The new ES sniper rifle designs - bad bad bad

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ned, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Ned

    For those of you who haven't seen.

    SOE has a plethora of good ideas and suggestions from people, and these new sniper rifles are extremely wierd/wonky

    First of all, all VS players said they did not want a charge up mechanic. So they were given a charge up mechanic, which is genius.

    Second, a fully automatic sniper rifle? Most TR players wanted some sort of burst sniper rifle, but fully automatic? I cannot see this working, its a sniper rifle not a machine gun.

    The NC sniper rifle actually doesn't sound too bad, probably the best of the three.

    The TR and VS need a serious look at, or some redesigns to make these work.
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  2. Thardus

    A small but vocal minority don't want a flexible weapon that can adapt to different situations on the fly, and you, personally, don't understand how a weapon you've never used might work. That hardly seems like a reason to call them bad.
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  3. Arquin

    I like them a lot. What do you say about that, OP? How about trying them out before crying? The ideas they have for them are really good. Finally we're getting some unique stuff and the VS Shade is something I've wanted a long time: A multipurpose sniper rifle.
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  4. Ned

    I call them bad because they are not what the playerbase asked for/suggested

    In fact nobody wanted a charge up gun or a fully auto sniper.
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  5. Thardus

    Really? You have to realize, these forums are mostly a vocal and whining minority. I've heard a lot of people mention already that the charge up mechanic doesn't sound too bad. It's basically a semi-auto that can optionally be used as a bolt action. As for the TR rifle, again, your criticizing something you've never used, simply because a group of hardly impartial or well informed people didn't come up with it. (Which, by the way, they did, tons of people mentioned an automatic rifle, it's kinda the TR's faction trait.)
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  6. Iridar51

    I actually liked every single one of those rifles, even though I'm no infiltrator, I see myself having fun with all of them.
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  7. Tar

    after all the charge up pistol was such a success!
  8. Arquin

    Huh? We don't have a charge up pistol. Are you high on Mental Supplement #9?
  9. Ned

    There are no faction traits, this game is asymmetrically balanced.

    We are all a vocal and whining minority, even the majority.

    I'm criticizing the idea of it, obviously I have never used it, none of us have so do not be silly.

    And It is not being criticized by me because it wasn't thought up by "Well informed people" but because I cannot see this gun having a use, its an automatic sniper rifle, why should I use this over a bolt action.
  10. sindz

    Oh there was one, but got scrapped. It shot lasher like balls. But playerbase screamed their heads off, and there was even a youtube video.
  11. LT_Latency

    How are these not just pure upgrades.

    A Full auto long range sniper rifle seems like the would replace anything that is not a bolt action.

    Same with weapons can can switch firing modes?? What is the down side.

    These will be OP as hell until everyone buys them then nerfed into oblivion like the striker
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  12. that_darn_lurker

    I like the ideas SOE for the TR and VS ESSRs (I'm having a hard time imagining how the NC version will turn out) . I even suggested to Higby, along with many others, that the VS get a charge up and have it behave exactly as they put forth. The Charge Up mechanic is controversial. Me, personally, I've grown to like it with Lancers and Vortexes. I think the idea of a semi-auto sniper rifle that you can "charge up" to get the equivalent of a bolt-action shot is pretty cool.
  13. Arquin

    You're mistaken; Those got pushed back to Unscheduled. Guess what, Lasher pistol was made by Vanu Labs. It never existed 'for real' in the first place. The charge-up pistol wouldn't necessarily have been a good idea, because its a frigging sidearm. That doesn't make the mechanic itself bad. In fact, I quite like it on the lancer.

    Now what we really need for VS are beam weapons. Pure, damage causing beams with overheat mechanism. Like the Prothean Beamrifle from Mass Effect 3.
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  14. Ned

    The lasher pistol was the Cerberus before it was changed.
  15. LT_Latency

    Yeah the NC one seems like it would have one mode when you know you will hit your targets, The a second mode for shooting stuff on the move where you won't do as much damage but doing some damage with each shoot will be easy
  16. Arquin

    No, Lasher pistol was a pistol created by Vanu Labs for lulz using Lasher projectile FX with Cerberus model.
  17. doombro

    I think it could work, if they actually make it "long range" and "accurate" which they said it would be. We already have a burst sniper, it's called the SABR-13.

    I think the charge-up mechanic could actually work quite well in terms of sniper rifles. It could allow for a very versatile weapon. It's too soon to be making any final verdicts until we can get first impressions straight from the PTS.
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  18. Ned

    Huh, well the more you know.
  19. Baracuda

    I want everyone to think about this for a second, a shotgun sniper rifle. Please tell me how does this makes sence? How would this be balanced considering how gimped shotguns are right now? Cmon SOE convince me to resub because this is terrible.
  20. LT_Latency

    It could work, Let say you smoke him with a body shot. Now he is jumping around like a moron to avoid your next shot. So you flip over to blast mode(less damage but easy to hit target) to make sure you next shot will hit him and finish him off