The Official WTF AGGRAVATION thread...

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  1. Bloodtank

    This thread is for reporting those moments in game that you can't believe that just happened, that are so annoying you want to bash developers like a pinata till they bleed out and then stomp on them some more...

    The official WTF Aggravation thread...

    I'll start..... and i'll end at 10 because i can sit here and go to 1000 quite easily.

    1. While spawning a tank, you spawn under the ground and float thru the world until you are doing barrel rolls to the center of the earth and suicide. No tank for you! WTF DEVS!

    2. Coming back from a 25 consecutive kill streak, to get some ammo and repairs for your vanguard, you drive thru a base to get to the other side when another tank spawns and kills you via suicide inside your tank because your character WAS TOO ******* CLOSE TO THE SPAWN PAD.. Holy %&$&@&$$& DEVS

    3. Flying a Reaver in the middle of nowhere, when some drop pod flies down and actually hits your Reaver and takes you out in flight and takes your fun out of the game for an hours due to no resources. F'ing DEVS

    4. 6 Dead corpses in front of your face, but your FRICKIN medic gun decides it wants to do nothing while you need 100 more XP to get Battle Rank 10......

    5. Sitting in a enfilade position while an entire battalion of infantry is running down the gun, but your gun bullets decide they rather come out the back of the gun and hit your own shield so they do nothing and go nowhere.
    NICE CODING DEVS! how about extruding the friggan projectile release point a touch? or learn how to actually create a model

    6. Spending 100 bullets destroying a smoking station because the bullets decide to pick the cheese holes already created from the previous bullets and go right thru doing no damage from point BLANK.... Thanks for the ****** hit detection devs!

    7. Spending your entire life getting run over by tanks, even though you are nowhere near the roads, because the friggan game is SO GOD DAM LINEAR.... holy trails batman, someone widen the fooking paths

    8. Dealing with the zerg of the enemy when outnumbered because no ability to back cap and force troops to spread out....Herd the zerg devs, Great design! Not!

    9. Defending a zerg attack and getting 0 XP for 6 hours of defending because you never get stat kills only 9 jillion assists due to the 5000 other people being there. Load of fun there devs... Not! (Never defending again either)

    10. Getting weapon locked for an hour, because you spawned your vehicle and 3 idiots (not to mention the 10 idiots before you that run in front of you while shooting so they get that 10 XP points..) run in front of your tank while your tank is spawn locked moving forward uncontrollable....

    Yeah thanks for the aggravation devs.

    Please Post your aggravation experiences..
  2. wolfva

    Other people.
  3. ArbiterMatrix

    The defending is not the dev's fault, you have plenty of opportunities for XP. Also, if you're being hit by tanks when running to bases, it's bad driver's faults, not the dev's.
  4. Kediec

    Seeing new threads being posted over the same things because someone thinks they deserve more attention , when they could search and tag the issues in it to any of the other threads that already exist.

    That's all i can think of , game is fun and the bugs don't aggravate me , as i know they're being worked on .
  5. Kubor

    1. Using the MAX Dash and losing 50% of your armour because you ran over a couple of pebbles.

    2. Forgetting that Alt+F not only toggles FPS but also activates MAX Dash causing you to run off the side of a Biolab air pad.

    3. Unresponsive equipment terminals causing me to log out in sheer frustartion.
  6. PoopMaster

    We're 30 feet away from a deployed enemy sunderer which is below us on the hill, there's at least 20 of us and I'm the only guy trying to kill it, despite the fact that I keep Q spotting it. It amazes me how oblivious some players are.
  7. Wardy

    Most of these problems bar the tank spawn issue are down to you. Not the devs fault.
  8. Neovius

    After dropping ammo box down, it automatically switches to primary gun after the ammo box appears... how many times I've shot maxes in the middle of repairing because of this.
  9. Ryloxx

    How about the fact they can't control the hackers? We just had a confirmed VS hacker on Mattherson, BR 13 flying around with a speedhack and and aimbot.

    After an hour of many people reporting, it was still going on. I suspect being BR 13, this has been going on for some time with this individual. How many people are out there right now that are smart about it and keep a low profile while doing it?
  10. Bloodtank

    Oh here's one more i MUST ADD

    This is what you get to look like when you spend 5 bucks...
    Totally worth it eh devs? I mean where can I insert a 20 to match up my gun?