The NC Semi Autos

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by DrankTHEKoolaid, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. DrankTHEKoolaid

    So I'm investing heavily into the Infiltrator and right now all I have is the LA80 which I love but I'm always using my Rebel in any base captures/defenses, so I'm thinking it might be time to pick up a semi auto rifle. Any that stand out or any to avoid? I trialed the fully auto and it seemed kind of weak.
  2. medbot544

    Shadow; didn't like it. It's kinda like a shotty in cqc but no spread. Past a certain distance, it's pretty inaccurate or maybe that's just me. Also the dmg rating on this gun is way off, it does not do the dmg it indicates; it's actually way lower. Alas, if only I knew about the trial button before hand...could have saved my self 8 bucks and the 30 odd certs I wasted on it for a RDS. Wish I could trade it in....

    Stalker: really weak dmg and heavy recoil. But at end of day, this is the ONLY option we have for cqc other than a pistol. On bright side, its better than a pistol by a very small amount. I suggest trialing it before buying it unlike me who had no idea about that function and again wasted 8 bucks on it.
  3. iostreamz

    Bolt-Driver :)
  4. medbot544

    Meh, LA80 is a beast. That was the one gun that was worth the money, imo.
  5. Incarnadine

    The auto scout rifle is pretty bad... you CAN make it work if you're being super ninja and always getting ganks (even then you will wind up getting a TR who will turn around and instagib you with a Carv) but it is pretty damned inferior to all other options. I honestly prefer the Rebel pistol over it (the NC 2nd pistol)