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  1. EvilKoala still underwhelming. The whole idea of a gatling gun that can't be a gatling gun because of processing/network limitations is disappointing. Also, balancing a weapon that competes with laser accurate counterparts by offering high RoF with a large CoF is frustrating and unsatisfying. Its far more fun to aim and hit a target then to spray and hope luck is on your side.

    With that said.. why not just turn the Vulcan into an autocannon? Autocannons were used on tanks in real life, fills the TR role of "moar dakka!", reduces processing/network requirements, and would be more gratifying to use.


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  2. llPendragon

    As a long-time Vanguard driver, the Vulcan is my biggest fear. I'm not sure it really needs a change. :eek:
    I like the Autocannon idea though. My suggestion would be to change the M20 or create another common-pool item to better resemble an autocannon. The Sundy weapons are distinctly falling behind, and this could be a great way to fix this issue too.
  3. Goden

    Vulcan on a Harasser is hilariously lethal. They can just sneak up behind your take and kill you in like 3 seconds and then speed away again.
  4. McToast


    The new vulcan is great, still a bit behind saron and enforcer, but great nontheless.

    the Toast
  5. Ganelon

    A misplaced one, at that.
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  6. Venomoroth


    In GU10 the vulcan was so underpowered compared to the vanguard with enforcer. you just outrange it SO hard and even in close combat the enforcer kill time is by far less than the vulcan's.

    in gu11 the vulcan ist still VERY bad and sometimes worse than in gu10.

    - spin up time makes burst fire impossible
    - spin up usually takes as long as the CoF needs to get damn bad. so you can't actually fire accurate at ANY range
    - spin up has no sound and after it is over you have a sound of 5000rpm on a gun that fires 800rpm

    the whole gun is very unsatisfying, ultra bad, not competetive and overall unacceptable. before gu11 was release there were many threads about the new gu11 vulcan and really nobody liked it. it's just terrible.
  7. Venomoroth

    no, it is not great, it is ULTRA bad since that damn spin up cause you cannot fire accurate bursts anymore. you are basically FORCED to hold down the mouse button until you have to reload and suffer from a very bad cone of fire the whole magazine long. it feels very bad to play and pretty weak.

    but you are right when you say it is weaker than enforcer and saron - cause it is.
  8. Venomoroth

    as vanguard: use shield
    as magrider: use magburner

    the vulcan is the worst empire specific anti vehicle secondary. i would kill for a saron or enforcer on my prowler
  9. Mxiter

    Afraid by the basilik TTK weapon?
  10. Cidroyz

    the vulcan sfx makes me cringe in fear, really its so powerful melts sunderers at close range, what more can you ask for.. a vulcan + harasser + good driver = FTW .. better than saron ;O
  11. llPendragon

    There are things that kill me more often, sure. However, nothing is as scary as watching your health drain away from a Vulcan, knowing that you can't do a damn thing about it. And if you can't find a miracle, that Prowler is going to have two more shell loaded and you're dead.

    A Vanguard is just too slow to reload or dodge to be able to get away from a Prowler that is close enough to use the Vulcan.
  12. Roxputin

    I actually had to look the vulcan up this morning because I was getting hit with it so much in the kill screens.
  13. EliteEskimo

    lol llPendragon unless you like to stay perfectly still at point blank range from a Prowler without using you uber shield you have very little to worry about. The Halberd Prowler should still be your biggest fear TR wise. Actually from what I've seen so far it will need a buff to make tankers use it over the Halberd. The Saron and Enforcer are good against armor from all ranges. Meanwhile the Vulcan is only slightly better at point blank range while still loosing out to the Saron/Enforcer at medium range. To make matters worse the Vulcan has extreme damage drop off so it can not engage you at 300m effectively. Once the developer I've been working on the G30 Vulcan gets a weeks work of Data from the new Vulcan I'll be showing him more video evidence it isn't up to par at all.


    Vulcan has no effectiveness after medium range, therefor it needs to have massive sustained damage capabilities short range, and only slightly less so for medium range . If this doesn't happen the Vulcan will not be a worthwhile weapon since the Halberd is good at all ranges and OHK's infantry.

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  14. EvilKoala

    So it sounds like replacing the Vulcan would be a win for everyone.. Apparently NC/VS think the Vulcan is amazing, so they shouldn't mind if it went away.. TR think its unsatisfying, regardless of how effective it may or may not be, so they'd like something more fun to use.

    No one likes the Vulcan.
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  15. EliteEskimo

    Then me and the developers will make it better till it is, this was the lastest response from the one I'm working with.:D

    "The mechanics guys say the vulcan as it is currently set up on test (barring any bugs) is what they intend to go live with GU11, at which point they can make adjustments as needed based on user data.

    They're too slammed with the update to go into detail on specific point by point feedback on the specifics on all the various stuff you covered, but your concerns are noted. If it ends up being weaker/lamer than intended we've got the metrics available to see that and can make adjustments to fix it."
  16. Compass

  17. soeguud

    If they scaled it up to an MBT main weapon and balanced appropriately that'd be pretty damn cool.
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  18. EliteEskimo

  19. llPendragon

    I agree with you 100%. The Saron and Enforcer are much better at a lot more things than the Vulcan. In fact, I think they are too good at too much, and should be brought back into competition with the other weapon options. The Halberd is a more well rounded weapon too, but it lacks the same fear factor for a Vanguard driver.
    The Vulcan seems to only shine against vehicles at almost point blank range.

    As for the shield, I'll just clarify that if I'm taking damage from the Vulcan then the shield has already been used. It wouldn't matter what gun it was if my shield was still up.
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  20. Keiichi25

    I don't use the vulcan a lot myself, mostly because most of my engagements deal with air so I have a ranger on the Prower. The few times I do use the vulcan, it usually has to be in close and sometimes spammed on infantry more than armor.

    Overall, the amount of ammo is not where it should be for the weapon. At best, the TR Vulcan should be their AI equivalent and their AV equivalent should be a 75mm or a 40mm cannon (No, not 40mm grenade launcher, 40mm cannon)
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