[Suggestion] The Phoenix needs a few fixes

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by InMedeasRage, May 18, 2013.

  1. IamDH

    Why cant the word "fix" be used positively
    "fix" in these forums is really "nerf"
  2. iller

    Not necessarily, I run Stealth on mine b/c I notice they usually show on Radar way too easily when you get them anywhere near a Base, and #2: Strikers still haven't been fixed.
  3. Morticai

    More than that.

    Ever since I slapped the gatling gun atop my prowler, I've had what essentially amounts to being a portable CIWS turret, keeping most Phoenix missiles away. It just comes down to listening and identifying when they're even coming in and from where.
  4. siddar

    Those numbers look right was wrong about Phoenix being highest versus Air.

    Crow though was doing the same that damage as Shrike versus a sunder when I tested it. Before testing I had thought it was doing the damage you posted. But after testing it seems to have been buffed up a bit at some point.
  5. Frosty The Pyro

    well thats simple, you are wrong. 2 deci will not set a mbt burning. I actualy used the deci when I did a rear armor test for the vanguard a few days ago. The most likely case is your target was hit by another player during your test.

    On a vaugly related note, the vanguard test was to see if the patchnotes 35% van rear armor was acurate. It ws not, vans have less than 6000 effective health to the rear, as 3 deci shots killed it, but 2 did not set it burning (so no burning damage messing with the result). Though I did not do the compete testing needed to directly pinpoint the effective rear health, I suspect 5700 (30% armor) as is reported for prowlers and magriders.

    Similar personal tests have shown that sunderer blockade armor gives a larger than expected armor boost, haraser composit armor does not give a larger bonus to the rear (whichi s a good thing, if it gave 15% to the rear like it says that would end at 97% and close to 90,000 effective hp, a rediculous value).

    Someone elses test showed the van having more front armor than the patch notes showed, but I have not personaly confirmed that so grain of salt there.