The next patch! What would you like to see?

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  1. SinerAthin


    2. Balanced faction MAXes.

    3. Nerf the Zepher's AT ability and make Liberators whom want to kill tanks use the Dalton.
  2. Streetrip

    World changes

    -Bunkers introduced around bases
    -Trenches added
    -Infantry doors added to bases and outposts
    -Doors hackable by Infiltrators
    -Infantry tunnels added
    -Tunnels now go between bases and surrounding staging bases
    -Tech plant generators reset to original positions
    -AMP station bonus changed so proximity of infantry detection is decreased
    -Equipment terminals added around bases however MAXes can only be pulled out at spawn buildings

    Vehicle changes

    -Vanguard projectile velocity increased
    -Saron projectile velocity put in line with other MBT AP secondary weapons
    -Reaver hover speed increased
    -Prowler deployment ability now enables both cannons to be fired simultaneously
    -ESF A2AM damage decreased slightly
    -ESF A2AM magazine size increased to 2
    -ESF A2G magazine size decreased to 8
    -ESF A2G Armor damage increased slightly
    -Skyguard shells now explode at close proximity to enemy air
    -Vehicle collisions disabled within warpgates
    -Liberator's Zephyr vehicle damage decreased
    -Liberator's Zephyr now has an increased CoF
    -Liberator's Dalton vehicle splash damage increased slightly
    -Both Liberator's Dalton and Zephyr now have a falloff range

    Weapon changes

    -CoF bloom now increases geometrically the longer trigger is held
    -Grenade physics adjusted to bounce more predictably
    -Jammer grenades and plasma grenades added
    -Standard grenades renamed to frag grenades
    -Plasma grenades damage shields heavily however damage against armor is light
    -Jammer grenades temporarily disable vehicle movement and main gun
    -Jammer grenades temporarily disables minimap
    -Frag grenade damage against shield reduced dramatically

    General changes

    -"Move/Outta the way/Excuse me" voice macro added
    -ADS on enemy infantry reveals enemy health and name without shouting. Doesn't spot for teammates.
    -Squad leaders can now choose whether XP earnt amongst squad members is shared or not
    -Shared squad XP can be modified with a slider found on the squad page. Between 0% (XP earnt is not shared) to 100% (All XP shared equally)

    Technical changes

    -General bug fixes
    -Render distance slider for infantry and vehicles now implemented up to a max limit
    -LoD slider now availble under settings to manage high density situations
  3. ChooseYourSide

    -Bonus* certs granted for assisting in preventing a continent lock from being lost when successfully defending the last remaining empire owned territory; only granted if at least 25 unique attackers are defeated; additional certs for 50, 75, 100, etc. unique attackers

    -Bonus* certs granted for assisting in the capture of the last remaining territory to obtain a continent lock when at least 25 unique defenders are defeated; additional certs for 50, 75, 100, etc. unique defenders

    *Bonus only granted if the player was solely responsible for at least one (1) unique kill or if the player was part of a squad/platoon that was responsible for at least five (5) of the unique kills. Each squad in the platoon must have at least one (1) unique kill to qualify that squad for the bonus. If the platoon has five (5) unique kills but only two (2) squads out of four (4) were responsible for those five (5) kills, then only the two (2) squads from that platoon responsible for the unique kills would receive the bonus.
  4. justme

    so..anything you play, you want buffed? good job
  5. Mordrake

    No crashes.
  6. Hashlak

    Better fps/optimization

    More emphasis on the metagame with 5 new continents, 2000 player cap on each continents and sanctuaries

    More variety in the WEAPONS (So far its is so annoying to see everything looking like its been recycled)

    Proper comeback of the old school heavy weapons (lasher, jackhammer, cycler) Right now all the main iconic weapons have been ruined and have such a bad reputation :'( Before we used to love those guns and now no one uses them.

    Draw distance issues resolved (No popping in and out)

    All in all we demand a true polished/complete planetside experience. What we now refer to as 'Planetside 2' is not really PS2, its like half or 25% of PS2. We need the full game !!

    Also one more point to add.. This game has been out for just a couple of months now. And im sorry to say 75% of people who have been here from beta and alpha as well as some new players have gotten BOREDD OF this game !!
    We should not be getting bored of planetside !!
    Planetside 1 never got boring !!!

    So SOE pls fix this crapp or you will lose your player base and this game will die :(
  7. domericon

    Two things the most:

    1. Metagame
    2. Optimization

    If i have to choose i'd pick optimziation since i can live without a meta for a while longer (mindlessly shooting things is fun enough for now) but the amount of frames i get with my pc is just hilarious and the programmers who coded this game should be ashamed of themselves.
  8. justme

    you seem like a bf3/cod fan
  9. Zapon

    Give all vehicles- including tanks a traction increase to the point it was at before the traction loss- up from where it's at by the same for every vehicle

    Increase torque by a tad for ALL vehicles by the same amount from where it currently is at

    Bring Thermal sight range to visible range
    - then boost Infrared sight range by a small bit

    Make it so when in a multi-crewed vehicle or aircraft someone gets a kill- others in the vehicle get 25% or 50% of the xp while the person responsible for the kill themselves gets 100%

    * so If a gunner in a lib gets a kill and gets 100 xp, - he gets 100xp , AND the driver and tail gunner get 25 Xp. or 50 xp

    Review the current rate at which all aircraft sink like a rock.

    Return the RED overlay gradient back onto entities (people) in the IRNV scope -

    Add a streamlined system for Galaxy pilots to drop crew - a refined hot drop system needs to be added.

    Allow characters on the same faction to be able to transfer over to other SERVERS(while on that same faction)
    AKA a Vanu Sovereignty character on one server can go to another server and be VS - and still have his Cert Points, SC, and all UNLOCKS.

    Make the nights darker when the moon is not out. So when there is not a full moon -it's partial- make it slightly darker

    On nights where there IS NO moon- seriously reduce the light level at night.

    If Clouds are planned- and cloudy nights are planned adn intended to be common- then leave 2 levels at the bottom, one for starlight but no clouds- then the darkest level for clouds and no moon.

    Otherwise, just have the darkest night be set to the nights with no moon.

    If there isn't a current moon cycle- make it so. or placeholder it until it can be added. AKA implement Darker nights!

    Work on slightly buffing all three levels of the Infiltrator cloak- each level needs a slight buff. Work on making the stealth effect be equal across all graphic settings as best as possible.

    Implement a placeholder system to have Platoons more easily communicate with other platoons operating on the same continent- while looking into designing a system to possible have a rank above Platoon Leader(recommend looking at Sony's work on MAG - and their designs there)

    Optimize layouts of bases slightly for defense, to be incremental until all bases are slightly easier to defend than attack- perhaps not to the level of Bio labs/the Crown - but tweak if possible

    Fix the flicker bug.

    See if you can add a system which encourages 2 or more platoons in a area to seek out and battle enemy multiple platoons in another area
  10. Gavyne

    I actually prefer BF: Bad Company 2, and I was playing BF3 before Planetside 2 launched. Not a CoD fan. I'm a Bad Company 2 fan more than a BF3 fan, although now I'm a planetside 2 fan. This game however, is a BF3 with 10x the map size, 10x the players, a persistent battlefield, in a scifi theme. So if you see me suggesting some things that are from BF3, it's because this game is built just like BF3. I'm trying to help SOE attract the playerbase that they obviously went after.
  11. HadesR

    Increased Health/Armour to base turret's ( Damage output is about right now )
  12. hardes13

    I would like to see:
    - very path that looks like it is walkable,should be walkable without jumping! ( ok perhaps a longthermgoal)
    - Purple and red a little bit brighter.I mean i walked pass those hovertanks at night without seeing it until it shot me down!
    - alt weapons. perhaps a equipable meele? a mortar would be cool as a tower, a granadelauncher instead of a missle ? different warheads for the misslelauncher
    a little bit more variarity;P

    Want I want asap:
    - a complete discripion of every buyable item.
    - a sandbox for testing and learning
    It´s very bad to try to sale stuff without giving any information about it.And a customer gets very fast the feeling of being cheated.
    You are for example selling 4 horns. probable in the order flash, sunderer lightning and heavy tank. but there is no discription. and you cant hear it. ( and that there is no default horn is)
    - more info. where are the patchnotes? there is a 2. new rocketlauncher... of course no was just there.. no notes I could find.
  13. Tuco

    Short version:

  14. Nephera

    more crash to desktop fixes.

    a fourth continent..

    some nc rebalancing
  15. Zapon


  16. Skadi

    You meen the ones that will KILL YOU IF THEY ACTUALY WORK?
  17. MayorD

    easy thing.
    game optimisation
    bring the flame-thrower back.

    new weapons and vehicles are sure cool, but balance the old before you create new.
  18. justme

    I use to play battlefield 3 till I got sick of the constant one side issue that game has.
    Every game I played, my team would get locked down in the spawn it seemed. I got rather sick of it.
    I ended up sitting in deathmatch games...yay more CoD ********.
    The maps where even tinier in BF3.
    Anyways, I can careless about the BF3 community leaving or coming.
    Same for CoD.
    I want a good game, that has good players, that will do what they need to do. Instead of K/D ratio bumping
  19. Aioros

    I'd like balanced weapon recoil for all factions.
  20. Testman

    1) Render distance needs to be increased

    2) nerf everything I don't play and that has killed me ;)