The ONLY thing TR won was the popular vote

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TheUprising, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. TheUprising

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  2. Azzer

    And yet look at the media, you wouldn't even know VS existed (and even the NC beat the TR in total events!);

    Planetside 2 Game Launcher Screen:


    Ultimate Empire Showdown main website:


    "Event Recap Article":


    But the scoreboards.... (and note that the CONNERY scoreboard was the "live streamed event" and still shows a VS victory):

  3. Koadster

    We won the last event.. Capture the continent.. Since that is the ENTIRE POINT OF THE GAME, is why we won

    Plus we almost crashed the server on the 2nd event. hahaha
  4. silverme

    So, more people like TR so SOE is pandering to them?

    and to avoid issues of 'OP' SOE ignores VS wiping all server apart from ones with server pop imbalance?
    (someone made claim that they(vs) only lost woodman because of low pop)
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  5. Riekopo

    Democracy is a lynch mob. And did SOE hire a h*ooker for this event?
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  6. Trenyt

    Woodman round one (I didn't play in rounds 2 and 3, because quite frankly I wasn't going to do myself a mischief staying up till 3/4am playing PS2) was mainly between TR and NC from my perspective. We fought tooth and nail for the NC victory in that round against a superior population, but I never saw any serious Vanu contingent there challenging us.
  7. SnerqtLAZERZ

    Ok wait. Vanu wins 2of3 challenges on Connery and wins 25 challenges worldwide. NC wins 9 challenges and TR wins 7 challenges. So obviously TR gets promoted since they won a popularity vote. I mean it is pretty obvious. If you have big finals in any sport like Football, Soccer, Baseball, Basketball or the Olympics what you do is: You let people compete to find out who is the best. THEN you start asking the fans if they like the result. And if one team has the bigger fanbase to vote for its team you just start spamming news, newspapers and everything there is with completely misleading facts!
    We had hundreds of people really working hard at 5pm on our server to secure victory for VS! We even had to handle hackers teleporting Sunderers on top of The Bastion. And that's the reward? FO REAL?
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  8. bbeq

    The Real Question Everyone Should be asking is: why is everyone wearing sunglasses?
  9. Hagnar

    This clearly shows how OP Vanu are
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  10. Stormlight666

    That's because, as the picture says, the TR took the Crown. Why? Because the TR ALWAYS take the Crown.
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  11. St0mpy

    This clearly shows how much fun was had and anyone expecting more needs a reality pill.
  12. SnerqtLAZERZ

    Actually there wasn't even a challenge asking anyone to take The Crown :D! I guess what they mean is taking the crown in terms winning something. They are not talking about taking "The Crown" on Indar !!
  13. SnerqtLAZERZ

    And don't let this become a discussion about OPness or not. There is a different post for that!
  14. Tharrn

    Someone at SOE needs to pull his head out of his **** to see that gaming competitions are won IN GAME and not on social media. Those pictures above make me angry AGAIN and I had just calmed down.

    A victor has emerged from the battlefield. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Look at the fracking scoreboard!!!
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  15. Turiel =RL=

    The fact that a voting decided a competition it is still funny. Now this guy finally makes sense:


    He just announced that Iraq won the war by unanimous decision.
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  16. Haya jii san

    This clearly shows how much you suck !

    - You have the numbers (e.g on Woodman its 37% TR, 37% NC, 30% VS)
    - We have the skills
    - We still won over most of matches in the leaderboard.

    Do the maths son ...
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  17. Velskud

    This clearly shows how much you suck !

    - You don't have the numbers (e.g on Miller its 37% VS, 34% TR, 31% NC)
    - We don't have OP weapons, MT, ESF
    - We ofc lose over most of matches in the leaderboard.

    Do the maths son ...
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  18. Haya jii san

    What a smart reply ... oh wait ... it's mine to begin with :)

    For a second i thought that i saw a fragment of intelligence. Guess it was my own reflection.
    You stick to your primitive monkey although popular stuff. Let someone else do the thinking for you

    My 2 cents ...
  19. Thorvaldr

    You know, I used to respect TotalBiscuit.

    For all his cheerleading for the TR, and railing against the the Vanu and NC, he was pretty fun to listen to and he made some decent points regarding gameplay issues, tactics and the like. That being said, I can't believe he would allow himself to be associated with this complete PR garbage SOE is throwing at us. Whatever credibility he had amongst gamers in general and Planetside fans in specific, is pretty well shot now. By accepting this "victory" via a popularity contest and not actual winning statistics, tells you that he no longer concerns himself with the game but is truly buying into his own hype.

    It's too bad really. As a marketing tool and a way to drum up more interest in Planetside 2, this type of event could have served Sony well for a long time. The true competitive nature of the average player in this game would have made a huge success of showdown events. Unfortunately, due to their short-sighted approach and obvious disregard for the players, most of us aren't likely to participate in future PR boondoggles like this one.

    Whoever decided to skew the results based on popular vote, completely missed the point of this event and should probably be fired.
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  20. Highduke

    Personnely I dont know what happened with the Vanu... On Helios and Miller you rarely see them do much of anything and its usually a struggle between TR and NC.... They poppped out of no where with nearly 70% on both those servers.... Quite Interesting.
    Your so pro, now stop bickering like an idiot.

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