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Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by KatieCross, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. KatieCross

    Initially I wasn't fond of the idea of them adding them, what with having to learn which voices were from each faction. Don't think that will be a problem now though with the way those things sound, I mean personally wouldn't even use them if they came free. I mean for the female ones you sound like you're either constipated or they had taken testosterone pills mistaking them for candy. As for the male ones, they just sound so off the wall-ish to what seems like what would be in this game. You would think if it was something they would be implementing into the game to make money they would look for more convincing voice actors.
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  2. Salamander

    I have to say that I am really, really disappointing with them. Terran Republic = world wide government, very popular on earth all around the world... so EVERYONE is American? When I first heard of this I was like "Oh good! So you can have a 'gruff and calm' British one and a 'sarcastic' Australian one, maybe an 'aggressive' German one. Oh and maybe a texan cos texans are fun right?! And female french voices are really good! Remember MoH right!"
    But no... American, American, American, American... I really REALLY feel let down by SoE now as a European player who regularly spends money on the game.
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  3. Gustavo M

    Those voices gives a "standard" feel to the character, so yeah. Expect better voices in a near future/next patch, like a alien-pitched voice, angry scientist for vanu, drunk russian/hardened veteran for the TR and "freedomtastic" soldier for the NC.
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  4. libbmaster

    The VS male ones sound exactly like the PS1 voices... they are even named the same.
  5. NCDaniel

    I went with the DD pack.
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  6. Boomotang

    Europeans... always finding something to complain about...:rolleyes:

    Remember this is the first pass. They've said they will probably open it up to Player Studio in the future too.

    I went for the Roughneck one. I like it a whole lot more than the whiny sounding Greenhorn that we've been stuck with from the beginning!
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  7. MasonSTL

    Well their was a video from Vanu Labs that had a Russian accent and it was shot down and spit on before you could say "In soviet Russia vodka drinks you!" Because it did not sound authentic enough from other Russians.

    And who knows, maybe they just hired one voice actor and recorded all of these then shipped them out right away. Might as well record the American first because there are a lot of them to choose from here in America.
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  8. Metalsheep

    I would totally buy Legacy PS1 voice packs. I would also buy Legacy PS1 cosmetic armors. I dont know why it hasn't been done yet.
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  9. WorldOfForms

    More than likely if you get a non-American accent, you're going to get an American actor faking said accent. You know how that typically goes.
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  10. Vinakis

    I'm not a European player, but I would love to see some better diversity in the voicepacks.
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  11. Hicksimus

    It's because PS1 is not Battlefield 3.
  12. MajiinBuu

    I don't know what one I'd get. I just wish Maxes would have robot voices, or cyborg. Or maybe even sounding like talking through mechanical lungs(Darth Vader)
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  13. The Shermanator

    I am made suddenly made to recall the complaints about the previewed Russian voice pack.
  14. EmmettLBrown

    More likely they would record someone with a bucket on their head.
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  15. Kuklakot

    I found the voice packs incredibly... samey. I'm having trouble distinguishing voices between factions, let alone seeing any palpable difference between 'gruff' and 'calculating'.
  16. faykid

    I really wish i could have a look at sales numbers. I bet they made quite a bit of money, and it was deserved - the VO packs are a cool addition, even if some people are vocal about them being not what they expected. Only sales numbers can prove a point in this situation.
  17. LibertyRevolution

    I had some TR taunting me with one them new voicepacks, it just made me want to shoot him in the face with a pump action.
    So.. working as intended. Good job!
  18. TheBloodEagle

    I really wanted to buy the Roughneck voice for TR but the mans voice is inconsistent. The "I need a medic" type voice clips are a different person. It's not the same timbre as the rest of the samples.
  19. WarpGuN

    Finally something to spend money on (bought daredevil for my TR character)
    Now release new class-specific composite armors, please soe? o_O
  20. Jachim

    My only complaint with them is yeah.. what the **** with all the American accents? We need some other ones.

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