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  1. cabbage1256

    love your points. i will need to look into the total hp for carapace HA. id only like to counter one argument. that being the medic being on par or slightly worse then HA...this has been a problem for a long time and as far as im concerned it also should be a thing. medics are a support class. they support other classes to head a fight, not to pursue the fight themselves. this is a point that should be upheld in ANY game with a medic. it is soooo tiresome to see medics getting in gunfights rather then revives and healing, i see this very very often. when i made the switch from nc to tr a couple years back i realized that the tr's medic organization was just better. they did their jobs as medics.

    but shortly, i dont believe medics should ever come close to an equal fight with any class same as infis their role is specific and abundant and doesnt require combat.
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  3. cabbage1256

    while this is somewhat correct in that you can find the inerrant weakness in other classes by playing them. it is also true to find their strengths. when VS players overage infi about 46% of the time and maintain a kd of 1.45+ across the board with a SPM of 2.00+ the problem become blatent. the faction with the most active players, ive only recorded emerald btw, is using the same class and far outreaching other factions in kills and score. there has to be a point where you look at numbers and see the light.

    btw, average score per min for nc=0.90 Kd=1.00 TR=.80 kd=1.00
    these are rough numbers based on averages of months playing and score tracking. not for me but for all the factions.

    to an effect it could be said that by playing one of the troubled classes you have figured, unconsciously most likely, that the HA is weaker as a class and would like to play them to fulfill a need for challenge. that same reason is why i never played infi to begin with even before they got all the combat buffs they get today. i used to sit for hours to camp vehicle spawns or ontop of biolabs. it was boring and was easymod but you could never run straight up and get a kill....atleast not before the hunter
  4. cabbage1256

    i never said i havent unlocked it. i played on pts and i used it. and like many i still believe it was OP BEFORE its release. either way the implant system allows classes to further take roles that prior were specific for their respected classes and at that were broadly outlined. HA's have always, and should always imo, be the frontline troops its been that way since PS1 why is that all of a sudden people can whip out a credit card and pay to take the benefits away from that one class? go back and read the forums the day before the HA nerf youll see the thousands of posts against it. then look at the massive player count drops following. some of us stayed. most of us left.

    hate the argument all you want. Doesnt make it any less factual.
  5. adamts01

    That was referring to Moz's argument. While I do agree that implants take roles away from other classes, I think that scale tips in favor of the HA (They can replenish their own ammo and heal themselves with implants alone). Aside from that, you're in your own little world if you think HAs aren't the premier anti-everything class.
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  6. stalkish

    What HA nerf are you talking about?
    Only 2 i can think of are:
    The change to resist shield, around release.
    The change to all LMGs, a year or so ago.

    Only other things i can remember that affect HA are the changes to nanoweave stacking, and the small delay put on medpaks (or did that get scrapped??).
    Could you possibly remind me of what youre referring to?

    Other than that people have been wanting HA nerfed for the entire game, a delay on shield, slower movement, rocket launcher OR LMG (pri weapon), removal of c4... etc etc etc.
    If you can think of a nerf, i guarantee some1 has already asked for it.

    Disclaimer: I think HA is fine, and has always been fine.
  7. cabbage1256

    It died for me when they the the nanoweave nerf but it was still tolerable then they went after the lmg's and that pretty much broke it imo. but then again i see you focus heavily on engi and LA can you honestly state that you can kill vehicle easier as an HA in comparison to engies or c4 fairies? people have wanted to nerf the HA since alpha but that was a cry from the now current classes whove become predominant in gameplay. mainly infis mains. id state the same go read the forum posts from back then and all you read are infis crying that they cant OHK HA's and LA's doing the same because they cant win in a face to face, when they never should have been able to in the first place. now its different.

    any of the current classes can go face to face with a heavy in any combo and unless that HA is using an smg, which has become common place for most besides vs, those other classes will win 8/10 times. once again in order to support this argument i look at the stats. how many players are there per faction playing LA, and infi vs HA? the answer is a whopping 18% average. that is further exacerbated by the fact that on emerald and connery the VS outpop the other factions 90% of the time.

    HA needs to atleast get their shields back or have their lmgs buffed in order to return infantry combat to its balanced role. i can handle it taking forever for AT as you can bunch up. as it was before and was it should be today.
  8. Lucidius134

    Medic is just an assault class

    There are a few battlefield games where the medic gets combined into the generic assault unit and ps2 is the same way. That's why medics don't get only scout rifles and battle rifles.
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  9. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Ahem, nanoweave wasn't "nerfed", it was fixed. It was never intended to work that way to begin with. If you didn't realize that at the time you were part of the problem.
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  10. OldMaster80

    HA are definitely the best infantry class in the game. They have the widest choice of weapons, with 2 specific weapons categories (RL and LMGs) which are both excellent, and they have a great class skill. Definitely not a class you want to fight 1vs1 face to face.

    That said it's not like the gap with the other classes is that huge. Some good old flanking or a vehicle terminal can fill it immediately.

    As usual the only OP things in this game are high frame rate and low ping, those make a difference. The rest... meh.
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  11. Moz

    I dont think i called either heavy or medic OP. I gave an example of how people may think Heavy is OP?

    I actually believe that Carapace isn't OP. It gives us a class that can stand up to the HA a bit better when set up that way, which in my eyes adds to "balance"

    If i saw the implant as OP, which i don't think i do, I would totally agree that it doesn't matter how rare it is. In fact it would make it more imbalanced as it would be mostly the "hardcore" (hate that term) players and people who spend more time in game in general that would get it. Meaning more experienced players will have an OP implant over less experienced players.... hence widening the gap.

    Just out of interest, what make you think Carapace is particularly OP? Maybe I'm missing something but in my eyes it doesn't suddenly make Medics a walking murder machine?
  12. adamts01

    I don't, I was just pointing out this statement you made.

    "OK fixed my original post to incorporate your VERY niche example that a LARGE % of players do not have the option to use."

    OP gave an example of a "VERY niche" situation where a medic could out-tank a HA, especially if considering headshots. You wrote it off because most people don't yet have that implant. Basically that it isn't a balance issue because the implant is rare.
  13. Moz

    I agree Carapace is fine and an interesting Implant for those who like to play an aggressive medic!

    No i wrote it off as it we weren't talking about "taking out"... I mean **** me, there is a situation where ANY class can take out a HA.... You don't need Carapace for that, you need good positioning, aim and hopefully the drop on him!

    Reading back here I think i can see why you missed my point, i didnt word it the best which is why i think your still struggling here, let me explain.

    1. I made a generic statement about HP pools of the HEAVY being higher than any other class (note not just medic).

    2. OP made statement of how the medic has a higher HP pool if you start strapping on this implants and that piece of equipment and and and and....

    3. I changed statement about HP, to make it more inclusive of a niche setup.

    4. Its about HP pool not "taking out" bud!

    Of course in the context of "taking out", i would totally agree that Carapace is a big buff in term of Medic vs HA and is certainly worth talking about.....

    In actual fact i think the edit is still wrong (i cant re-edit for facts now :( ), correct me if I'm wrong but the HA still has more effective HP than the Medic even when set up in that niche carapace manner? Medic would have 1400 and HA 1440 (with NMG or AS)?
  14. adamts01

    If you're talking pro vs pro, the medic wins for 2 reasons. 1) HA's benefits don't apply to headshots. 2) The HA suffers a movement penalty with his shield activated. Not only that, the medic can stack much more HP in a predicted engagement by preemptively throwing a healing grenade. This is all very situational so I'm not aboard the "nerf Carapice" train myself, but it's a valid argument.

    In the big scheme of things this just isn't that important, I just hate the argument that something OP is balanced because so few people have it. But it doesn't sound like that was your intention, so yeah, misunderstanding.
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  15. Moz

    Certainly interesting for sure. Wish the stoopid RNG gods would give me the damn thing so i can try it out for myself! hahaha
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  16. Eternaloptimist

  17. cabbage1256

    yes nanoweave was never supposed to work that way. that agreed. but when you have a broken mechanic in a game for 4 years you cant simply state all of a sudden that "oh we didnt want it to be like that" after so much time had passes and they did exactly that. but as i said it was tolerable. when they went after the adren and resist christ all mighty that buried the hatchet. then consecutively they proceeded with LMG's all this while there was a community outcry.

    why is it that infi and medic are now the goto class for combat followed by LA? why is it that the player base has died since that time? why are factions like VS out popping every other faction on every server, except one? these are questions developers ask themselves and under sony it was "meh who cares the people asking have SC". immediately after they nerf the heavy as it was known they buffed EVERY aspect of infi, i played them at that time. they got heavier weapons, smgs, armor cloak which was op in the beginning and was nerfed. they also fixed a crucial bug that made their outline easy as **** to see, i actually sent in videos and pics to get that fixed on the bugtracker, and since all this people have played that class.

    Believe it or not i like playing medic and actually being a medic. you make roughly the same if not more in certs and as stated before last abit longer in fights.
  18. Gutseen

    HA can only take 1-2 bullets more, combine that with the ONLY TR HA GUN OPTION (NS-15) tis just a LA with no jump jet.
    Stoped playing a while now, some old **** but now u can be outgunned in CQC by an infl.
    engis dont drop ammo, medics dont heal, HA's dont carry lockons got tired of TK'n them sad *****

    Yes, my signature is GLORIOUS, i know
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  19. CutieG

    I will never understand the whining on HAs.
    The two most powerful classes in the game are infiltrators and light assaults.

    Heavies are simply cannon fodder. Theoretically good 1on1, but practically their guns and armor mean jack-**** when it comes to fighting an LA or an infiltrator, due to the positioning disadvantage.
    I barely play HA. When I want to take down vehicles, I go LA. When I want to end a meatgrinder, I go Infiltrator and use recon, EMP and my SMG to help my guys breach the enemy defense. I play a ******** of engineer and yet trade evenly with heavies most of the time - the ability to plant AI mines cancels out any direct DPS disadvantage.
    I only play HA when I need to mow down a bunch of dudes who are positioned badly but high in number. If they have good positioning, you will just die. Only the two agile classes can salvage the situation then.
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  20. That_One_Kane_Guy

    Something being broken for an extended period of time is not an excuse for it to continue being broken. See old vehicle IR sights.

    And it wasn't four years of nw working that way. In the beginning it was a joke compared to flak, they over buffed it to conpensate and took about a year to fix it.

    As for infils being buffed, I think there is a case of the rose colored glasses in effect here. The old infils had bolt actions hard countered by nw, the old scout rifles were hot garbage, and infil battle rifles weren't a thing yet. Unless you had mustarde-level aim you were more effective as any other class. The buffs have made them a competitive choice. Even now the heavies are the most dangerous enemy I face as an infil that isn't a vehicle. The LA, HA and Infil are the three classes whose primary role is to kill enemy soldiers, they should all be equally as effective but in different ways. Right now if any of those three is less effective than the others it is the LA in my opinion, but if so it is slight.