[Suggestion] The Power Knife has to be changed.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AntDX316, Dec 1, 2022.

  1. AntDX316

    The Power Knife has to be changed as other knifes are way better. The RPM of the power knife is bad. Perhaps make it where the Power knife is removed and replaced with huge lightsaber that can be seen even while cloaked. It should do 1050 damage like before with an RPM of like 300 to be balanced.
  2. Botji

    Only thing I agree with is that the damage should be increased, except by like 50 so it does kill anyone on a headshot aside from a HA with overshield on.

    Its a bit of a let down when you smack someone in the head and is basically already going for another kill when you realize the first dude is now turning around because they had the aux shield equipped so they survived with 50 health left.
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  3. AntDX316

    edit: not RPM of 300 but an RPM of 1/3 of 100.
  4. Shadowpikachu

    Unironically it's the worst play style ever, because it's not efficient or really effective even before the nerfs, it's loud and you give away your position and have to hit the first slice, it's literally the most limited weapon and playstyle in the game to the point where default knife fast stabs are just better.

    Shame they outright removed the point of the weapon, just change the headshot multiplier at least.
  5. AntDX316

    yea, power knifes weren't really OP but it could be understandable. It's just the rate of fire from it makes no sense to use. It's as bad as using the powershot on the Phaseshift instead of regular fire. Basically, they are traps to use.
  6. Botji

    Nah, 1 hit kill on body hits was kinda OP.
    Its not that hard to aim in the general area of their head and get a headshot when their entire upper model covers your screen, sure I dont have a ton of power knife kills but a lot of them are 'accidental' headshots from me just swinging at them as well as the actual aimed ones after the nerf.
  7. Demigan

    Regardless of people's views on it being OP or not, its just not a fun thing to encounter. You have a class build around being hard to spot combined with a latency system that favors them, along with a knife that can OHK players without giving them any chance to really improve from each encounter.
    "But it has sound!" Some players might say. If you can find the on button on a powerknife you should also be able to time it, in other words "activate it before striking" rather than sit somewhere with a powerknife on. Its like saying "but if I bring C4 I cant shoot infantry I encounter!", just dont switch to C4 until you need it! Damn!

    The simple way around this: make it do something other than OHK. It could create a concussive effect. It could inject a virus and do stuff to the target player and its nearby allies, like (very visually) mess up their spots and IFF tags, spot nearby allies, mess with their shield&shield regen, mess with any of their interactions (all spots/radar/ammo packs/received health&repair etc are stopped for a short duration) and many other things. It could be a great utility, it could still be a combat knife that debuffs your target, just dont make it OHK.
  8. Sumowning

    It was never unbalanced to begin with, just people with crutch arguments about how 'OP' it is. Because game awareness is a hard skill and dying to someone who doesn't even have a gun equipped hurts more than just their KD, it hurts their pride.

    This was the perfect opportunity to fix the powerknives and here we are, still requiring a 'headshot' to be of any use. It's sad.
  9. AuricStarSand

    The 2 hit knife kills 0.6 seconds slower & I get x4 the honor from the enemy.

    So why would I want a 1 hit knife guys? I also get to swing my knife 2 times that is the skill,
    1 tapping has no skill. The 2nd hit is the skill.

    Asking for a 1 hit knife is like asking for Scout Rifles to kill with 1 hit.

    Also why do you want to press a button to start the knife.
    If you have a 1 hit knife, then the purpose of 2 hit knives is?

    So really if someone wants the 1 hit knife, their really asking that they want to run at people straight, to the enemies face & hit them without having to use situation awareness at all. As a 2 hit knife is only 0.6 slower. So the 2 hit knife you have to hit them where they don't see you usually. Aka sneaking, while the 1 hit knife you're able to 1vs1 without really sneaking, you just lunge at them.

    I've dueled a HA mid region of Indar B tunnel, when I use to play the 1 hit knife. He titled me a troll after we both killed one another 1 time. Even tho we were equal. The reason. I don't believe the HA pro should have to be paranoid. As if their waiting for Jaws the shark to 1 tapp them. & If they don't 360 view the shimmer of stealth they are dead.

    The 2 hit knife isn't that, they have some time to react or time their shield. So maybe I have to weaken them with my Heartstring first, before I knife them. I don't believe they should have to look around their shoulder with a 1 hit knife & if they fail to see me they are dead. That means the skill for knifing isn't the actual knifing part, it's the stealth part.

    So for those who want to main melee for the skill of melee, why would I want the main premise of my melee play style, to not be about the melee, yet has to revolve around the stealth?

    I mean the answer to all this is simple, do people like 1 hit snipers around door fights? They don't. & 1 hit snipers should only be allowed to 1 hit around far range & not near to mid range.

    Are infils allowed to use 1 hit shotguns? They aren't.

    If you want other stuff for Knife Infil to be better, then ask for other features. What knifers really need is to replace rekon tools with run speed tools. To give us free deep op, free catwalk so we don't have to use implant slots for these. To buff survivalist run speed from 4 sec to 10 sec & more speed, as it's too slow to run from bullets. To toss knifer's their own stealth utility, not together with pistol users, where we get to gain 40% run speed auto after every melee kill. Ways to help 2 hit knifers one verse one.
  10. Shadowpikachu

    1shot knives were a dumb meme to begin with and shouldn't had been nerfed or should have been implemented differently.
  11. Greb

    Bring back power knives
  12. RabidIBM

    I'd keep it at 1000 and not 1050. The whole point of the extra 50 shields is to survive better in 1v1. It's much like how the 143 damage guns are meant to kill in 7 hits, but the 50 shields takes it to 8, or the 167 getting extended to 7 hits.

    That all said, yes, the fact that basically nobody uses power knives anymore says that they got nerfed too hard. If they got back their 1 hit kill, but were all as noisy as the TR variant they would be fine. The issue with Lumine Edge wasn't that it did too much damage, the issue was that it was nearly silent.
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  13. Greb

    What he said. Bring back knives!!!!
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