The new valkyrie

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by ZeroErrorz, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. ZeroErrorz

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  2. Ikissyourface

    This new air vehicle is the death of ESFs

    1. dedicated pilot and nose gunner = pilot can focus on flying without having to worry about firing any weapons, and with a dedicated nose gunner means more efficient nose gun that can choose targets on its own without having the target being on the front line of sight
    2. two passengers that has the potential of 2 lock-on weapons aboard

    So we have an air vehicle with a more efficient nose gun and 2 lock-on weapons...GOODBYE ESF YOU ARE NOW OBSOLETE.
  3. Tenebrae Aeterna

    Well, I'm pleased to see a new aircraft coming out...but find myself a bit saddened that it's not empire specific. When you combine this with the new Colossus coming out, we've really got justification to possibly retire a few old vehicles and replace them with a more interesting faction flavored alternative.

    Maybe the Flash and Galaxy should be retired and replaced with a faction flavored alternative, that could be fun...

    As for the Valkyrie itself, many are calling for four rumble seats...and while I understand the appeal, I just don't believe that it's going to be so easily balanced over the current two. Sure, it's going to be utterly epic watching four tanks or aircraft get railed by a single source...but that's going to be quite difficult to balance. After further thought, I suppose the Engineer and their repair ability doesn't really play a factor since you can just adjust the variables for the repair tool when within the aircraft to receive a reduced amount in comparison to other aircraft and vehicles.

    The rocket launchers are going to be the problem when it comes to balance though, which is why I feel two is probably going to be the more prudent choice...but hell, I'm not opposed to testing out four.

    The skill bar for ESF pilots definitely got higher, that's for sure.
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  4. lothbrook

    Get rid of the rumble seats, make it transport up to 6 people, and give it a 100m drop ceilling and they've got themselves a PS2 helicopter. Making an airborne harasser is such a stupid idea, people keep thinking about lock ons, i'm thinking about 2 maxes.
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  5. Hader

    It will be pretty interesting for air to see this implemented. And no, unless it carries burster maxes in the rumble seats, I don't see any way this is going to kill the ESF, literally and figuratively.
  6. Handsi

    Stealth + Speed = Ultimate Ghost Capping vehicle huehuehue
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  7. Mastachief

    This has the potential to be awesome, let not rule it out before we get more details.
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  8. Destino

    BY GODS! this is amazing! i cant wait for this thing, must, resist, need certs!!!!
  9. Gleerok

    I want more fighters types:T

    Well, this concept is still pretty awesome!!
  10. Cuross

    I have been waiting for a small squad transport aircraft with rumble seats. Though, two is half what I expected, at least it's going to be there. I'm not worried about engineers repairing this vehicle from the inside because I suspect it will be weak enough that a good strafe or a hit from a rocket will be able to down it near instantly. It looks like a big bird, though, sort of...when a Liberator and a Reaver love each other very much kind of big bird. And hoping that the front gun will only ever compare to a Walker at most. That said, the players in the rumble seats won't be adding too much to the firepower of the Valkyrie, using weapons on the Flash and Harasser rumble seats are hard enough, hoping you get a good angle to drop a rocket on a tank from the Valkyrie seems like you'd be wasting your time and holding lock with A2A rockets sounds like it would be a task all its own. Probably should keep your eyes on the minimap and spot for your friends to maintain the 'stealth' of the aircraft :p
  11. Dreadnaut

    There is no reason to debate this at all until we see how it flies. Sure, discuss how it looks but PLEASE do not make any judgements till we actually see the maneuverability of this aircraft.

    I would really like to see this with a maneuverable frame utilizing stealth. I hope they make the nose gun very underwhelming.
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  12. MadTavish

    inb4 flying pre-nerf harasser
  13. PKfire

    Super looking forward to this! Little Bird action incoming!
  14. Vanon

    I love the looks and love the idea. I have a few concerns.

    1) MAX's: Are MAX's going to be in the rumble seats? That gives the TR and VS an extreme advantage of the NC in AI, where the NC will have a huge advantage in AV in that thing. I do not think those balance each other out either.

    2) The durability and manueverability are going to really determine if this thing is useless or over powered. I think it should be immune bullets like the lib is or at least be very resistant, but other wise be only slightly more tanky then an ESF (think 1-2 missiles more) The problem i see is that it needs to be durable to still attack ground but easily taken out in the air and by AA.

    3) the purpose of the vehicle is of concern. I would like to see it more of a transport and anti ground messure. As it stands, every aircraft has a viable anti air loadout, and most of the time they still viable against ground targets (think shredder, needler). I also hope its not easy to kill the rumble seat guys like it is on a flash. Still i love the idea of a sniper killing a guy in the rumble seat.

    4) the nose gun. I think it would work well to have a high velocity gun and a slow velocity gun that has a small explosion for both air and ground.

    5) dual engineer repair i'm not as concerned about as dual engineer's with AT mines. It would be extreamly easy to drop them over a sundy, or right by a tank, and very easy to blow up the tank mines. The repairing is fine as long as they do it like the harasser is now, where it's like 3-4 bars on a maxed out repair gun and hard to find the right angle. Enough to keep you from dieing by fire, but not enough to be better then auto repair.

    Just some thoughts.
  15. ZeroErrorz

    4 passanger seat is a better number since 6 passanger seat if combined with the pilot and gunner its already 10 people, a bit too much for a spec-ops unit (6 man or less)since a vehicle with such speed with the capability of delivering 10 people is almost better than the galaxy,
    also about the rumble seat all needed to be gone is the usesage of tool slot most of the problem come from it being abused (repair tool,rocket launcher,medic tool ?) at least if the tool slot is disabled the passanger can fire out and maybe have fun sniping with it.
    and finally PLS NO MAX TRANSPORT CAPABILITY its a light transport vehicle and max would be very easy to exploit.
  16. Kriegson

    they've got themselves a galaxy*

    Fixed that for ya.

    (not directed at fellah Im quoting)
    Seriously we don't need all kinds of "OH GOD ITS OP NERF IT NOW" hyperbole on what it could theoretically do when all we have is a freaking model and a concept of how it will be used.

    But that being said, yeah 2 maxes on the side, or some infils to ninja in/spray mo-trackers all over a base...or some HA's with lockons (Which I think would still be useful) all could be some nasty combos. It has a lot of potential, but I don't think it would be OP, at least against air. In fact, that would be the largest concern for this bugger, getting instagibbed by libs or ESF's.
  17. JudgeNu

    The more options the better imo.
    I don't fly and sometimes tank, I am more comfortable on with my boots on the ground.

    I think there shouldn't be any launchers or maxes in rumble seats.
    I vote for 4 seats for a ttl of 6 players.

    I never pull a max but I feel they are limited a bit as to mobility, but 2-4 maxes in an Val rumble seat?! lol, it would be a real treat to shoot it down though with maxes in it.

    I personally would like to see its flight capabilities
    If it could hover with 2-4 snipers lol!
    Would also be great for deploying snipers and picking them up.

    It would be great also if it had a weapon terminal installed but I think that is just asking too much.

    I also think as has been suggested that IF it is not NS that it be ES with new guns.
    I know that involves more work but I don't think it would be upsetting if it was all the same model......NOT! lol
  18. Spectre 694

    From the design it looks like both the rumble seat guys cant fire at the same target, possibly not even at the same target gunner is shooting at if its straight ahead. AA MAX maybe nasty, but I wouldn't worry too much. The firing angles could be quite poor, and if the manouverability is less than of an ESF - most dedicated pilots should be able to cope with it. It seems to be a bigger/easier target than an ESF. Anyway it will be 2 guys who spent significant amount of resources vs 1. Ok they beat 1 ESF, but 2 - not if they are average, definately not against coyote users. Perhaps they decide to give it weakness against AI noseguns and other AI weapons like marauder/PPA... that may be interesting. Maybe we can't even put MAXes on it.

    Flak Armour will be mandatory on the rumble seat guys to do anything meaningful. Maybe we will see someone cry that RANGER is OP when this gets released as someone will try to drop tankmine a sundy from rumbleseat and gets return fire from ranger causing the tank mine to explode in their face. (we did see lots of Pounder OP threads after they were buffed and 2 days later nerfed, those lasted for weeks)
    Really Flak weapons will murder the rumble seat guys handily and both ESF and Liberator have a flak option these days. Tougher than ESF, but Viper may still be able to drop this thing without reloading... probably not outright destroy but make it burn.
  19. jiggu

    This is highly likely to cause a lot more ESF pilots to run A2A missiles since you want to keep far off, and the Valkyrie is probably going to be decently squishy.
  20. skifton

    My thoughts on it (again...didn't see specs or even a fly-by of it yet).

    It's going to be pretty clunky-maneuvering compared to the ESFs you see now, probably pretty large in size, and I'm guessing the troop gunners on the sides won't be a ton of's VERY hard to maintain a lock in a harasser/flash rumble seat as the pilot moves and turns, I don't think it'll be much easier for lockon-users to maintain locks in this thing, especially as it's going to have to be maneuvering and such.

    I'm a little worried about it carrying MAXes though. If they can fire out the sides, then it spells the death of ESF gameplay. Lets hope not.