The next hurdle for PS2 is named BF4

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  1. Orpheus66

    I hear you can game with a mouse/keyboard with the PS4 (just a rumor). So i would highly recommend getting yourself a nice 24inch monitor and connect the PS4 (using HDMI) into your monitor (make sure it has speakers!). It may not sound as good but you will **** face. I used to do this with my PS3 using Eagle Eye Converter.
  2. PWGuy93

    Doesn't BF4 limit play to 48 players?

    The one thing that sets PS2 apart from other FPS' is the shear number of players...
  3. Kanil

    This is definitely something I wish PS2 had. Nothing quite like catching an engineer unaware and nabbing his tank as your prize!
  4. LordMondando


    So at best its a relatively small platoon v. platoon.

    I don't really see how the two games compare. Also the setting.
  5. Ash87

    Here is the thing about BF4 as a game... It looks really good on paper, but this is EA we're talking about. To be frank, it boggles the mind, as to why people genuinely think that all the business practices that EA is known for, that are scientifically designed to piss off gamers, will just magically disappear. I heard today you'll be able to get the BF game and all it's expansions! For preordering at $100+ dollars. Hey, you know what that is: Preordering Content not even slated for this Year. There are religions that don't ask you to hold that much faith. Now that is expansions (Oh, and guy hoping for a 2142 expansion, sorry, but no), It probably wont include some kind of other DLC. And guess what, it's most likely going to include Origin. Will it have DRM? You betcha. Always online DRM? Probably. Will the servers crash the first day? I wouldn't be shocked. Will EA release a statement saying how all of this is necessary to deliver the experience, and then not do anything? I'd put money on it.

    I stating this from the position of a gamer, if PS2 did not exist, all of these issues listed above would most certainly be something every single person should keep in mind before going out and buying that game.
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    Seems like quite some people on these boards come from the MMO genre, understandably. I for one played shooters for years almost exclusively and I will almost definitely be getting BF4. I like the scale and the more or less existing meta game of PS2 but in the end of a day, as a FPS fan, I need to get good framerates and solid shooting mechanics in order to have fun in the long run. These are the most basic things that just have to be there for me, and the BF series accomplished this very well as far as I've experienced. PS2 on the other hand doesn't seem to offer this (yet). Hence I think that, for people who play PS2 primarily for the FPS part, BF4 is definitely going to be a serious competitor if PS2 won't resolve it's issues as an FPS game asap. Just wanted to throw that in there.
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  7. St NickelStew

    I am not interested in starting arguments or derailing the thread, but I am happy using a controller. I can certainly agree aiming with mouse would be awesome (mouse > right thumbstick), However, I cannot stand using a keyboard for movement, etc. (left thumbstick > keyboard). Plus, I really like using vehicles (in BF3 was a pretty good tanker) and in vehicles using a controller is much less of a drawback than in infantry engagements, and in fact can provide benefits.

    I *am* really excited about PS2 coming to the PS4 -- my presence on these forums well in advance of its release should provide some evidence that interest. I know what classes/vehicles I will play and cert first, and which weapons I will purchase both for my classes and vehicles. I know which faction I will play (probably exclusively) (Vanu), and hope that its population is neither too large nor too small. In the meantime I wait and read and learn, and will observe with interest additional developments in PS2 that occur in meantime. It will be fun to get into PS2 on the ground floor, as it were, when it first arrives on PS4. To be part of one of the early outfits, etc.
  8. phreec

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  9. RobotNinja

    I am not "pleasantly surprised" by anything EA does anymore. I don't care if they're going back to BF's roots with BF4. It's too late. My wallet has been screwed too many times by them now. And even if BF4 is a great game, expect to be forking over more cash for DLC than the base game itself.
  10. Izriul

    **** EA, I'm not giving them a single penny.
  11. F1na1

    For those that say bf 2 + 3 had big mad and great gameplay you obviously never played bf1942. They had massive maps. 64v64 in 2002. With that came a mod called desert combat. This was the start of all modern bf games. IMHO bf series has gone backwards from this point catering to the kiddies. Now if they updated bf1942+Dc mod I would be ther for sure. That is if it had the massive numbers of course. Plus if they allowed modding. The modding community is what gives a game an extended life span
  12. SuBs

    I've been wondering why BF2 was such a seminal moment in FPS history for me, and I think you've managed to sum it up really accurately here. Well done.
  13. SuBs

    32 + 32 = 64

  14. NightmareP69

    They promised the "True Battlefiend experience" two times in a row and failed, i'm not trusting DICE anymore. BC2 was a joke and BF3 was just a shell of what BF2 is.
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  15. biterwylie

    Will it have a relevant objective? Some end to the respawn? bF3 sucked. pS2 also sucks in this regard!
  16. Syphers

    Yet the closest in many regards. PS2 fights are bigger but people still pop out at 10-15 meters in large fights and the lattice kinda takes out the whole point of the huge maps, it need more links
  17. Syphers

    Yeah 1942 was the best no contest it went backward afterward
  18. RobotNinja

  19. ViXeN

    I'll be playing both but I'm more likely to quit BF4 long before PS2.
  20. XRIST0

    bf4 is just another bf3 clone , I will probably still buy it but I enjoy playing planetside much more .