The Nexus: Revealed!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by kidRiot, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. kidRiot

    The first public test of The Nexus was held a few days ago between NUC and a team combined of FC, TIW and known community members to gather data on battle flow and other considerations.

    I can say, without a doubt, that The Nexus will squash all naysayers in regards to SOE's MLG, competitive community and Battle Island focus. Enjoy!
  2. Blarg20011

    So, can you actually use vehicles at all? Or are they squashed the instant they spawn, because that's the impression I got from that article.
  3. kidRiot

    Harassers and air will be the dominant force on The Nexus. MBT's are too slow and Sunderers too vulnerable. You can spawn vehicles, it's just going to be an infantry focused map.
  4. Blarg20011

    Can't say that I'm terribly surprised, a tad disappointed, but not surprised.
  5. Serafine

    This looks like you can lancer from warpgate to warpgate.
  6. CrashB111

    Kind of what I expected from the "MLG PRO 1337 INFANTRY" crowd. Tanks have no place with these people, if they can't solo everything as a HA then it doesn't belong in their version of PS2.
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  7. UberBonisseur

    If I had to describe The Nexus in one word it would be "symmetrical"

    inb4 Planetside 2 as a whole gets balanced around 48v48 MLG
  8. kidRiot

    So you just assumed I'm that type of player? Do you know anything about the 15+ articles I've written on PS2, the Planetside 2 competitive community I'm running, the work I've done with the Community Clash and the 2 outfits I helped lead and found?

    No, you don't. Remember, assuming is the mother of all ****ups.
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  9. OldMaster80

    I'm not that excited about the battle islands. But from the continent lock and meta game point of view they make little more sense.
  10. Selentic

    Not really. More to do with the nexus' chokes counteracting the whole tank zerg garbage, all while MBTs don't have the armor to actually hold out long enough to make it through the chokes between bases.

    Once they get redesigned to function more like proper tanks chances are they'll be fine too.
  11. Ganelon

    Battle Islands would be a great addition to the game, zergfits won't be able to reign supreme anymore due to the Battle Island chokepoints.
  12. DJPenguin

    Is there footage of the two teams fighting at the nexus?
  13. kidRiot

    No. Initially we were told we weren't allowed to record/stream, so I didn't. Then we noticed FC was streaming and that Higby was ok with it. By then the match was over.
  14. Klondik3

    How many players will the battle islands hold?
  15. Solo59486

    I think its suppose to be 48vs48 so 96 players.
  16. Littleman

    I would think this is strictly for MLG purposes. For public access (as a stand alone, available to attack continent,) I'd imagine far higher numbers, but nothing close to the 2000 normal continents support now. For public play, I would guess SOE is planning on something probably closer to PS1 numbers, like 300 tops. 96 players is a drop in the bucket for public play.
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  17. Solo59486

    Yeah I didn't know how many people were going to be able to play for the public but like you said it is probably more than 96 but definitely less than the usual.
  18. Blarg20011

    I was thinking that it would probably be 200 per side, that's a third of a factions continent pop IIRC.
  19. CrashB111

    When did I accuse you directly of anything? I merely dislike the MLG crowd in general because they always alter every game they have a presence in.

    Planetside 2 is a game built to function around air, tanks and infantry all fighting against eachother, the Nexus kills that because the whole map is nothing but chokes with high walls so Infantry can rain fire down on vehicles that can't return fire easily or get to cover easily.
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  20. Blarg20011

    Yeah, it really is sad. Indar is unfriendly to vehicles because of the terrain and population, Amerish is unfriendly to vehicles because it's a ***** to get anywhere, Esamir is unfriendly because of the walls, Hossin is unfriendly because of the trees, chokepoints, and because it is also a ***** to get around, and now Nexus is unfriendly to vehicles as well. I wish they would just make a continent dedicated to vehicle combat.