The NC desperately needs a buff for their LMG to atleast put up a fight.

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  1. exiantest

    The NC have alot of new players that choose HA ends up mad and disgruntled due to the fact that Gauss Saw is very hard to use for new players and requires cert investments and several hours into the gun just to get decent kills. However, veteran players can absolutely wreck VS/TR players with the Gauss Saw but we have very few veterans and alot of new players so....we pretty much lose all the time. The TR and VS aren't OP, their guns are easy to control and are very friendly to new players. I myself required 430 certs and 2 days just to learn how to control and use the damn Gauss Saw but i still need alot of work till now. So far what i'm seeing is, NC is OP for skilled players and UP for new ones, (i'm in the new player category but i'm working my way up to skilled). I've seen skilled NC HA destroyed VS and TR HAs 1 on 1 and sometimes 2 on 1 but as i said before NC have very few skilled players. My suggestion is that all NC LMGs need to get 15% less recoil or gain 25 ROF. This may make some NC players OP but overall make most NC players on par with VS/TR. The damage increase for NC does not make up for the crazy recoil and inaccuracy, after 4-6 rounds with most NC LMGs you'll end up spraying bullets all over the damn place without hitting a thing.
  2. Iridar51

    The easy change here should be to just make GD-22S a default NC LMG.

    Or keep it as it is. After all, people are looking for faction traits. If I was joining a hard hitting faction, I would expect an absolute beast of a heavy machine gun that packs a punch. People who can't handle that should switch to other classes or other faction, simple as that.
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  3. Grumblefern

    GD-22S just needs to be default. Been suggested about a million times.

    NC LMGs overall though are the strongest in the game and definitly don't need buffs, except the EM1. The only real issue is they're a style of weapon not everyone prefers, with slower fire rate and higher bullet damage. They're more accurate by nature(lower horizontal recoil in particular) but penalize missing more and can be harder to handle.
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  4. Jubikus

    NC LMGs tho i agree are definitely not the kindest to newer players definitely don't need a buff most of the experienced player base will probably agree that the only one that would need a buff is TR unless the lmg changes on pts go through then the VS might need one too
  5. Liewec123

    EM1 should be the default gun, despite the fad that its somehow cool to mock the EM1, the gun has practically no recoil,
    it is so very very easy to use and i actually really like it, it'd be a perfect starter LMG
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  6. FieldMarshall

    NC just needs to change the starter LMG.
    NC LMGs is probably the best of the 3 factions overall.

    What the hell?

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    Oh. Ok nevermind.
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  7. InoxGecko

    NC LMGs are overall really good. It's just the Gauss Saw, it's terrible for new players and even some veterans (such as myself, I absolutely hate the thing). Make the Gauss Saw S or the Em6 the default LMG for the NC.

    Problem solved.
  8. Vargs

    I play NC on Connery and they're so bad that you could make every one of their bullets cause c4 explosions on impact and they'd still never win alerts.
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  9. Devrailis

    The EM1 doesn't really need buffs either. It is a niche weapon that is very fun to use in the right situations.

    NC's LMG selection is extremely versatile. We have an LMG that functions very well for every situation. Our general purpose LMGs are also fantastic - EM6 I'm looking at you.
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  10. Shanther

    NC weapons are actually very well balanced and barely need to be touched if at all. The SAW on the other hand is a bad weapon for new players to start with.
  11. Tbone

    Now this is the funny part.Back in 2013 when i suggested that Gauss SAW shouldn't be the default NC HA weapon every NC was "nooo ,how dare you, noob etc etc." and now the NC is the one asking this.LOL. xD

    I totally agree, just saying that its funny how things change.
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  12. prodo123

    Do you have any idea how much I love my NC LMGs?
    They don't need a nerf or buff. They need to change the default gun.

    When I started, the original SAW was a *** to play with not because of the recoil but because of the 7 second reload time (...). I went with the SAW S. This gun has almost no recoil. It remains my 2nd favorite gun.

    GD-22S is a good contender for a replacement default but technically it and the SAW S have a TTK deficit. This might make the NC seem the weaker faction to start with.

    I propose that the default be the EM6 and not the GD-22S or SAW S. Sure the TTK is only 0.03 seconds faster (this difference grows as health increases, i.e. HAs) but at least it's equal to the other defaults by the numbers. This is the reason why people choose the Anchor over the GD-22S.

    My favorite gun is the GODSAW because now that I know how to aim, it's a SAW with 4.5 second reload. I can pop heads all day. :eek:
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  13. Gammit

    Agreed. If selective fire is needed, they cause make the EM6 (my favorite) gun the starter weapon instead.
  14. Jubikus

    Yeah if anyone should complain its TR its not that our arsinal is like terrible but its kind of bland any of our unique weapons function like garbage (looking at you TRAP,Striker,Fractures) and our good weapons like our assult rifles for the medic are only considered better because of a slightly larger mag i mean people could debate on specifics all day but most experienced players tend to say that TR arsenal is very bland. I mean **** our best faction weapon is the Vulcan and its not even Op it just seems op on a herasser because herassers are fast and can easily make up for the weapons drawback of range would not suggest using on a prowler especially if you plan on using lockdown.
  15. prodo123

    I love the default carbine and AR for TR. I don't know how to prove it, but it feels better in the hand (at least for me). The 40-round clip is a bonus, but I seem to be able to land more shots with the TR AR/carbines than with those of VS and NC.
  16. Hosp

    We have a versatile SELECTION of LMGs...but we don't have a versatile LMG. Though a couple are better than others, CARV and Orion are still very much more versatile. Remember, Gauss is better at mid range, close the gap and it suffers quite a bit more than the others outside of its optimum range. And most (as in not all) NC LMGs are like that.

    That said, I agree, make GD22 the default LMG. While the SAW is easily a beast of a weapon, it's a beast that takes much time and cert investment to get good with, time many instant gratification players may not have the patience for.
  17. Grumblefern

    EM6 / Anchor / GD-22S are all very versatile. I'd take them over any single VS LMG post Orion/SVA/Betel nerfing.

    IDK what your definition of versatile is, but having better effective range due to lower horizontal recoil and more efficient burst fire(I find slower RoF + higher bullet dmg much better for it anyway) and still having roughly the same TTK puts the 167dmg / 600 RoF options > 143 / 750 which are only a bit better at closer ranges and that's even arguable(headshot TTK for 167 / 600 is better within 10-15meters I believe).

    That plus 167 dmg guns tend to have more damage per mag than their counterparts across faction. Anchor is > CARV and Orion for kill per mag potential. EM6 is > anything on VS or TR unless they use an extended mag.
  18. Liewec123

    leave my trap alone! D:
  19. Ronin Oni

    lol NC does not need buffs right now.

    SAW is a poor starter LMG though.

    Many TR and VS would kill to have it avail in their aresenal however.
  20. Devrailis

    My personally feeling is that there should not be any one-size fits all versatile weapon system. If you want proficiency in CQC, you need to bring a CQC weapon, if you want long-range capability, you must sacrifice CQC effectiveness. If you want to cover all bases, be prepared to fight extra hard against anyone who is in their element with the right weapon.

    Having a "versatile" weapon does one thing - It reduces the effective pool of meaningful choices a player can make. If you have 8 LMGs and your "versatile" LMG can do what 5 others can, what's the point in having 8 LMGs? There's no point in ever pulling 5 of those LMGs and so there's no meaningful choice present when the player sees those weapons as an option.Why not just have 3 and be done with it? If you have 8 LMGs and each has a meaningful role and niche, then the player needs to make a meaningful choice of what to pull.

    "Versatility" just reduces the scope of choices available to a player.
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