The netcode needs to be fixed.

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  1. Vancerman2

    How many times have you moved into cover and you can see the bullet that kills you all the way on the far right or the far left of the screen? Its frankly rather annoying. It never used to be like this. It wouldn't even cost a fraction of what you think it would to fix the netcode. Please for the sake of this game fix this.
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  2. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    I would guess you play on Connery? Hit detection is client-side (hence the oh-so-clever nickname of the game) so if your opponent sees themselves shooting you, you get hit, even though you had ducked behind cover a half second before, their 300ms ping means they're playing in the past.
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  3. Vancerman2

    I do play on connery. Is that why lagswitches are so popular in this game?
  4. adamts01

    Well, most of what you experience is just a 1/4 to 1/2 second delay from what's happening on their screen getting to your computer. If they hit you on their screen, it doesn't matter how long it takes for the signal to get to the server then to your PC, it'll eventually get there and register, often when you're behind a rock. This is to be expected with clientside hit detection and players from across the Pacific.

    Modyfy your play-style on Connery. Start to take cover when you feel the first couple hits, as there are probably more bullets that already registered on the shooter's PC that haven't even made it to the server yet.

    But..... plenty of people do either spike their latency or flat out disconnect their internet, get a bunch of kills, then reconnect and everyone dies.

    They really need to introduce code that completely ignores damage done when a shooter's ping jumps above 400.
  5. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    They talk about getting a Tokyo server going someday, but the sad truth is that they'll never forcibly transfer the existing lag wizards over to the new server.
  6. I'm so dead

    Call that bad. I was behind a solid ground. I got headshot while the I saw the bullet go through the object. Few times I was killed in spawn room (never left or got close to a window) by a enemy heavy while it was still my faction's base (Pac and 2Cute especially them). Over 100 meters away cause I saw the bullets fly my direction when I looking around.

    Than got the lagswitchers that somehow you hit them once. They go into that mode rightaway and kill you before they even make the 180 turn. I play with 50-70 server latency :(.
  7. adamts01

    You have to record the event and e-mail it in, or post it on Reddit. In-game report does absolutely nothing. There are ways to warm through walls, which can also be done with lag switching, so definitely report that. The other popular thing to do is "friendly" players dropping mines in spawn rooms, then waiting as a medic for an enemy emp to set them off. You won't know what player set the mine and it'll give the enemy the kills. Pretty scummy. This game severely needs moderators.

    Someone turning around and killing you isn't lag switching. It may be latency in that they we already turned around and shooting you on their screen, but they we still backwards on yours.
  8. I'm so dead

    Doubtful on the turning around and already killing me because they were chasing a team mate of mine which was much closer to him than I was behind him. It happens multiple times with different players. At least team mate survived cause he turned around to finished him off for me.

    That Friendly part understand but when getting killed by Beetle or Orian of Heavy LGMs inside safe spot and not explosives kind of makes me upset.

    Also since we are on this topic. Lagswitching. Just that include you hitting someone over 20 times in a clip in a gut (maybe 3-4 headshots) and they still have full Health when they kill you be nasty lag or lagswitching. Again with 50-60 latency on my end. This happens more than it should for me :(. Of course I use shotgun the most...My favorite (to those same heavies I mentioned) 5 solid hits (24+ confirmed pellet hits) with The Brawler. They just lost class shield with energy shield. Almost full health though. While two shot headshot me to death with Beetle.
  9. DeadlyOmen

    If a player is able to hit you (on any screen) then you've been hit.

    Blaming poor playing style on one's opponent is not the path to improvement.
  10. FLHuk

    Head hitbox size exploit showed that you can be hit on any screen and dealt a modifier you were not entitled to.

    I know you didn't mean to make a blanket statement for the games entire lifespan but it did read like it.
  11. JibbaJabba

    Honestly it's pretty damn good netcode.

    I know it doesn't seem like it in comparison to some game running 12v12s but it is. Those other games could never do what this one does.

    In this game there is simply too much happening for the server to handle everything. It relies heavily on the client to do interpolation and such. All that tweaking and "guessing" about what's happening on the network is why the game is so heavy on the CPU. It's the network load that makes your framerate drop, not the added polygons in a battle.

    That said, the side effect of client side hit detection can be seen. Your client shooting and hit detection is going to handle like a sports car. Your client accurately reporting to you when you get hit is going to handle about as well as a double decker London bus.

    The one spot I would like to see an improvement is better integration with ingame physics. Most notably wall/floor collision detection.

    Right now if you're running in a straight line and get some packetloss, others will see you continue to run in a straight line. If it turns out you actually made a turn, that will get reflected as a "skip" or correction once packets arrive again. This is really lightweight prediction. Not to CPU intensive, but also not very good. It only calculates in empty 3 dimensional space and doesn't take objects into account.

    Net result: If you are running in a straight line at a wall and get packetloss other players see you go inside the wall. The prediction doesn't take into account that the player would be forced to stop at the collision. This is why people think there are "wall hacks".

    It's easiest to notice during a galaxy drop. Watch carefully when all players hit the ground. They'll all momentarily disappear underground before popping back to the surface. Seems Dev blew an opportunity for a really good on-knee "superhero landing" animation :p
  12. entity009

    I've had more than a few PS2 lan parties over the years. One thing that was a real eye opener for me was watching myself move on my buddies screen. Even with both of us having reasonable pings there were very noticeable delays and positional accuracy issues in what was happening on my end versus his. I can only imagine how horrid it is playing against the 300+ ping crowd.

    This is unlikely to be fixed, ever. Your only hope is to learn to "cope". Duck into cover way sooner than you think you should. Always assume that infiltrator charging you with the knife is actually 10 feet closer to you than he seems to be (because he is). Avoid playing late at night when the lag wizzards are thickest. If you experience weird possibly lag switchery type **** try to relocate and avoid the people. In other words, save yourself bec DBG is not coming to the rescue...
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  13. Vancerman2

    The sad thing was, devs used to care about their consumers. Now they're just throwing us to the wind. They wont do anything until it happens to the devs who are playing it. They must play on emerald or something. I can't wait to transfer my characters over to there.