The Plan to Save Planetside 2

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by AJay, Dec 23, 2012.

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  1. AJay


    Multiple Continents (Hypothetical)


    I don't like the "constant stalemate"

    I don't believe SOE is or will ever consider real continental conquest.

    I'm not a game designer I don't know how any of this would work I am just a layman. "It doesn't take a chef..."

    Janurary's announcement of a 5 year plan will just be buggies, boats, 3 new stalemate continents to pointlessly capture/lose more nameless, forgettable bases on.

    E-Sports are you serious Mr. Smedley. Will we start seeing Doritos and Mt. Dew billboards at the Crown.

    Outfit owned bases what the f***.

    This post began as an optimistic plan, it has dissolved into a cynical cry of despair. I'm going back to the crown to farm certs for stuff I do not need.
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  2. rhilir

    i assume that what they where thinking when they going to add the next 3 cont. That like the first one and makes more sence. They did talk something like that in the beta too.
  3. Meiu

    I actually like your first idea quite a bit, however, the second idea I would only vouche for if all 3 sides had access to the dead cities because that would definitely be the zone EVERYONE would want to play in. An urban futuristic environment has been wanted for so long even in PS1 that place would be nonstop fought over, so if you put it in the center and had different areas leading to it, you would see factions capturing zones around it to cut said faction out of the area via capturable warpgates. Or just remove the lava flow and the jungle and put the dead/destroyed capital city in the center with gates leading to all 3 factions, then one gate from each faction to the other allowing you to bypass the dead city and lock them out of it from behind? All in all I believe this is a great idea.

    To sum it up, 3 home continents with 3 gates.

    Nc would have one gate to TR one gate to VS and one gate to the ruined city, each faction would have a setup like that, which allows you to all fight over the ruined capital city (urban environment) or take a wargate directly to their home continent, any of the warpgates can be locked down to prevent them from traveling off their home continent, but their sanctuary warpgate is uncapturable. This lets you cut off factions fighting on the urban map by just taking the gates to their home and capturing, adding a bit of strategy more than there is.
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  4. Daewoot

    Tbh this is the kind of thing i envisioned when i first started taking an interest in the PS2 .. the problem is as it stands at the moment is we have no real recognisable front line or AO which leads to not only a more chaotic battle zone but also a real sense of apathy towards defense and consolidation of territory gained by your faction.

    In fact the OPs first image of the simple relation between maps strikes me as pretty neat and i cant believe the devs didnt consider something similar in the design phase.. if that was the case why in gods name did they feel the need to change it to what we have now

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  5. CrushBoss

    Outstanding post, was worth the read. Let us hope that the DEVS sneak in for a look.
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  6. Zorlox

    I like it. Something along these lines is absolutely necessary to anyone that wants some form of purpose and goal other than one more hex! This might make queues disastrous if a factions gets pushed all the way back, but it would also keep fights in 2-3 populated continents instead of 6 empty ones when the next maps come out. This method might actually fix two problems at once.

    And yeah, I'm still under the assumption that they plan on something similar in the future. At least that was the gist of what I got from devs during beta. But a healthy reminder with some ideas surely doesn't hurt :) Also, obviously, they need more maps for this to work, it would get pretty nasty with just 3, so lets hope for the best.
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  7. Brobasaur

    I say we lift this man up as our god and savior for his holy contribution. ALL HAIL AJAY! Real talk though, we could use a Dev or two in here to discuss what he is proposing for future changes. Or at least some kind of acknowledgement that what he proposed is something they plan in the future.
  8. RevUmbra

    This first one is almost a straight rip from Dark Ages of Camelot realm vs realm map. That is a good thing as that game is still heralded as the best pvp system out.
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  9. Gavyne

    Yup it's how DAOC was designed back in 2003 with a 3 realm pvp system. Each faction owned a map, so you actually have stuff that's considered yours. Not like what we have here, which are mostly free for all, someone takes a continent or a facility, so what, you go take something else, etc.. In DAOC when enemies move into your territory, you know what's yours and you defend what's yours.
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  10. Pinchy

    Sad it had to come to this but 2012 is the year of the fail developer.
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  11. Rainock

    If DAOC was so great, then why are only about 10k people still playing it? Maybe you guys would have more fun if you didnt farm the crown or run with the 50 tank zerg constantly.
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  12. Brobasaur

    what would be really cool about using this system is the developers could even implement it so that if we conquer our home territory maybe we could then build temporary structures to help defend the areas using the resource system. Not permanent so it wouldnt get out of control, but something that would give us something to do outside of the tug of war. This would also give an incentive for other factions to make sure we don't conquer our home territories because recapturing it would be an even bigger pain for them. Obviously there would have to be some kind of other incentive to conquering enemy territories as well, maybe an increased cert rate if you have control of your territory and are attacking an enemy factions territory? I don't know, i'm not a developer, but I feel like there is alot of neat things the developers could do with that basic template suggested in the OP post.
  13. Wintermaulz

    SOE, give this man a medal and make him a dev.
  14. Gavyne

    Are you seriously dogging a 9 year old game? DAOC had 250k+ subscribers, yes paid subscribers. That's more than triple the subscribers that ever was in Planetside 1. And who knows how many we have playing here in Planetside 2. DAOC introduced realm vs realm gameplay to the MMORPG genre way back in 2003. Show some respect. There are lots of things DAOC did right that developers could learn in their faction based games today, be it MMO or FPS.

    It's not reinventing the wheels, the problems we see today have been there before, and they were resolved by how Mythic developed DAOC.
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  15. Roarboar

    This would indeed make the whole aspect of map control a lot more exciting, currently I only play planetside as an FPS because base capping has no meaning
  16. CobraBoss

    DAOC was still is the best pvp , only problem is you need a buffbot to compete wich is a hassle and you have to pay 2 accounts 3 if you want armor factor buff from minstrel / bard ...and graphics are getting outdated.

    DAOC 2 plz !

    Seriously all the bases are just another base for cap xp and its getting boring , they need to add something like with DAOC's relics for bonuses or realm with most caps gains access to something more rewarding while trying to manage continents wich would give an advantage to the losing side or whatever.
  17. Vepo

    Was I the only Inifl that kinda creamed his panties at the thought of sniping from inside the building?
  18. Juni

    I resent this!... I want Esamir to be TR country! =P
  19. CobraBoss

    Infact ALL the new mmos looks at DaoC and try to do similar , guild wars 2 is a complete DaoC rip off with castles and rams and oil over the gate with a lord to kill etc but they did not design the maps well its too big for nothing and kinda messy in the unclimbable hills department wich made you run around like a ****** a bit like in PS2 where your tank bumps nonstop all over indar and gets stuck all over the place and all the unecessary zig zags in amerish ...

    Like the upcoming Elder scrolls online they are doing a 3 faction thing like DaoC with all the keep stuff wich is the game im waiting on :p if PS2's big plan is totally nuts... wich most likely will be since they dont even know what they are doing like implementing 3 characters on same server each with a diffrent faction wich was completly nuts when there was already a pop problem now its just worse we see 50%s going vs some 20% BRAVO SOE that was brilliant !
  20. RedCitadel

    I really love this. However, one thing I would add is that I would also like to see the home warpgates rotate clockwise after each all continent cap so you get to experience other areas and continents every few weeks. Also, warpgates should be redesigned into serious fortresses. Like 3 different bases with generators outside the WG to take down the bubble shield, then a large base to capture finally allowing access to an underground fort with an easily defensible warpgate power core or something for the attackers to destroy. Something that would feel like an amazing achievement to cap. Lastly, we need way better continent domination bonuses. Perhaps access to that giant space frigate vehicle they seem to have planned on the continent adjacent to the one you capped.
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