[Suggestion] The Mustang AH sucks as an AI weapon

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GoyoElGringo, Mar 22, 2014.

  1. GoyoElGringo

    Seriously, I gave this thing a shot and it sucks against infantry. Not only is it terribly lacking compared to the banshee(which I love), but it's also not as good as the rocketpods for killing infantry.

    I understand that it beats the banshee against other ESFs, but that's irrelevant because I can just choose the M20 and rocketpods and have something that's better for AA, AI, and AV. The only benefit I see to using it atm is if you want to do AI but you also want AB tanks.

    It's more fun to use against infantry than rocketpods, but having used the banshee a lot makes me realize how much better the AI gameplay can be. And I'd go as far as to say that the banshee is better at attacks on armor and turrets as well, since you can strafe much more effectively with it.

    Anyway, I think they could make it much more useful against infantry with a few simple changes. If they increased the magazine size and made the rate of fire higher(full-auto), and then lowered it's damage against ESFs and vehicles to compensate, it may be on par with the banshee and better than the rocketpods for taking out infantry. The AH should hands-down be the best AI weapon in the Reaver's arsenal, but as it stands right now that is simply not the case.
  2. Levtech

    The weapon is meant to help new players. It lets them know just how much skill they really have if they die to it.
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  3. IamnotAmazing

    it one shots...
  4. Gav7x

    Its um.. an interesting weapon, i would say that it is tons of fun and lols against ESFs and especially libs, its nowhere as good as the banshee against infantry and slightly worse then the ppa, i would say that if you want ai potential just go with the lolpods
  5. GoyoElGringo

    I'm not sure what you are saying.
    I'm comparing it to the banshee in terms of farming. The banshee is all about kills per minute. And killing infantry in one shot(which it only does at close range, and sometimes not even then for whatever reason) is a pointless trait to have anyway. I can't think of a single time with the banshee where killing on the first shot would have decided the outcome of the situation. Simply put, infantry is usually doomed anyway, so being OHK is hardly a virtue.

    I agree that it's interesting, but I don't think that should be the biggest motivator for using it. My perspective is this; the AH is an AI weapon. It's the only weapon the Reaver has that designed solely for AI(or at least, that's what the description leads me to believe). Therefore, it should be the best weapon for AI. But as it stands, there is no real good reason to use it over the rocketpods, which give you better AI, and better capabilities against vehicles. I think you agree with me on that.

    I threw the banshee into the mix because it is much better at farming infantry than the rocketpods, which is how it should be. I guess we could also argue that nerfing the rocketpods and banshee would balance the AH as well, but I think my suggestion would bring the AH closer to the banshee's level.

    I haven't used the PPA, so I can't say anything about it.
  6. Pikachu

    Its a shi**y weapon for anything but dueling flak maxes at pistol range. Banshe is fun but also underpowered. Not to mention the LPPA.
  7. Flag

    The PPAs get all the hate these days.
  8. GoyoElGringo

    The banshee is nowhere near underpowered. If rocketpods were removed from the game, the banshee would become the new rocketpods; so many people would be complaining about it. That thing is godlike for farming infantry.
  9. Levtech

    Just think about it some more, sorry if it was a bit too riddled. Also, no offense intended by the picture below.

    o_O ````\
    \|/ ````````\--- (Statement)
    (Person reading what I said)
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  10. Epoch/Eep

    Its pretty fun to use if your into things like fun and don't care about things being OP. It forces a very specific flying style that is pretty exciting.
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  11. Flag

    Well, that's also a limitation the rwketpawds don't share.
  12. blackboemmel

    AH - my favorite toy atm:

    as you can see, it works fine vs infantry/maxes (and more). please leave it where it is.
  13. Verenz

    I thought the AH and Banshee were well balanced until coyotes removed the need to have a primary A2A gun. Increase reload on coyotes to force use of the primary (instead of using only coyotes) and the banshee should be fine.
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  14. FishMcCool

    I just started flying because of that. Had a bunch of spare certs, so certed out AH, racer chassis and AB tanks, and off i went. Fast diving gun runs and afterburner evade (or shameful death) are fun and actually feel like using a conventional airplane. That's also something you can practice solo in VR, which is invaluable for a new pilot. :)
  15. NovaAustralis

    I spent a bit of time with it.

    1. You have to be in close. No closer than that. No, uncomfortably close.
    2. Now you need to be able to actually aim.
    3. So you're in close and you can aim, now you can 1 shot infantry! (and occasionally embarrass an enemy ESF)
    4. Cert into the extended magazine size until completed.
    5. Have fun!
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  16. repairtool6

    By the way..

    How would you set up you reaver if you plan on using AH exclusivly (100% of the time)?

    I mean, not as a gimmick to 'have fun' etc. but if you seriously decided stubbornly that you would only use the AH and try your best.
    What would you recommend?

    Afterburner? What airframe etc?
    Does anyone do this stuff? :)
  17. Exonis

    As a personal user of the Mustang Air-Hammer, From the ranges you usually would be using its Faction Specific Equivalent with, It NEVER one shots.
    I have to go within 10M to kill infantry
    I'm absolutely 100% sure if you compare it's stats to it's Faction Specific Equivalents it's by far the most under performing.
    I shouldn't have to scrape the ground, expose myself to a lot of infantry fire and rockets to kill infantry while the other empires la-dee-da from afar.

    Increase its minimum and maximum range, magazine size at least 8 default, instead of the current 3 rounds.
    The reload speed upgrade is completely worthless for this weapon compared to the maximum magazine size of 7 (+4)
    Make it full-auto and increase the RoF by at least x2 and at most x3
  18. Exonis

    With my Mustang-AH I use Racer High Speed Chassis with Tomcat A2AMs, Nanite Auto Repair System & Fire Suppression.
    I want to look into a load-out with Stealth and After-Burners though.
  19. JackD

    It is way better then the Rocket Pods to kill infantry. You dont even say, why it sucks. It´s not a argument that you are bringing up, its just a opinion and as someone who auraxiumed the Airhammer i think it´s very wrong. It oneshots infantry, i dont know what more you can expect from a AI weapon.

    What i like about the airhammer is that i also can kill air and armor with it and you want to chanage that because you are not able to kill infantry with a weapon that is easy to aim and oneshots infantry?
  20. Phrygen

    Its also the only AI nosegun that works well in AA.

    So deal with it.