The Planetside 2 Subreddit has a darkside to it.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Scr1nRusher, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. SpartanPsycho

    I'm here for the truth.

    You can't handle the truth!
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  2. JohnGalt36

    You know, I really like Reddit, but the more I post and read in the Planetside 2 sub, the more I realize that it's just a giant c*rclejerk. Same with the Connery sub.

    The /r/planetsidearmor sub is great, though.
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  3. Mustarde

    I've read through this entire thread and it's pretty ridiculous. I only have a few things to add. I took some screenshots right after scr1n was manipulating reddit to conceal his downvotes.

    If you were doing that, you wouldn't immediately repost the exact same comments you had previously made and deleted. This is what we call on reddit, vote manipulation. By deleting and reposting comments that were unpopular and thus downvoted heavily, you were circumventing the mechanics that exist on reddit. This wasn't your first time doing this, and it wasn't your last, which is why you ate a ban.

    I just want to say that I read the entirety of your first post in this thread and it was very well written. If anyone wants to make sense of these 15 pages, just find shaql's post and stop there.

    Lastly, while reddit is not a perfect place, it is where a lot of the planetside community goes to interact with each other. Posters and personalities become known over time. The same thing happens here, although over the years I have found this board a little too cumbersome to participate in and rarely do so anymore. There is no grand conspiracy as was mentioned in the OP. I know many of the mods either from playing with them or due to the fact that I have posted a lot over time. It's a thankless job and they enjoy it because they enjoy the community and game. Does drama still happen? Hell yes. But like some of you saw with the AC thread last weekend where a well known player changed factions to TK a sunderer he didn't like, even the most notorious and well-respected outfits can end up being called out for their antics. (It was an AC streamer who had the scrinrusher joke name in the title of his stream that was on the planetside front page by the way).

    I don't know what else to say accept, Scr1nrusher, you handled this the wrong way. Just own up to your behavior, change it, and eventually you may get unbanned. Stop trying to turn one community against another and create a conspiracy that doesn't have any proof or evidence that it exists.
  4. Xigris

    Scr1nrusher got banned? WOW! This only proves the arrogance of the r/EmeraldPS2 && r/Planetside mods. Actually I wouldn't just blame the mods, THE PS2 COMMUNITY AS A WHOLE IS A FESTERING PIT OF **** THAT FEEDS ON RAGE

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  5. Scr1nRusher

    It was only a matter time before you showed up.


    Actually I didn't. Didn't violate any rules.

    I was never "manipulating" reddit.

    You are defending & PRing for the same people that are turning this game & its community into a Rotten corpse/husk.

    Your screenshots proves that clearly there is a downvote brigade & that people were stalking my comments.


    This isn't a conspiracy at all, this is reality.
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  6. DooDooBreff

    then gtf0 and go back where you came from, apologist.
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  7. Scr1nRusher

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  8. oberchingus has been quiet lately. When we were creating it, we assumed there would be a larger audience for it than the harasser. Instead what I learned is that real tankers are few and far between, and the majority of them avoid reddit like the plague, regardless of how wonderful the armor sub is. So tell your friends! There are 2 non-toxic and delightful subreddits. They are:

  9. toast2250

    6 + A ÷ 4 × 2 = 10

    A = ? , Who can do it? :D
  10. bLind db


    As if you weren't a big enough joke in the PS2 community already, Scr1n. Wow. This is amazing. I love how you ran crying to forumside since the jerk goes a slightly different direction here.
  11. shaql

    "Talking to Lamp vs the other mods is like day and night."

    TIL a mod that posts a bunch of emotes as the entirety of their post is more 'professional' than one that calmly explains any concerns
  12. Unclematos7

    Magres, isn't he the guy that banned someone and told them to write an essay about transphobia because he called someone a "trap"?. What a joke.
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  13. CNR4806

    Except even if you hate someone here, your options are limited to logic, reason and petty insults, not ganging up on the personality in question and preventing others from reading their opinions.
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  14. Diilicious

    you guys love scr1n threads, they all have a trillion posts, a different kind of dark side? :p
  15. FateJH

    It's mostly courtesy. I doubt any maintain the illusion that Scr1n cares about anything you typed if it doesn't flawlessly align with exactly what he said in the OP of the thread he created.
  16. Gundem

    Holy ****.

    Before now I never thought much of the "safe space" campaign.

    You have opened my eyes. That is so much more disturbing now.
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  17. Poppington

    Don't confuse internet politics with reality. As a high-school teacher in a very at-risk district, things like "safe space" are a lot more than just political correctness havens.

    Also, this whole conversation is stupid. Different places have different cultures online - shocking. Scr1n and company are the latest batch of trolls in this community and it's no wonder that the trolls who have abandoned the forums don't like them and vice versa. The only crimes being perpetrated are scr1n asking for so much attention (in multiple threads) and people giving it to him by responding to him.

    This thread just needs to die. It's toxic for both communities, and nothing will change from it - it's beyond nonconstructive. The PS2 community is small enough as is.
  18. DooDooBreff

    if what you say is true, do you, in your at risk community allow the kids who desire attention to die simply because someone who pretentiously claims authority on the subject has branded them as toxic to the class, or community as a whole?

    what is it that you do? how do you have time on a wednesday morning (its 11:30 am in FL. or business hours from coast to coast) to browse through sc1nrushers threads, make an evaluation, and post your conclusion all whilst being a at risk school teacher? i think the only thing at risk here is your credibility there, Mr. Kotter
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  19. FateJH

    I think trying to brand this as a matter of life and death is more pretentious than anything Poppington had said.
  20. DooDooBreff

    you mean letting a thread die isnt a matter of life or death? also my analogy in my previous post is as satirical as my first line in this one....

    ill clarify... my point is that hes a liar, whos using some kind of fake background that somehow makes his opinion valid.

    get it now?
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