The Motion Sensor.

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  1. Plague Rat

    So I just did a little two-boxing to play with this new little toy and get a little info and a short video of it for the people curious about it.

    Here's a quick example of what it looks like: (it's not much, just a quickly)

    Here's the quick and dirty:
    -It reveals all enemy movements with a 50m radius, even turning in place (i.e. aiming)
    -It's a CONSTANT scan, there are no pulses. You can see enemies movements in real time
    - Enemies are marked with the same mini-map triangle/arrow as a spotted target (no dots) letting you see facing direction.

    -The enemy can see the location of the motion sensor on their mini-map with 40m.

    The amount of Intel you get from this sensor is insane. Being able to see not only enemy locations but where they are moving, how fast, and not having to wait for a pulses to track them is pretty awesome.

    The enemy can see the scanner on their mini-map out to 40m. I understand the need for it given the effect. Even simply turning in place is enough to be detected. It's still better than the darts which can be seen from the next hex over, so I think I'm okay with that given the destroyable nature of the dart. Only people being scanned will see it, and even then you get a 10m buffer where they're being scanned before they're aware of the sensor, so you still have the advantage, and when trying to sneaking against it one will at least know when to give up the pretense of stealth and fall back or go for broke.

    I think it'll obviously be more comfortably used in a defending role since you're more able to place it somewhere it won't be easily approached and destroyed. But it's not out of the question for the offense too. The placement of it is a hell of a lot more forgiving than a turret or ammo pack, you can really hide these things in weird places where they'll be hard to find despite it's location being marked.

    So overall I like it so far, but I am a little wary about the drawback, but that's kind a good thing.
  2. m44v

    I like it too, sadly it doesn't give vertical information, so in a tower you still have to guess which floor is. I couldn't verify it but since is the same as the spot mark it will likely also mark maxes, something that darts lack.

    Now that I think about it, it will be probably an issue if it can be deployed in places not reachable by the opponent, like tunnels, spawns...
  3. MasonSTL

    Two questions, as I am on my laptop without the PTS: How many can be deployed at once? And does this show enemies on teammates map?
  4. ttttz

    My initial impressions:
    • Cloaked infiltrators are not visible on motion sensors (tested when first released)
    • Only one sensor can be active at a time which is good.
    • Motion sensors stay up for massive times (at max rank something like 6 minutes). I'm not sure if there needs to be time restrictions on deploying these as well.
    • Motion sensors disappear when you switch classes which is good. Not sure what happens when you board a
    • Motion sensors are designed to be destroyed by being fired on. However, like m44v said, sensors not placed on surfaces not usually accessible on foot might be hard to remove if well guarded - given that any approaching LAs will get spotted.
      • Is it possible to stop them being placed on roofs not accessible on foot? Only if roof geometry is flagged as not being accessible on foot I suppose.
      • How can sensors placed in spawn rooms be destroyed? Placement will have to be restricted.
    • Spotting infantry is a bit obsolete now, within bases at least.
    Do we really need to see the direction the enemy is facing?
  5. Chad444

    Seeing the direction people are facing can be a life saver. You know there is an enemy round that doorway, but is he looking at the door or not. Can you get him from behind or will you be surprised with a shotgun blast to your face?
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  6. Skeith

    and that's the part where i lost my interest

    seriously it's just like the recon dart only more complicated to place and that can be destroyed i would have expected at the very ******* least that it didnt show on the enemy map how the bloody hell are we supposed to be the stealth class if every single tool or ability at our disposal has some kind of drawback that keeps exposing us.
  7. Qel

    Sure it looks good, but I'm struggling to see why I'd want to put certs into it when I have the recon gun fully certed already. Yes it is slightly different but is that difference really worth the certs?
  8. Skeith

    it would have been if it didnt show in the minimap like the recon but as it stand hell no, i mean it's messier to deploy and can be destroyed, i have no problem in not seeing my targets in real time on the minimap,it would have probably been useful if i could see target thru walls making it easier to destroy but much more effective but as it stands it's not worth putting certs into it
  9. ttttz

    I meant more that when it's used by the opposition won't it be overpowered? :)
    • Having location alone is still useful with sensor data updating instantly,. These then sensors become a short-range flash radar.

    Role of sensors:
    • For aiding your forces in areas where your forces are active. This is in contrast to sensor darts which can scout.
    Main concern:
    • Is the destruction mechanic practical?
      • Issues arise from: placing these in areas where the opposition has no access on foot, 5 sensors per infil at max rank without any timer in-between placement, sensors that stay up for 6 min, and the ability to resupply without restriction.
      • With 2 Infils in a squad, one with recon darts if needed, I don't see why these can't be kept up with ease. We can expect these to be constantly active when ever opposition aren't new players.
    • Is the motion sensor mechanic balanced without the destruction mechanic?
    • Options to deal with issues:
      • Placement restrictions/fix
      • Long timer between placement
      • Shorter sensor period/fewer sensors
    These are first impressions, play testing might reveal interesting dynamics.
  10. Plague Rat

    Don't stand next to it? 50m is a pretty big coverage area, and it's not like they cost resources or can only carry one at a time or anything that would make you want to babysit the thing. Set it and forget it.

    Also, recon is a support oriented task meant to help your team. If you're only looking at it in the context of what you personally can accomplish with it, then yeah, it might be a problem, but that's not the primary purpose. If your focus is entirely on sneaking in somewhere all by your lonesome for whatever reason, there are calls to be made on how much you're willing to reveal your presence, which realistically will be revealed the second you open fire in any context.
  11. Scientiarum

    Given that it can be destroyed by gunfire like a beacon, shows up on on the enemy minimap but only within a very limited distance, gives more detailed information than darts and lasts longer but can only be placed at the infiltrator's feet, has a limited number that can be carried at once and can only be placed one at a time, also despawns when changing classes but can be placed on rooftops etc. like the spawn beacon... there are a lot of checks and balances that differentiate this from the dart gun and keep it balanced. Honestly I still think the Dart gun will be more preferable in 80% of situations, it depends on the terrain and squad operation goals though.

    Still there are three things we need to know are final before the live version: Are the beacons going to be a consumable? Will the beacons resupply from ammo packs. Will they despawn upon the infiltrator's death, or only if the infiltrator switches classes?

    Personally I don't think they should despawn when switching classes, unless I am mistaken, engineer turrets do not despawn when the engineer switches classes, do they? I will have to test this.