[Suggestion] The Phoenix needs a few fixes

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  1. HadesR

    If the stat card is like that then yes I apologize

    No it doesn't
  2. lilleAllan

    I thought is has same dmg as the Shrike?
    But considerably lower DPS since you have to wait for flight and reload.
  3. HadesR

    That seems to be broken again atm and results in near instant reloading .. It might be server lag I dunno but the Nix has the tendency to fly in true 1st person mode and not in a scoped mode, When that happens you seem to reload while the Nix is flying allowing for Hit > fire > hit > fire with no reload downtime.
  4. InMedeasRage

    So the general consensus is, wait for the devs to fix things. Which is to say, leave the broken rendering such that the balancing mechanic of being able to shoot down Phoenix projectiles is absent until the source engine changes.

    Good to know.
  5. RHINO_Mk.II

    The hell do you want them to do? Take the phoenix away from everybody who bought it with real cash until they can fix a small issue?
  6. Ultramarine

    You really think the phoenix has balance problems? the Striker can bring down any tank in half the time. A phoenix fires a missile every 6-12 seconds depending on flight time, which is more than enough for a competent player to get out of the way, or REPAIR the damages. Ability to shoot it down or not, it doesn't need another ****. They're only useful in squads. A single striker with an engie and good cover can own any armor in the area, especially if he has good high ground. Not complaining though, I like the missiles where they are.
    Edit: I forgot to mention, STRIKER HAS TWICE THE RANGE OF A PHOENIX, and as such have the same rendering problems, but doubled. We going to complain about that too? you can't see where they're coming from.
  7. Scorponok

    as NC i agree on most of except increasing projectile speed...that will not make the rocket render any better at all...or make it more balanced.
  8. siddar

    Terminal are a small target and its easy to miss a direct hit and only do splash damage on them. Don't use them to test damage because there to random when it comes to taking damage.

    Just did some tests agianst sunder. Didn't test hawk because its not a AV launcher and no Anillator because I don't own one. I tested Phoenix, Shrike, Decimator, Crow, and engineer AV turret.

    Phoenix out damages Shrike by 20%and it has the same damage as a Decimator. But its not tied for highest because Engineer AV turret does 20% more damage per shot then ether Phoenix or Decimator to vehicles. Crow and Shrike have same damage. I had thought Shrike had higher damage then Crow but guess that got changed somewhere.

    Also note Phoenix has 5 missiles to Decimators 4. Phoenix can kill a sunder fireing at rear without resupply of ammo while a Decimator can not.
  9. Frosty The Pyro

    not quite acurate

    Pheonix does
    750 to infantry
    2000 to armor
    1700 to air.

    Decimators do
    2000 to infantry
    2000 to armor
    2000 to air.

    Stock launchers do
    1700 to ifantry
    1700 to armor
    1700 to air

    G2A and G2G lock ons do
    1500 to infantry
    1500 to armor
    750 to air

    The anihilator does

    1200 to infantry (though its icnreadably unlikely to hit one)
    1200 to armor
    600 to air

    Striker does

    500 to infantry ( it also has 500 splash, givin it the best splash %, though for obvious reasons generaly only hits engies trying to repair the tank/sundy)
    500 to armor
    250 to air

    Lancer does
    150/375/750 to infantry
    300/750/1500 to armor
    150/375/750 to air

    The pheonix does have the slowest projectile of all rocket launchers though, and at most ranges the slowest fire rate. At max range its DPS is equal to the anihilators (which has by far the lowest dps). At blank range pheonix dps is between the decimator and the stock launcher.
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  10. iller

    Guess all the ones I shot had Blockade or something...
  11. HadesR

    So how it's work that two Deci shot's to MBT rear armour will get it burning while two Nix shot's will only get it smoking ? If doing the same damage I would have thought two Nix rockets would have got it burning also.

    Both takes 3 shot's to kill but a Nix 3rd shot needs more of it's damage than a Deci does.

    ( Thats in VR training ofc .. So a Standard tank set up )
  12. moooosa

    No, but it has the highest DPS for lock-on launchers by a significant margin. The only downside to the Striker is a lack of dumbfire. It melts vehicles.
  13. Efrizial

    And it being unable to shoot infantry/turret/MAX; having to stand out of cover for a relatively long time; the locking-on breaking because of people passing in front of you; it being unable to get a lock-on if the enemy have it center covered (unlike dumb-fire launcher which can hit a vehicle with only a part sticking out) or them passing behind a pole or something while you are locking-on; the flare and smoke protecting you; the rocket hitting a hill instead of passing above it.
  14. EvilPhd

    They already got significant nerfs.
    The render issue is a game engine issue.
    Things should not be further nerfed on account of a buggy engine.
    Fix the bug.
  15. moooosa

    So I take it the Striker is your first lock-on?
  16. Efrizial

    It's the first i bought but not the first i tested, but that is irrelevant.
    Frosty was comparing the Phoenix with others launcher, not the striker or lock-on, so you saying there is no down-side to the striker is not really relevant and wrong if you are comparing it to the dumb-fire and the phoenix/lancer as Frosty was doing with the Phoenix.
  17. y3ivan

  18. Algernon

    yup with the tank mine changes you can pretty much assume any ams sundy will be running blockade, unless you are lucky enough to run into a newby sundy which hasn't had any real certs invested yet.
  19. powerz

    it's guided sensitivity should not be linked to the aircraft mouse sensitivity.... that's just plain lazy coding to save time and causes issues.
  20. Dregan

    The Phoenix like the lancer seem to have a unique damage type. Other damage types include dumpfire, AP, C4, Lock-on and so forth. Different vehicles have different resistance multipliers to different damage types. This accounts for the discrepancy between the damage that a lock-on launcher and a dumb-fire launcher does to say an ESF (0.5 lock-on damage multiplier... I think). The great advantage of this is that to nerf or buff a specific weapon or class of weapons against a specific vehicle you just change the multiplier. The drawback of course is that the damage numbers in game are inconsistent, making the game system less transparent. Persnally I would like to see all these numbers in-game to give people the ability to make informed decisions. It could be a button on all tooltips saying: "Advanced Information".

    Back to the topic. I think the phoenix is pretty well balanced but the problem with the rendering really needs fixing. Unfortunately there is little that can be done to fix it beyond that. It is a weapon that is suppose to have a specific feel and role and making sweeping changes (bigger magazine, less damage) would hinder that feel. As for increasing velocity, that would not be a good option either. The velocity has already been lowered to help with control. Increasing it will just make it harder (that being said I wish there was a way to "lock-in" the direction of the missile, making it unable to turn, but as a upside increase velocity) to control AND increase its DPS, something it definitely doesn't need (High damage but low sustained damage is one of the Phoenix trade-offs).