The Problem with Ravens

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  1. Alkezo

    By not realizing it's ridiculous to think MAX AV weapons are only getting that many total kills per hour across all servers and not being an average?
  2. TheMish

    That still doesn't change the fact that there's a lot of NC players, which means more people with Ravens. On top of the fact that the NC are pretty much the tank buster faction. The Falcons, Ravens, Enforcer, etc. The NC are clearly better at fighting vehicles than the TR and VS. But don't have as much infantry power.
  3. Alkezo

    Do you know what "average" means?
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  4. a-koo-chee-moya

    1. Why would Ravens be worse than Fractures when there are obstructions? Ravens have guidance, and would therefore be slightly better.

    2. Ravens don't need to be accurate either due to guidance.

    3. So players should be able handle getting one shot by a MAX from 40m?

    4. If you leave yourself without cover, you're going to get hammered by Ravens too.

    5. Ravens are guided which means they can hit moving targets much easier, unlike Falcon

    6. Vortexes have a chargeup, which lowers DPS as well.

    So you're saying that the only reason the Ravens are better than Vortex is due to nobody knowing how to deal with them. The projectile path is the same. Ravens don't deviate enough to bend behind cover. Just move behind cover. If you can deal with Vortex, you can deal with Raven.

    Well, go on a "How to fight against Ravens" Crusade, and we'll check back in in a few months, k?
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  5. a-koo-chee-moya

    haha, I get it.
  6. a-koo-chee-moya

    Well, if it was, it would be titled "The Problem with Long Range AV"
  7. Archiadus

    Fixed that for you. :D
  8. TheMish

    Still doesn't change anything. The Ravens are fine.
  9. DatVanuMan

    Well, NC will cry. How should they be nerfed, though?
  10. vanu123

    Buff comets.
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  11. DatVanuMan

    Thank you!:D
    And yeah, that is a good point. Why not make them better at long range, and limit them at close range? Maybe the Ravens can't be guided at -40 meters or something, I don't know.
  12. DatVanuMan

    That one random post, man. That's you:p
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  13. Fellgnome

    This right here makes 0 sense. The lower pop tends to get more KPH as they have a target rich environment. The higher pop fights over a smaller number of targets, often many of which are reluctant to even leave a spawn room.

    NC cannot reasonably complain about their ranged AI MAX options unless we admit VS/TR should get something as equally devastating(and I mean instant TTK on infantry) as NC's shotguns at close ranges at the same time.

    Also this man speaks reason to the masses, comets are the fractures of the first gen AV weapons.
  14. vanu123

    Always man, always. :cool:
  15. Alarox

    Which just so happens to be the problem with Ravens.
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  16. _itg

    I won't argue that Ravens are the best long-range MAX AV weapons (and competing with Pounders for best overall), but I just want to point out that:

    a) Some NC MAX users will use Ravens specifically for AI because they dislike slugs, which would skew the KPH upward. The other factions have no incentive to do this.
    b) If the KPH for NC is 8 per arm vs. 5 per arm with any other faction, then NC is only getting 6 more infantry kills per hour. That's not that much.

    I have a few hundred kills with my Ravens, and I can say it's not that easy to kill anyone who actually tries to dodge your rockets. Infantry can turn much faster than the rockets can, and there's not much splash. The kills you get tend to be on oblivious targets, damaged targets, or point blank kills when defending yourself.
  17. KenDelta

    Stabilize vortex , that's the only tweak the 2ndGen(Long range) of AV max weapons need.
  18. LT_Latency

    TR has pounders

    Fractures are for long range veichle pew pew pew with lock down and that is about it
  19. CorporalClegg

    From a numbers standpoint, I suppose I can see your point; ravens are more effective infantry killers than the other two...

    ...but their numbers are not dramatically high and I really don't think I've been killed by ravens more than a handfull of times (if ever) in my alt characters when I play infantry. Falcons are far better at killing infantry, why aren't you complaining about them? I die to falcons a lot. Ravens are just really effective at AV.

    Which is why I suspect that a lot of these vanu whines against ravens are just posteriorhurt ppa spammers who had their farming cut short.
  20. Xasapis

    Can you see where the Vortex is?


    That's where the Ravens and especially Pounders need to drop.

    The only problem I have with this thread is that Pounders are much worse offenders than Ravens. A 1.75 times over-performance is of course massive, but it seems small compared to the Pounders 3.1 times.