The Octagon is a silly name

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by SpaceKing, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. SpaceKing

    What about 'The Citadel'?
  2. MrIDoK

    But but but...


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  3. Ash87

    ...Because it'd need to have a citadel inside of it?
  4. Cirevam

    I have only one word for you (plus one shape)

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  5. Malharic World Designer


    Don't like the outpost name? Do argue with Chuck. I double dog dare you.
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  6. SpaceKing

    I'm... I'm good. No, really, it's not necessary to roundhouse kick my face into another universe.
  7. 5ou1

    Watch out...Dana White might sue :D
  8. Spookydodger

    In an unrelated thing except for the sound, one time at a haunted house I helped build, we built a huge towering room we dubbed "The anteroom"

    The kids, not knowing what the heck "ante" meant, kept calling it the "Octaroom" because it was somewhat similar in sound. The room only had 6 or 7 sides, but whatever. It always gives me a smile to think about it.
  9. Scientiarum

    I agree all the other bases were themed to fit with lore or something, the octagon sounds silly by comparison.
  10. CHDT65

    What about "the Crownogon" ? ;-)
  11. RANDOMpercentage

    I've heard it called The Octacrown.
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  12. Suiradezza

    Is it a silly place too?
  13. GigaClutch

    Octogram. Get it, like pentagram! Eh, eh!
  14. KlyptoK


    Are you saying the Pentagon is a silly name too?
  15. Scientiarum

    Yeah, I know the crown but that could easily describe the geological feature it is on.
  16. IamDH