The Pillager and the Buzzard do not only need a QoL improvement

Discussion in 'Planetside 2 Test Server: Discussion' started by raffa2, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. raffa2

    Personally, i would consider the PTS update about the buzzard a bad joke, or something coming from someone that has never played the game, the projectile speed increase is ineed good etc... but the intended role of the weapon in the current state is impossible to accomplish for a game such as planetside.
    So there are 3 ways to fix the weapon and make it usable:
    1)Increase the ammo capacity literally by double while increasing the fire rate
    2)Increase its damage
    3)Increase its splash range by a lot, and i mean a lot

    In the meantime speaking of the pillager here are some options to actually make it useful.
    1)Make it the burst weapon it might be supposed to be as it has such a close range, so ramp up the RPM to 937
    2)Make the flame linger for a few seconds, while making the flash and the driver immune to self damage, giving the weapon overall 75*750 splash (with the lingering flame?) +25 direct damage. Also make the linger damages not stack between each flash to avoid horrid stuff indoors
    3)Add a concussion effect to the flame, otherwise anyone could simply turn around and shoot you in the face.

    Dear dev team do not fear the retaliation of vanu.
  2. Smoo

    I'm with you on the splash and self-immunity. Sounds reasonable. Something entertaining, and moderately effective.

    But this platform is something that can go INSIDE buildings, having a platform that can completely suppress a doorway murder anything that goes through? Isn't that the NC MAX ability?
  3. raffa2

    The only thing about my fix that i'm scared of is the buzzard suppressing the tech plant balcony with buzzards from downstairs, otherwise i don't think the pillager fix is not balanced, as grenades and explosives can still hit you, and to suppress the doorway you have to be close to it, yet sunderers and harassers already do this, so that's not a big problem.

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