The Problem with Ravens

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  1. DatVanuMan

    Yahoo! Too bad our conversation was totally useless; we are specks of dust underneath SOE's toe nails:(
  2. Rovertoo

    I dunno. You could always squeeze the suggestion in on one of the streams. And I've always been okay with RoF nerfs for NC, just like I'm okay with damage nerfs for TR. NC guns should never have their damage reduced and visa versa for TR. VS though is the usual problem child. I'm of the mind that they could make .75 ads for most of their guns (and even a whopping 1.0 ADS for a crazy VS gun!) for the tradeoff of being both terrible terrible at range as well as an abnormally small clip (or heat bar). That way the NC and TR .75 ADS guns would be the same mind as TR's Cougar (NC), and NC's GD-7F (TR), but VS variants.