[BUG] The NSX Daimyo bulletvelocity

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    The Velocity of the Daimyo seemed too low so i did a quik testing:

    The Daimyo has a Bulletvelocity of 600m/s which is the same as the T2 Sniper Rifles (V10 for VS as example)

    Now I took both with 6x Scope to have the same results.

    The V10 had near to no bulletdrop at 100m
    The Daimyo had to callcutlate 1 Milldot more

    The V10 with silencer has to calculate 1 Milldot at 100m with a Silencer.

    So Basically the Daymyo has the same bulletdrop as the V10 (VS T2) with Silencer....

    Either the stats are wrong or the devs have given the Silencer Velocity to the Daimyo without having a silencer.
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  2. LegendarySalmonSnake

    Might be that small arms too have the hidden projectile gravity attribute separate from muzzle velocity same as with vehicle weapons.
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    That can't be because the Daimyo is in the Sniper Rifle category and second it's bulletvelocity is given.
  4. LegendarySalmonSnake

  5. Moz

    Hmmmmmmm.... Interesting!
  6. Sazukata

    I've heard more than once that the Daimyo has increased gravity. That's its trade-off.
  7. adamts01

    Gravity is separate from velocity of projectiles in this game. I've heard the Diamyo has a higher gravity than other snipers from plenty of people here, though I can't find any reference of that from Daybreak.

    Dear guys, i want to enlight you avout the Gravity argument,

    The User LegendarySalminSnake did post two Links about Daimyo and V10, they show the exact information about the Rifles.

    The stats are given by the side Dasanfall, which takes the stats directly from the API from Planetside2 (so they are 100% true)

    Both, the V10 AND Daimyo got the same Gravity. (7.500 units)
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  9. Rydenan

    Hmm, Daimyo projectile seems significantly slower than the default CQC snipers. I had just taken for granted that the velocity was intended to be lower in order to balance it. I'd never noticed that it's actually supposed to be 600m/s like the others. Something's definitely wrong there.
  10. adamts01

    Then how do you explain the increased bullet drop? I've read the same stats you have, but in game the weapon drops more than the Ghost/TSAR-42/SAS-R, despite having a considerably better velocity.
  11. DIGGSAN0

    I would say either they included the Silencer Penalty for it OR the Shot from the Rifle itself is not parallel to the barrel.
  12. JobiWan

    Something's definitely off with it. Shots I make easily with TSAR-42 are just below the head with Daimyo.
  13. Moz

    I would have said Silencer as well.

    It feels almost exactly like a bolt with a silencer IMO.
  14. DIGGSAN0

    Well, my testings gave the result of it having the silencer penalty without having it equipped.
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  15. adamts01

    Whatever it is, it gets considerably worse when you put a suppressor on. The Dasanfall stats just don't add up.
  16. DIGGSAN0


    The Daimyo has the same Bulletdrop like a V10 with a silencer.
    If i put a silencer on the Daimyo it has even more drop...

    I tested a Daimyo without silencer and 6x Scope with a V10 equipped with 6x scope and silencer....and ET VOILA same bulletdrop
  17. adamts01


    I've never once mentioned the V10, As that gun isn't a competitor with the Daimyo as a close quarters sniper. Test it against the Ghost/TSAR-42/SAS-R. The Daimyo has the same gravity, higher velocity, and noticeably more drop.