[BUG] The Pityful State Of TR / SOE Strategy

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TerryTenMen, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. TerryTenMen

    Let's see for TR -

    Worst Weapons - Check
    Worst MAX - Check
    Worst MBT - Check
    ESF - who cares, this doesnt really apply to the majority of players.

    To top this off, you put a Max weapon on sale yesterday and then nerf it the very next day, nice way to treat your customers.

    Your cash grabbing strategy has been blindingly obvious for a while now, release OP weapons, pretend they arent "working as intended" then "balance" them.

    I see now you are employing this strategy with the factions as well, VS have the lowest population, so you input some ridiculous buffs to the faction to make them FOTM, hoping the faction swapping clowns switch from the NC in order to balance the VS pop and pacify all their bad whiney players. (I play on Ceres and they are seriously bad, even the high BR ones)

    This leaves TR as EASILY the weakest faction, you will have 2 or 3 months grace before the population swings to reflect this. The what will happen, a TR buff to bring them back in line or make them FOTM, it will be great fun in the meantime i'm sure... good work SOE.
  2. VanuSovereignty

    All I have to say about this post is 'lol'.
  3. Get2dachoppa

  4. daskleineviech

    Weapons are "meh", that's what makes us special. No super damage and no flashy lights, just pointing and clicking until something dies.
    MAX is fine, the VS seem to have it worse than us.
    MBT is badly designed and will never be useful. A Flash with a Vulcan would be better than the Prowler (and less ugly).
    ESF is not that hard. I suck at piloting and still get some kills here and there.

    The only problem I have is the lock-on launcher "nerf". Not being able to target turrets seems pretty stupid, it's not like it's now possible for them to drive away or anything. And the Striker hits ground vehicles less often now, SOE seems to want us to kill everything in the air so the flyboys can whine again.
  5. Zakuak

    Popular topic today!
  6. Loegi


    Seriously though, with the nerfs to TR and the buffs to VS they're probably pretty close together now.
  7. -Synapse-

    I dunno about you, but i find
  8. ShopTrain

    From all the stuff that I see on these threads, we all think that your faction sucks. My Vanu outfit members see the TR as the only balanced faction because you don't get nerfs or buffs as often as VS or NC.
  9. Eclipson

    The TR are the worst faction after this patch, but by no mean bad. Our Max will be awesome when we get lockdown. Our Tank is certainly better than the Vanguard just to to its speed. What's bad about us, is our lack of organization. Before when TR completely dominated the populations, we didn't really need organization, because we had so many people that we could just zerg. Good organization was not really form to the extend of the VS and NC. Now that the VS and NC are good and have even and sometimes more population then us, we just lose. Its miserable. Most of the fight I am in now days we are on the losing end, spending half the time playing the game trapped inside a spawn room being camped. It was OK when the VS weren't that good becuase we only really needed to deal with the NC, which meant we still had a small chance. Now with the VS buff we don't stand a chance. We need to get organized, and quick, as I am losing my patience for this faction. We never defend bases, we don't even try to place our sunderers in good places, we get back capped consistently when we try to take the contentent by organized outfits, etc. That, combined with the fact that are weapons and abilities are nothing to brag about, is why the TR are doing so bad right now.

    TR was nerfed, then everyone left our faction. NC population grew as 4th factioners flooded to them. The VS buff and the nerf to our max and ESL were the final nails in our coffin. Oh well, I'll never betray the TR, and I will still enjoy the game, but somthing needs to be done. Not by SOE, but by the TR players.
  10. daskleineviech

    We do get nerfs, but senseless ones. The Mercy is hardly affected by the little bit less damage (I just killed five guys with it, it's still fine) and the Striker is now not able to target turrets. Because all TR always target turrets with high priority and it's clearly unfair to be able to shoot something that can't move anyway.
    VS and NC get important stuff nerfed (and buffed), we stay the same and SOE changes things nobody cares about or don't make enough sense to actually get angry about.
  11. nick779

    its interesting you can even try to say that when TR still wins alerts consistently...
  12. Ganelon

    Mercies are ****.
  13. DG-MOD-02

    I am going to close this down. Please keep posts constructive on these forums.
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