The people who say they are leaving, but why?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by chilly154, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. chilly154

    I just don't really get it. Tell you the truth. You know the ony people who say their leaving, are the people in the forums. I never met anyone in the game who said their leaving. But when I read their post. It really doesn't make any sense at all. Yes there needs to be complexity in the game, how the mechanics work with the bases. There needs to be more depth you know. Thats what they say basically. But the thing I don't get that they say i'm going to go back and play COD or Battlefield or Counterstrike something like that, those kind of fps you know.
    I look at this game, this game has more depth and more mtea game then battlefield,cod, or counter wil ever have, if you think about it.

    This game has future, not like battlefield or cod or counterstrike, you know. Those games will never be MMOFPS. They will always remain has arcade shooters you know. I'm not saying there bad games, but I ask why leave this game for their game?

    Like I said, this game does have future, and I think it would be so unfair for this game to die because of people first time playing and their **** up priorities.

    One more thing, is that don't think about the past, oooooo they should of waited to released the game next year. The time I am writing this, it is the present and the time when you finish reading this, it's going to be the past, and every hour that I wonder is the future. You can't go back and fix that mistake, if it even was a mistake. No offence you sound like a drug addict if you keep saying oooo you should of never released the game early. You got to think about the future for this game and give out ideas what best for this game. Have you look at there road map?

    I heard one of the devs said in the interview one of the reason why they released the game early because people need to get there pay checks and the game needed funding. That was one of my first thoughts came up, when I wonder why they released the game early. When some people were calling them greedy. It's perfectly understandable.

    You know if this game dies, then when I grow up I never want ot be a game developer, because I can see why it can be so hard.

    I think we need more games like planetside 2 or planetside 1.
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  2. Wintermaulz

    Haters gonna hate, Leavers gonna leave.
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  3. Gisgo

    Amazing! :rolleyes:
    And this is also the answer to your question.
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  4. Veri

    There are a fair few reason why someone would decide to quit a game.
    I see a lot of COD players here who are probably noticing that even though this seems very similar to other shooters, it is still not the same and a learning curve is still there.

    Let them complain and leave.

    Maybe they are better suited to their last shooter they were playing unless they complained in that too.

    Primary thing which annoys me in this game would be like in every other game I have played.
    Came across a reaver who attempted to rocket pod me in my scythe while I had landed, so with half health I got into a dog fight.
    He was doing some strangely fast maneuvers but couldn't shake me off so decides to fly back to his warpgate at warp speed.
    No way was I going to catch up even with afterburners.

    Despite this game being rushed out too quick, SOE are able to update it and make adjustments, unlike what EA are known to do with their titles.

    Release it badly bugged, release one patch, if the patch fixes the problem for most people then good enough.
  5. Scam2play

    It is the roadmap and the balance.

    Anything barely addresses what PS1 vets want and the balance on this game is a joke.
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  6. Buntfunk

    1. Ghostcapping everywhere but on Indar.
    2. 10m - 50m viewrange of players as soon as battles become bigger.
    3. Cheaters.
    4. More Cheaters.
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  7. Darabi

    Yes, this game is basically the futuristic equivalent of Battlefield 3. The reason many people may want to leave is because of the hacking that's been going on. It's also because the advancement in this game takes forever and is really overwhelming. It takes about a week of gameplay to unlock a scope and a suppressor for your weapon. For most games like CoD, it'd take a few hours. They want that 'high' feeling like they accomplished something. This game does give that feeling when you level up but it still needs work. I love this game to death and I think I'll stick by until the very end; but unless they fix their game - I don't think many people will be here in a couple years from now. It'll turn out like PlanetSide 1.
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  8. fish998

    A lot of what you read on the forums is people letting off steam, venting their frustration, and trying to get things changed. If you care about the game enough to post on the forums, you're probably not gonna leave. The people who do leave, mostly do so without a song and dance.

    The game is a curious mix of fun and frustration, I think everyone would agree it's got it's issues. I can find a way to play it to avoid most of the frustrating bits, so I keep playing. And there's every reason to believe it will get better.

    I'm sure anyone who's been around the forums for any online game will have seen plenty of "I quit" threads and general negativity before.
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  9. Gisgo

    Vets are leaving, cod players are leaving, noobs are leaving, lonewolves are leaving, outfit players are leaving... they wanted to appeal everyone and everyone is pissed.
    Too bad because they have a great game here, potentially an awesome game, but it still cant walk on his legs.
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  10. Dubious

    Render distance is the #1 issue for most people
    my #1 is the skyguard...

    Game got rushed release
    During Beta we had a patch every 2 weeks
    The last weeks before release we had a patch 2-3 times a week
    The last days before release we had a patch EVERY day

    How you expect people to test and fix stuff with that kind of rush?
    Just shows that the release date was badly planned and the results shows

    Servers were so full at release they started new servers and now those new servers are empty and even the "oldest" servers barely have population, worse than PS1
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  11. dBMachine

    That's it!!

    I AM leaving!!

    I gotta go bed man I'll be back tomorrow.
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  12. Thagyr

    Sometimes I think people who post Leaving threads are ones who are looking for something to reaffirm their decision by giving it credibility if they find others in the same mindset. In a world of anonymity, it's kind of like drawing a line in the sand and stating 'all who believe X come on my side', which in a sense is sort of a protest along the lines of 'change this or I won't give you money/my playtime' kind of threads. In reality it is rather silly, since nobody plays a game forever and stops playing for a range of reasons. They could have wrote a perfectly good critique thread stating the reasons why they don't like the game and leave the 'leaving' out of it, but doubtful if it'd gain the same attention.
  13. Dubious

    Im sure BF3 and CoD players would have adapted to PS1 style game and it would have been a success
    They are not stupid, like most people would think (they = players)

    PS2 is just another BF3 clone and thats where it fails
    Why play a game that is no different than all the other games I play?
    and thats why WoW is a success, cause all the other MMO RPG games that get released, are just the same as WoW
    Why start from scratch in some other MMO and possible having to make new friends? /Shudder
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  14. Protential

    Anyone who likes the game is not going to leave for good. But someone like me is playing less and less daily, and looking for another game to play.

    The bad thing is every other game released since the year like 2000 has sucked. The only new good titles are Ps2, and Gw2. And Ps2 is killing itself. I play FPS games for skill and competition, not to get face-rolled by bugs, or newb friendly 1 hit kill weapons all day. Not to mention the only REAL objective in the game is to get kills, that's fine with me, but I need people to kill. Merge Servers :p Or else we are going to lose the people who stuck around so far.
  15. VSDerp

    im a BF3/COD player and a lonewolf in ps2 and im still never leaving i love this game FLAWS and all .not sure why people post im leaving threads for. seems like there looking for attention but i could be wrong.meh if i thought this game wouldn't last i wouldn't be on forums bashing the game or its devs i would just leave.To many spoiled gamers in this community.
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  16. r.Tek

    Many people I know who i've tried to get into PS2 have left for various reasons. Some people just don't enjoy the game because it doesn't feel very rewarding in it's current state. They get a little tired of running back and forth capturing different bases, but they don't feel like what they're doing matters right now.

    Then there are others who don't play because of the technical issues, specifically with the poor optimization of the game. Not many people will be willing to stick around if their performance is not playable enough for them to enjoy the game.

    And some people just enjoy other games because they offer different gameplay. You talk about how those games will always remain "arcade shooters", but some people aren't looking to play an open world MMOFPS game. Some people enjoy more infantry based, close quarters action such as CoD or CS. Not to mention there is actually large competitive scene for those games and as of right now, "E-Sports" doesn't exist in Planetside 2 so that also attracts people to those games as well.

    And besides, those games you mentioned do have a future. CS 1.6 has been out for how long now and had all types of custom content made for it? Now we have CS:GO. And with games like BF and CoD, new content exists in the form of DLC.
  17. Dubious

    Playing PS2 is like running in circles
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  18. RobotNinja

    PS2 doesn't give you kisses and tuck you in at night like "Call of Duty: We made another one" does.
  19. PharmD

    BF3 has the shooting mechanics down pact. No annoying flinch(if you have right squad perk), air isn't OP, and the guns actually look and feel unique. Also, your scope never gets thrown way off by stepping on a small pebble.
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  20. Shadowbayne

    Reasons why im considering leaving... not leaving just considering.
    1. imo i should not have to have a top of the line rig to play a free to play game....period. I understand hardcore gamers needs to have the badazz rig to play with ( i feel the same way) but not everyone can sink 1k plus into a rig that would meet this games standards. Tonight alone i was reading a converstation a guy was having about the fact his next gen I7 580 rig was still having to run the settings on med.. thats insanity.

    2. Teamkilling... oh i hate this **** with a passion. Just in the last 3 hours alone i was killed 9 times by individuals who were just plain screwing around. From running into my scythe on purpose trying to get the kill <fellow scythe pilots> to libs not giving a damn that i was there and just plowed through me. Hell i had landed deep inside home team territory and some lone sundy drives past turns around and then drives over my scythe as im repairing it. WTF No penalty at all for them, but for me? A wait at the spawn point for whats left of the cool down to get back into my scythe, if i even have the resorces considering vanu on helios seems screwed often and i don't like to do nothing but fly. For a team game there seems to be a huge lack of punishment for thos TKing

    3. Hackers...hackers hackers hackers...On helios we have a particular player on the TR factions side by the name of Wongtongsoup who blantently hacks using aimbot autofire endless clip .. hes been reported by his own faction as well as mine and NC and hes still there.. So much for the report hackers and we will handle it line from SOE .. this guys been reported so much his account should never have lasted a day much less a week. I dont care about any no naming and shaming crap.. he hacks.. he cheats ... he ruins mine and everyone elses game play.. screw him.. delete my post if you dont like it.

    4. Rendering...this one especially as a pilot ticks me off. Nothing like gettiing shot down by some dude you can't see at all. enuff said

    5.Cert abilities that you spend tons of certs to get and then seem to do little if not nothing.. Certed into decoy flare 2... cool ill be able to fend off missles a little easier.. yeah right... blow the flare and within 5 sec another lock on. Comp armor rank 3 .. cool ill be able to withstand flak fire a little more... nope..nadda... zip.. 5 sec after it starts its either **** or blow up.. not much of a change from having no armor at all.. and all this for a grand total of 600 certs and a week of farming. IMO a waste of time.. i am not asking to be invincible i am asking to see some sort of change to my surviability for the effort i made. Sad to say im not seeing it.

    This is just a small list of stuff that has me angry enough to quit this game and i really really do like the game.. i really really wanna play but i really really wont put up with this type of crap from any game much less a f2p one.

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