entirely.

    Now begin the flaming.
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  2. Cluzore

    I think this is people not accepting your revive and spawning somewhere else.
  3. Arbitrator

    I don't think so. In those cases they do the little "pull up" animation where the body pulls himself up on both hands or raises his back up to indicate he has got the option. These bugged corpses just stay completely flat on the ground and don't make the animation even after you 'revived' them.
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  4. iEatGlue

    1) Some people claim this to be bugged or due to diminishing returns. I rarely do not get my revive xp and when I don't, it's most obviously due to TK. I can't say for every situation tho, only ones I've experienced.

    2) As I posted before in the beta multiple times, you should get xp per % you heal, not per heal tic (right now it seems to be x amount of seconds healing). This will give more incentive to heal other players and upgrade your med gun.

    3) Would be resolved with 2's solution.

    4) I've found if I go to the map from the deploy screen when I have a revive pending on me, it removes the revive offer but my character is still in the 'pull up' animation. Bug in that scenario. Sometimes the people log off dead and other times they refuse your revive for another spawn location. I give people two revives max before I move on. SOE needs to do something about dead bodies for people logged off tho.

    5) Healing and revive grenades should cost the same infantry resources as frags. Not only are they more situational and harder to use, but they cost cert points and excessive infantry resources.
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  5. Psychokiller22

    You summed it up perfectly I don't think I've gotten any revive points since the games launch. Yet in beta that wasn't a problem. Let's hope the devs see this!
  6. Josh1140

    I agree, the engies get 50% More XP than us and we are more important :mad:
  7. saltin

    1>rare but it does happen,not a big deal for me since almost all are being credited.I quickly move on normally so i am not even sure if the revive actually took place or not.
    2>An issue for beginners only imo,once you max your med tool,healing exp is not a big deal due to the bulk of your gain gonna come from the much more efficient and fast revives.
    3>same answer as 2.
    4>Lots of people refuse revives specially at the beginning of the game when revives also often means instant death in a hot zone due to low health after being resurrected. Very few people have a maxed med tool with 100% health at revive now.Less people will refuse revives eventually when medics who can revive to full health become main stream.
  8. PS2 MEDIC

    I agree OP.

    I have one other issue as well. There seems to be a need to hold you revive beam on them longer than necessary in order to help insure getting credit for it.

    Some medic pointed this out to me. If you simply hold the beam on them until the circle fills up and you see them make the second animation, and then you just run off, there is a chance you will not be paid. However... stay there a bit longer and keep beaming them and it greatly reduces the chances of you not getting credited.

    This is unfortunate because it negates the leveled up effect of a superior med tool, save for the greater heath received upon revival.
  9. Awass

    Seems to me that sometimes when you don't get points for a revive, it's because some other medic stole the revive by beaming them after you have already beamed them with your med gun. For example, one time I died, and I got a message that someone wanted to revive me, but it quickly got replaced by a revive message from another person, who probably just revived me after the first guy.
  10. Arbitrator

    Just tossed a Revive Grenade into a group of three freshly killed squaddies. I got points for one of them. Oh huzzah.
  11. Vibe

    Think the "not getting xp" is related to team kills/wounding. Not sure though.
  12. Garrix

    Seems to be working mostly fine for me. I do wish there was some way to count revives though, make up for losing my 2:1 KDR. :(
  13. Vreki

    I agree that there is lots of bugs, but I still get plenty of XP in battles, so it is not a total loss
  14. Zagz

    For a very long time, my guys and I had the impression that you could get gibbeb... meaning, you could really die. When someone cannot be revive, we call them: dead dead

    Rather annoying issue.
  15. Chinchy

    There is a 60 second bleed out timer right now, I think its there to stop people from sitting behind enemy lines dead waiting for a medic. What they need is a graphical interface to show how long you have left.
  16. BobJohnson

    I agree with OP, it's super annoying not getting heal points because someone runs out of range for a moment, or someone runs in between you and the person you have been healing. Also for the amount of points you get for the healing, for the amount of work you go through to heal the average person, it makes it far easier and efficient to just rez dead people.

    Though rezing people leads to a bunch of new annoyances such as trying to rez people that cant be rezed, spending 15+ seconds rezing someone before the wake up animation happens, and not being rewarded for the rez.
  17. Werefox

    The other issues you mention I'm personally not worried about, but I can see how it would annoy others. This one however drives me insane. Its the corpses that to slap the heal beam on and the reviving circle doesn't pop up - and there is noway to tell the difference until you try to revive.

    Its not helped by me being a bit slow sometimes and attempt to revive the same dud corpse multiple times over a 30 minute battle.
  18. Azuriel

    There is a bug on the accepting revive side of things. When a medic comes up and does a full revive timer on you (completes the circle) and the dialog box pops up for you to accept or decline, hitting accept sometimes just doesn't work. Nothing you did wrong as the rezee, nothing the medic did wrong as the rezzer, just a bug. The corpse will do the "getting up" animation where they are on their elbows, but will stay there.

    The only solution I have found for this is to double revive anyone that you rez and see get into that position. And THAT is why the MedApp 6 Upgrade is super amazing. Because of the bugs!
  19. OnTheJazzTR

    Just to be really annoying, I'm finding sometimes those ones aren't actually dud corpses and they work if I move one step nearer them and try again... meaning I waste even more time making 2-3 attempts on a corpse before giving up on it, because there are indeed quite a lot that won't work no matter what you do. Dunno if it's latency or luck with the particular level of medtool I have being a bit iffy with the ranges but it's happened several times now: see someone drop dead near me, try to res, green beam but no revive circle... move closer, and get the revive circle.

    Another minor gripe I have is the sticky targetting. It's great, when it actually targets the person who I had the cursor over, who needs a heal. Unfortunately, it'll usually target the guy on full health standing next to them and so I can take several tries to actually heal the guy who really needs it, and no doubt look a right idiot to everyone who can see my green beams on the wrong people all the time :p I tend to just use F instead if I'm in a group of people but if that's on cooldown I feel a bit stupid when I can't target the right guy!
  20. iEatGlue

    Current sticky targeting can suck but it's much better than when we had no (or very bad) sticky targeting. They need to make some adjustments to it, preferably for situations like you said. When I'm in a large battle with a lot of people, it sucks that my medgun always sticks to the closest person regardless of where my reticle is aimed.

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