[Suggestion] The Phoenix needs a few fixes

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  1. InMedeasRage

    Massive damage, camera guided, with the drawback that anyone with a brain can shoot them out of the sky.

    Well, we have #1 and #2 but in any decently sized platoon v platoon fight the actual flightpath of the phoenix missile is not the one that visibly renders. The balance to 1 and 2 isn't present.

    The fix? Until the missile is visible and rendered correctly in every situation, halve the damage, increase the projectile speed by 25% and give it a 3 round clip, and keep the camera guided properties. Or something to that effect. It's really irritating to be killed off by un-rendered projectiles I can't magboost away from.
  2. Captainkev$$

    You, sir, need a lobotomy
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  3. RHINO_Mk.II

    The difference between being killed by a coordinated phoenix squad and a coordinated Lancer squad is you can hear the phoenix whistling as a warning before they hit. With the lancer you're just dead.

    This is known as the sound of freedom:
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  4. issuemanthingguy

    have you ever tried hitting a magrider with a phinox? cause you may think its easy because you are most likly a siting duck at the crown. if anythin the reload needs to be shortend because you have about 10 seconds between shoots and th TR and VS launchers all have a definite way to hit the phinox has a limetied range the strikers does but its hard to miss with a striker and the VS have a lazer that destroys anything and is instant
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  5. LGhost1904

    That was a great fight at NC Arsenal... It's ******** that TR decided to let VS ghost cap them so they could send more troops against us and win the alert... I think I remember seeing your name in the skies. Did a Pheonix catch your scythe?
  6. Nariquo

    lol when it was over by one word you wrote.
    please i cant MAGBOOST away :) really. no.. make the damage double. so this MAGBOOST noobs cant boost anymore
  7. XDDante

    how about NO!!!

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  8. HadesR

    Stopped there .. It's damage is half that of standard lock on's and dumbfires .. Solo the damage is easily out repaired by a single Engi .. In groups, it's deadly .. the same as any launcher. But it's a no brainer that 1 MBT vs a group of launchers the MBT should lose.
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  9. Outreach

    are you somehow implying that hearing that obnoxious sound allows you in anyway shape or form to survive it?
  10. Laraso

    That's a lie. They really need to fix the stat card, as the 750 damage value only applies to INFANTRY. It does more damage than a Decimator to vehicles, and 1 shots ESF.
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  11. Nariquo

    it DOESNT one shots esf. i tested it. it doesnt
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  12. RHINO_Mk.II

    Okay, it 1-shots any ESF that isn't:
    1) Landed with an engineer right next to it ready to repair
    2) Stupid enough to be using Fire Supression on an ESF

    Neither of those cases occur in actual gameplay.
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  13. Beartornado

    Leaving out some information there yo.

    It 1 shots ESFs that are:

    1) Stupid enough to hover in place for extended periods of time. If I can practically hit you with a dumbfire I can hit you with a Phoenix. ESF 101, never be an easy target for ground units to gib. Some pilots are just too greedy

    2) Think its perfectly acceptable to land in an enemy base you are capturing. See 1 again, I could just dumbfire rocket it too.

    And that's it. Phoenix Rockets cannot chase an ESF that slightly accelerates away from you, and will outright miss if you just move enough to make it impossible to compensate with turning (which is easy to do, dont' forget steering the Phoenix is like Steering a whale). I mean really, the situation where a Phoenix rocket would kill your ESF is in no way different than several other insta-gib weapons could kill you from the ground, with the only difference being that Phoenix rocket can compensate for small shifts in your movement, but nothing large that would cause other weapons to miss too. It in no way excels against aircraft that aren't reckless.
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  14. RHINO_Mk.II

    I left nothing out. I merely listed the cases in which an ESF could survive a hit from the phoenix, assuming it was a full HP to begin with. Whether the user is skilled and/or lucky enough to hit with it has no bearing on the weapon being a one shot kill or not.
  15. siddar

    Phoenix has three different damage values.

    Versus infantry it's the lowest damage rocket launcher in game.
    Versus Armor its tied for highest damage.
    Versus Air it has the highest damage of any rocket launcher.
  16. Bill Hicks

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  17. iller

    All the time...

    It's the flipping Lightings and Harrassers that it sems to just pass right underneath half the time for some reason.
    I'm not kidding, I have an easier time hitting Infantry with it...& that was supposed to have been nerfed or something.

    I think I'm up to 10 aircraft hits with it now btw... those are definitely the most rewarding ones. Bar None
    Hitting flash drivers meanwhile, just makes me cackle maniacally for a minute straight....

    Uhh, no, it's the same as the Shrike and it can't even 1-shot Terminals for some reason (really weird damage factoring at work there IMO)
    Decimator is the absolute highest
  18. Klondik3

  19. Van Dax

    He has presented his argument poorly and suggested something awful but...
    the misrender of projectiles makes mag boost a horrible thing, cant dodge a phoenix or a AV mana turret, and the bloody striker follows you around corners.
  20. Zotamedu

    The sound needs a nerf.
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