The MSW-R is ruining air-game.

Discussion in 'Heavy Assault' started by MaxDamage, May 25, 2013.

  1. MaxDamage

    It firing so fast, and is just a machine gun.
    How can the aircraft be shooting down by an machine gun?

  2. Lexicon

  3. CruelStriker

    I... Wha... You know what... Nevermind.
  4. Benton!

  5. TekkitMiningTurtle

    Note: The rate of fire for that gun is 750, which is like really close to most of the tr carbines.

    Have you tried to shoot esfs with lmgs? Its a great way to waste your clipsxD
  6. KodiakBlack

    Saw this thread when it first went up, resisted urge to comment and only doing so now to save others that may stumble here.

    TURN AWAY, MADNESS LIES WITHIN! Thinking about the OP may be seriously damaging to your mental health!

    *Whirls cloak dramatically and departs*
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  7. Hypest

    I think we should nerf the TR galaxies too, since they can ram Reavers and Scythes to death. And it's red. And everyone knows on this forum that the red colored things are OP.
  8. huller




    it is a commonly know fact that "red un's go fasta!"

    Does this have anything to do with the striker?
  9. exLupo

    Four other HAs and I with LMGs shot down a Scythe once.

    True story.
  10. insane2170

  11. KnightCole

    Lol, I love finishing off jets with my EM6, NC6, T9......hell, if its out, ill evne shoot jets wiht my pistol. Its not real effective, but it has scored me a few ESF kill steals.
  12. Hrafnagaldr

    I also scored some LMG kills on already burning ESF. Quite fun, but for Vanu I suggest using the Flare with an extended Mag :D
  13. Noktdaz

    I once killed a Harasser with my Beamer and got 2 kills... Oh wait wrong thread... or is it??
  14. Canaris

    I had a scyth stalking me the other night, my LMG told him I was the wrong OX to gore ;)
  15. Epic High Five

    I shot down an ESF with my Rebel once. Honestly though the only LMG that does much to ESFs is the Gauss SAW, and even then it's just a tickle.
  16. Primarkka

    MSW-R can shoot down libs if you aim for the fuel storage plate's three bolts.
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  17. Metallic123

    He's saying if you hover and stay in LOS you deserve to be shot down.
  18. MorganM

    Since we're sharing stories about blowing up ESFs with small arms...

    ... Over the weekend this reaver landed to repair RIGHT in front of me. One blast from my upper cut finished it off. Sweet...sweet...easy XP =^.^=
  19. MaxDamage

  20. Argoyn

    Shot an esf down with an UBGL :cool: