[Suggestion] The Mustang AH sucks as an AI weapon

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  1. JackD

    I used to run Hover III, flares/radar and fuel tanks but that was a while before the ESF update. Now iam using Coyotes, Hover, and fire supr.
  2. IamnotAmazing

    that's a crazy overbuff, the reason it's not as effective at range is to balance out it's damage potential. Also this thing is scary for a2a combat, and having something that effective against ground and air would be insane. The devs would have to be drunk to make the ah full auto.
  3. GoyoElGringo

    You're right, I haven't tested the weapon enough vs the rocketpods to have any sound evidence. It just seemed like I ended up in a lot of situations where the DPS on the AH was too slow to get multiple kills, especially since the weapon seems to be hit-and-miss at longer distances. I'm going to keep using it since it fits my playstyle, so maybe I'll update this thread with some more thoughts after I've auraxiumed it. But compared to my experience with the banshee, where I got nearly 500 kills with it in 24 hours, the AH just seems very unsatisfying.

    And you are wrong about the last statement. I never said nerf it against armor. I said increase the fire rate and reduce the damage to compensate. Essentially the TTK on armor would be the same, it would just become more effective at farming infantry. Even if the AH is better at AI than the rocketpods, it's still very lacking compared to the banshee. The general consensus seems to be that it's better against armor and aircrafts, but my suggestion would only be a buff against infantry, not a nerf against other things(if it's done right).
  4. Exonis

    lol, forgot to add the lower damage output part, sorry to confuse you

    Current Air-Hammer > New: Less damage, full-auto, longer range & larger magazine
  5. IamnotAmazing

    eh, that's still crazy to have it full auto, it's the only effective a2g nosegun in air combat, it's fine where it is now, no need to fix what ain't boken
  6. Accuser

    Little known fact about the Air Hammer: It wasn't nerfed against Sunderers and other armor the way all the other nose guns were. It will kill tanks and Sundies MUCH faster than any other nose gun. Similarly, it has the fastest time to kill against enemy aircraft of any nose gun in the game. The fact that it's not as good at killing infantry as the Banshee is the tradeoff it makes for utility.
  7. Frosty The Pyro

    The air hammer is a lie, it is NOT an AI gun, I mean you can kill infantry with it, infantry are squishy, but the air hammer is a different flavor of rotory. shorter effective range, more burst, less dps. You need to get close (which is damn dangerous for an esf, reaver especially), but it can hurt pretty much all targets.

    from my esf update thread
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  8. Ganjis

    I like those ideas, but I think the VS AV one would be better served with the original Saron HRB, adjusted down in DPS mainly through longer reload of single shot.

    On the AH, I actually got killed by it on foot the other day for the first time (that I ever noticed). I was switching and locking on to a reaver with my nemesis and it just kept coming in lower, not firing when I suddenly found myself instagibbed to a BR 90-odd. Would have congratulated, but was hectic at the time. That situation is just about the only one I can think of where the AH is a better AI weapon than any other. Anything else and I would pop resist and get to cover.
  9. nightbird

    AH is a high skill ceiling and high skill floor weapon since it requires you to get very close and if you do it wrong you will die. But if you can, you will inflict massive damage to infantry, armor, and air with just your nosegun with AB to get out of trouble.

    I recommend racer 3 + maxed stealth + fire suppression with maxed air hammer for a good fun sneaking up to infantry, air, and armor and emptying the highest DPS and damage/clip weapon in the game
  10. gunner117

    ok I think your right the mustang AH is the worst compared to the banshee and l the light PPA ( wich are also 100 certs) and ive been trying to use it but ive had it for all most a year now and still don't have ten kills with it on the other hand ive had my rocket pods for a month and already have 347 kills with and ive had the light PPA for about a year now ( I started my VS and NC guy at about the same time and got the mustang AH and the light PPA at about the same time) and i now have 293 kills with the light PPA and still under 10 kills with the mustang its not worth getting at all.
  11. GoyoElGringo

    It's really hard to use effectively with the default magazine size. You gotta put at least 300 more certs into it. The banshee is way more usable with the default mag size, and just one upgrade makes it much better. But if you're a high-risk pilot, meaning you don't mind get up close and personal with infantry, and you are able to fly between buildings with ease, then it's totally usable. Still the worst AI gun for AI purposes, but it's not useless.
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  12. NovaAustralis

    I used:
    - Hover 3 (for helping with the aim and stability)
    - AB tanks (helps with the getting close, then getting away)
    - Radar (for lighting up dem peasants)
    - either Stealth (for sneaking) or NAR (for survivability)
  13. Epoch/Eep

    Last week i was at Mani and 3 guys with lock ons were camping the roof of the sattellite. They were shooting at a lib. When they saw me they all used that top teleporter to get on the top of the roof.
    I lined up with AH and 3 of them all shouldered the lock ons.
    Pop, Pop pupopop.
    Im still alive and they weren't and only one rocket fired. Pods dont kill fast enough to do something like that.

    My loadout is Hover 3, max Fire sup, Coyotes and AH 7 clip.

    People call you lame for using coyotes but its such a good combo. Only thing that you dont attack is MBTs everything else is game. AH isnt a great a2a gun(its good but Vortek and default are better) but coyotes and AH are a good a2a combo. They arent nearly as strong as Rotary or default and coyotes so you dont have to feel guilty. You can have fun flying like a bat out of hell at 20m and doing Reverses at levels that make light assaults feel low. :p
    With pods and nose guns theres jsut no need to fly like that and its dangerous so you dont bother.
  14. z1967

    Just a random thought, what if the AH was adjusted to be a rotary style gun and the AI gun is instead replaced by a Fury? That would be kinda cool I guess.
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  15. Flag

    What, replace the current Vortek with something like the AH?
  16. z1967

    Yes, except designed more for A2A then the current edition. Since the Rotary already performs kinda like an SMG I figured why not give the NC a shotgun for A2A? Keep in mind though, it was a random thought and not something I am serious about.
  17. Flag

    Hm, at least that would be interesting.
  18. Reavx

    AH can be used already in A2A i do it now and then, its less useful vs ESF but still does 'something' where it shines is against Libs and gals.
    The sort of damage it inflicts on them is amazing.

    With the Lib update around atm I'm running AH and coyotes more.
    When against ESF it's coyote spam and AH inbetween, it still destroys people running the fuel pods it's when you come against some one with Coyotes and a rotary that you 'may' get outgunned, not always but it can swing things in their favor.
    If I see its just ESF's i take the rotary instead.
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  19. Flag

    You outline a "problem" with the design of the AH that actually speaks in favour of re-classification of the NC guns.
  20. Spadar

    Coyote Airhammer is absolutely brutal against Libs. It seems to me that where the other weapons received pretty heavy nerfs in dps output against them at some point, the AH was untouched. Ideal TTK (100% Accuracy) is on the order of 10-12 seconds I believe, which is like half of the TTK of the M20 + Coyote combo.

    As for filling the AI role, I'd say it's marginally better than the Vortek at it now that they've nerfed the other weapons against infantry(It's still pretty easy to kill infantry with the Vortek/M20). As far as I'm concerned, NC doesn't have a true "Anti-Infantry" gun. They have two anti air guns and an AV/AA shotgun.
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