The New Player experience per the Cryaotic Stream: "It's fun when you're not getting **** on."

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Fortress, Jul 27, 2014.

  1. LT_Latency

    You are the problem, You just care about the easiest way to get high KDR. Don't take away what other people like while you are happy face rolling over infantry in your lighting.
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  2. Fortress

    Would you prefer me to have no experience farming while I'm critiquing farming? Jesus, I get that Forumside is allergic to expertise, but this is ridiculous.
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  3. LT_Latency

    Cause they is nothing they can do. Unless they want to rip down the game to just bullets and infantry. They will always be players that just abuse what ever they can find in the name of the KDR.

    There will always be players that will never get out of their lighting or their maxes or their liberators cause they are getting their awesome KDR in will pick on the weakest targets.

    You will just end up making things useless to the average player. Who won't be able to land a direct hit often
  4. Canno

    I'll just condense what I said in the other thread about the stream here.

    Is it rough being a new player? Sure.

    But MOST knew players realize TKing is bad and they shouldn't do it. More so after they get REPEATEDLY weapons locked.

    SgtGoalgoalgoal: 21.05% TKs of 19 kills, 3 suicides
    CplBarleyFlour: 31.43% TKs of 35 kills
    Cikron: 42.42% TKs of 33 kills, 4 suicides
    AngryJoeAJSA: 20% TKs of 25 kills.

    If they couldn't learn from this that's on them.

    TK happens, no doubt. Intentional harassment by people like Duvana needs to be reported and they need to be dealt with. However, people need to stop acting like the streamers are innocent in all this.

    Some TKs were against each other but someone watching may not know they're friends and kill the person TKing.

    New players can make their way, they also need to know what direction to point the gun.
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  5. Pootisman

    We shouldnt remove farming weapons, i.e. make tank cannons unable to 1-hit infantry like some1 suggested. (A 120mm tungsten projectile shouldnt be able to kill a infantry guy, really?)

    Instead we should teach new players how to avoid getting farmed.

    Classic example: Many new players dont know there are tunnels and jumpads at an AMP station spawn room. They run through spawn shield and get killed by camping tanks again and again. If SOE improves bases design, i.e. make tunnel entrance and jumpads more noticeable, maybe put a big sign there ("underground tansport system" or something like that), new players will actually use it.

    There are many other examples, i.e. the tutorial or game help doesnt tell you what to do when a lib is hoovering over you base or that it is a bad idea to run around in front of enemy spawn shields. PS2s current way to teach new players the game mechanics is "learn by dieing."
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  6. Daieron

    I originally was looking forward to this event for the farm (specifically as infantry in enemy zerged out tower fights) but I got called into work at the last minute. Upon hearing about all the things that transpired though, I am kinda glad I missed it. I agree with your OP, and also yes, the fact that people will die and the skillful will farm is just a fact of the game.

    But anyone using any sort of foolish, "digital darwinism" or survival of the fittest video game analogy really needs to dial it down several notches.

    That's nonsense.

    We, as a F2P game need a constant replenishment of new players. Any player, particularly experienced players should not take it upon themselves as their very sole goal to farm as many new players as possible or be proud of making a famous youtuber die several times. That is the very definition of shooting ourselves in the foot.
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  7. Fortress

    These are all excellent ideas. Tank shells instagibbing (I should've used that term) on direct hits is fine by me, actually, as tanks have pretty big profiles and it's easy and intuitive to break LOS for anyone who has ever played a vehicle based shooter.

    I just don't think we should let 30 of them (tanks or aircraft) ruthlessly AOE spam bases. That's why I think a combination approach is best: Make the bases less farmable, and give new players more options to fight back from the get go.
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  8. WyrdHarper

    There should be a sort of "bat signal" new players can use to call for help in a certain region. Good players will know enough to see if it's a situation that *actually* needs help or not, but it provides a way for new players to get "saved" by more experienced ones. Sort of like the "reinforcements needed" thing, but something a newbie can use (say, sub BR 20). For example, if I see a bunch of armor rolling around, I can get Fodollah on the horn (okay, send him a tell) and ask if he's got ECUS harassers around that could come help deal with the problem. A newbie has zero way to do that, but if we gave them a help function, they wouldn't be left twisting in the wind so much.
  9. Degenatron

    You're "expertise" is in PLAYING games, and it shows.

    Here ya go:

    We'll all be eagerly awaiting what you come up with.

    If you aren't willing to actually put real solutions forward, then you're just whining.

    And I'm telling you why the "solutions" you put forward were no solutions at all.

    I did. And I responded to each point. You conveniently ignored all of that.

    8 years, huh? Then you KNOW there was a marked difference in the game post release and the year before PS2 was announced. The difference didn't come from major game mechanic changes. It came from the transition from a largely ignorant player-base to a tight-knit player-base that knew each others tactics intimately. Maybe you didn't see the difference because you were embedded in it the whole time. But I dropped out of PS1 after the release of the BFRs and came back after the announcement of PS2, so I saw the stark contrast in the way the game played.

    Is that what this is all about? Someone dropped a Zepher shell on your head while you were napping in an ill-advised location by a control point? Where was your AA support? I don't have a problem getting bombed by Libs when I'm on a CP in an Amp Station, or Tech Plant, or even a Biolab.

    You should take your own advice.
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  10. Fortress

    Oh man I totally lost it right here. Ahahahahaha.

    But thank you for giving me your PS1 background - I understand where you are coming from a bit better. Post-2005 Planetside was a much different beast, if only because of the massive damage that a few OP farmmobiles caused to the game's community. Those of who stuck around ended up being some serious diehards, and, as a result, it became that much harder for new players to get into the game. I'm hoping to avoid that this time around.

    But anyway, by "previous" post I meant the one right before that one, not the OP. The current plan is: Give players more teeth, make bases less farmable. Personally, I like domeshields and cheaper vehicle cert options, but there's a ton of ways to do it.

    I'm keeping it vague because I'm as far removed from a new player as you can get, so I'm not going to get authoritative on the details. That doesn't make me whiny, just honest and open.
  11. Degenatron

    You talk a big talk with nothing to back it up.

    This ends now.

    You're nothing but a troll. You're just trolling the forums in a desperate attempt to get some attention.

    You need to talk to your parents, not come here looking for the attention they never gave you.
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  12. Fortress

    Please respond to the edit, and watch that blood pressure. And don't tell me I have nothing to back up my talk - whatever I have is ten times what you do.

    And wait, hold on:

    "I don't have a problem getting bombed by Libs when I'm on a CP in an Amp Station, or Tech Plant, or even a Biolab."

    Do you even know how those bases work in this game?

    I had a feeling you were clueless, but this just seals the deal. That's my fault, I guess. I shouldn't argue with those who spend more time on forums than they do in game.

    EDIT: Just because I can't even believe what I'm reading. Man.
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  13. Scr1nRusher

    The Fortress is showing its cracks.
  14. Torok

    Get Dome shields ingame already and remove any imaginable line of sight on Spawn rooms for Ground vehicles.
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  15. Liberty

    The scary part about players like Degenatron, I can never tell if their posting is :

    A. Simply troll a post to get a rise out of someone

    B. Actually the way they conduct themselves, thinking that the way to respond to something you disagree with is by tossing out personal insults MASHING THE CAPS LOCK KEY TO MAKE SURE YOU COME OFF ANGRY and speaking about "washing out the weak" when they are actually performing slightly below the average player in many statistical aspects.

    C. A result of the poster just wanting to be a part of something (in this case a discussion about game balance) and acting out negatively in hopes of getting more attention. If you have a kids table at thanksgiving dinner and ever had one try to escape it, you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Part of me always hopes it is just option A, but it is seldom the case. :(
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  16. Valok

    I'm not trying to say here that the new player experience is pure sunshine and rainbows but let's take a step back and take a closer look at what also conspired against the event.

    Firstovall, SoE - you screwed up, badly. All (most?) streamers were TR (correct?) so most of these new players playing alongside the streamers were also TR. Now, considering that there are population caps, at the moment of the event there was a high chance that most TR players available to play in a zone were for the most part new players facing veteran NC/VS that were online in full farm mode due to the 2xp happening. You threw these streamers/new players to the wolves (no pun intended).

    Wasn't there a way to make 1 streamer go TR and the other(s) NC/VS? I don't know why I'm asking this since it is so basic but.. Didn't you thought it would be better to spread out the new player population across all empires for the event? (You were paying after all correct?)

    Secondovall, poor choice of day. 2xp was (still is) on for members. I (and other's) didn't know said event was happening and since 2xp was on I was (am) in full farm mode.. until I jumped into a room and killed an absurd amount of single digit players while barely losing shield's. Then I took a step back to understand if I just got lucky with finding said pocket or if there was something else happening.

    And there were also those that knew beforehand the event would happen and went after doubled easy XP.

    Thirdovall, the streamers. They were being paid to "show" the game, not conquer the map. You can see on the Cryaotic stream that sometimes he just stops and shows the scenery (there were some very good shots by the way), or these other moments where he rushs a position screaming/laughing (while saying beforehand that it was not a good idea). What I am trying to say here is that they were not playing in a "serious" way.

    Nonetheless I feel like they could have done their homework better before doing the stream, especially since they were being paid for that. (Guy buys an AA gun thinking it was what again? Anti tank? The description clearly says what the weapon does - yet he can't spend 3 second to read what it does.)

    Fourthovall, disorganization all around due to people wanting to be on the TV. They were just pilling around the streamers trying to get their 2seconds of fame leading to that massive *********** we saw.

    From what I saw the biggest problem there was not being dominated by high BR players but rather not knowing what to do and what to not do. Part of that is fixed by a better tutorial and/or people willing to teach, the rest will come from experience. Better default gear (call me biased but I'll say it anyway, especially for NC infantry players) would also help. As for the resources problem I won't comment since a revamp is coming.

    P.S, That guy that was killing AJ should get a vacation for a month or so.
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  17. Degenatron

    From the history of this thread, it seems that only people who have a problem are DasAnfall. With all of your players' laser-like focus on stats, I'd say your whole Outfit is in the wrong game. Maybe the new Doom will have a good deathmatch DasAnfall can focus on.

    I said it before and I'll say it again. Stats mean jack. There are so many ways to fudge those stats, none of them are reliable.

    Again and again, you people hand wring over my tone, but you sure as h#ll can't say anything about what I'm actually saying. The OP was a blatant troll post filled with stuff known to push the buttons of the community. Are here you come to swoop in and save your arrant boy who just got called out for trolling.

    You know, at least HawkinIsBetter was straight forward about his trolling.
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  18. Maljas23

    As long as the depth of this game is not damaged, I would not mind having A. As for B, as long as there is a way to get rid of the dome shield through game play(destroying the dome shield generator would make the most sense), I'd be fine with that, too.

    I was just saying that just because they are new players doesn't mean they should have everything right from the start. Yes, give them access to the cert heavy playstyles, but not to such an extent that upgrades for said playstyle become almost totally worthless. A cert heavy ESF vs a new player ESF is probably the single largest gap cause through sheer upgrades, and this is a problem.
  19. Scr1nRusher

    All great ideas.
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  20. Scr1nRusher


    The PTS tank and rocket changes are a step in the wrong direction.

    Soon nothing will be able to kill infantry, Infantryside 2....... and then SOE will nerf the infantry..... and then the game goes away.