the nerf to infils is possibly one of the stupidest things I've ever seen

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Tasogie, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Tasogie

    All jokes aside, I have never in my life gaming seen such a moronic idea. Why is it SOE are so hell bent on listening to rededdit when every single idea that ****hole of a forum has is bad.

    You have now made it so easy to kill every cloaker its not even funny. Anything that doesn't glow br9ight faction color is instantly targeted. Why even have cloak since it becomes useless. I dont know who makes the decisions in soe but they are amateurs to put it frankly. Along with listening to that piss hole of teen angst rededdit you are sinking the game so fast, your Sony financial issues are gonna be even worse when you kill the game.
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  2. Mambakiller

    Cant u just stay far away from batle , using your action bolt weapon to head shot players and get your high kd, thinking that ur good?
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  3. Bill Hicks

    lol might as well play a heavy with a long range lmg if you are not going INFILTRATE.
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  4. Tasogie

    Please do not respond to me again as you have been blocked, I dont have time to cater to your silly passive aggressive insults an petty attempts to insult me.
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  5. ScottishRoss

    Are you ******* kidding me? Now that I don't have to look out for infiltrators I never see them. I got killed a lot more than usual today by cloaked infils. I just didn't see them.

    L2play your class.
  6. Cowabunga

    Relax the infil pass will come and we will see new cloaking methods introduced. You're popping a veie over this? Christ...
  7. Bape

    um I killed over 15 infiltrator due to this patch anything not cloaked blue is dead and if you are dieng by them sorry to say but I think you need to L2P lol :(.
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  8. Bape

    When? first it was june then july now it pushed back to august :(.
  9. VSDerp

    ya cuz of this bape killed me and its BS
  10. MiZrY

    This is the exact type of change that falls under the "dumbing down" category.
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  11. HadesR

    Since Infi's stand out like a sore thumb on low settings ... Being mistaken for friendlies was pretty much the only " cloak " we had .. But gone now :(
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  12. Hitback

    I had no problems today playing infil, or killing hordes of people while playing infil. Perhaps you should l2p instead of raging out and exaggerating.

    And no, I am not a reddit user either :p

    Try looking at it as a challenge. Running amongst people killing left and right is so much more satisfying considering the 'odds' that are stacked against you. The thing with you however, is that those odds are more mental than actual.

    Its less likely to induce premature heart failure that way.
  13. Joram

    I dont see the change as a nerf, its extremely hard to get tked right now with that huge glow, the thing that SOE need to fix is the low graphics settings.
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  14. Tasogie

    Sorry mate in my line of work, we dont exaggerate, an I am far ot old, if I say something its because its a fact. I play my inf for last 900+ hours an today I was killed constantly, soon as I got near... funny that. please dont bother to tell me to learn to play what is one of the simplest, basic shallow games ever to see the light of day.
  15. Bape

    Lol I don't know if this is a bug but when I see an infiltrator cloaked I can see that their guns are not cloaked and I can see them lol. I saw you're smg so I knew I had to shoot before you uncloaked lol.
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  16. Jonesing25

    Lol, Tasogie you probably ignored me by now.

    Best advice is put down the SMG and use a bolt action from a few hundred meters. People can't see through stealth at distance.
  17. VSDerp

    really? lmao i noticed today when i cloked my smg looks partially cloaked. it looks weird. but i htought it was only from my point of view. thanks for fidning a bug and abusing it bape ! lmao
  18. Ultramarine

    What're you talking about? Read the ***** patch notes. The glow is seen only by your teammates. There was no infiltrator nerf.
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  19. Bape

    lol it was funny one infiltrator thought crouching while cloaked would help it clearly didn't saw his big *** sniper rifle just sticking out there lmao.
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  20. VSDerp

    LOL'd ill loved to see that. made me laugh so hard