The most useless weapon?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Codex561, May 18, 2014.

  1. Revanmug

    Wat? MAX flak is the only thing saving you from 1 shot C4 and dangerous AV nade.
  2. Bindlestiff

    This really isn't a PSA.
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  3. Epic High Five


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  4. Wafflepancake

    at least rocks can still do some damage.

    But I will admit I actually got a use of the decoy the other day. Snuck up on 5 targets around bunch of rocks, threw the nade to the other side - they all went for it and I got 5 quick easy kills.
    It was glorious
  5. Klypto

    1. Duster
    2. Ranger
    3. Canister
    4. Underboss
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  6. Tentakewls

    CME, but I didn't buy it, since I already had the NS-11A which is just better.
  7. Pikachu

    At least it used to be a fun gun to shoot until they changed the firing sound.
  8. Codex561

    PSA never means PSA here
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  9. Crayv

    Of the weapons I have tried.

    TR: Striker, Fractures, and the TRAP. Sure two of those used to be good but now they are virtually flat out obsolete.

    VS: Phaseshift and Comets. While I rate Comets above the Fractures because of the no drop thing they are still crap. For the Phaseshift they could change it to where it starts at a full charge but firing depletes it but give it only a 1.5x headshot multiplier and it would probably be viewed as a huge buff for this gun, the charge mechanic is that bad.

    NC: Canister. This thing has always been a joke.

    NS: Tomcats, Duster, Ranger, and Walker. I find it funny how on the vehicle boards people will claim Tomcats are OP but in threads like this they nearly always turn up. The Ranger may be better than the Walker but giving up a good to great and usually rather versatile AI/AV weapon for a mediocre AA that can really only do AA is not a good trade.
  10. Konstantinn

    Ranger(been nerfed too much and too often), Striker(annihilator is superior in every way), Crossbow(very underwhelming and extremely situational), Pounders(nerfed into oblivion), Vulcan(overnerfed, can't hit broadside of a barn), Tomcats(nerfed from being situatonal to completely useless "I want my money back" state).
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  11. GeneralPeragorn

    I completely disagree!

    1. A must if you want to drive the harasser at all now
    2. The fully auto scout rifle I have fallen in love with, it's just so versatile
    3. My favourite sniper in the game, quick reload time, bolt-action, and cheap. What more could you ask for? Especially if you are a new player.
    4. Hell of a lot more fun than lockdown.
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  12. ZeroErrorz

    dont u dare talk about my shadow (semi auto) scout rifle, I LUV my SHADOW and it got its own feeling too, imo its one of the greatest weapon an infil can have,decent rof, acurate,powerful and versatile (accesories wise).
    watch this to understand it more
  13. Pikachu

    TR infiltrator needs lockdown.
  14. GeneralPeragorn

    That weird squatting position it gives means you have a higher profile than when crouching! And now with even BIGGER tracers!
  15. FieldMarshall

  16. IberianHusky

    The T32 Bull is good at nothing.
  17. NDroid

    The Cerberus. I tried to like it but it's just bad all around.
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  18. K2k4

    Did you just put like all of the TR E.S. weapons on that list? I feel like you did. Funny enough thoguh, is I actually agree with you. Lately I've been using a lot of NS weapons because they're just like TR weapons, but unlike TR they have manageable recoil.

    To Answer OP's question, the weapon I've found the least use for is the underboss. The reason for this is I already owned the commissioner, and the underboss just feels like a poor cousin to the commie. Sure it fires faster, but it lacks the accuracy and feel that you get from putting down scumbags dirty harry style.

    I'd say that the Annihilator was also a bad purchase, but there are still times when it is useful to have a ground lock on and I don't feel like shelling out a bunch more certs/sc for the ground rocket launcher. I did get the AA lock-on, and it's currently my favorite rocket launcher because of it's ability to dumbfire.

    Also the TR 30 round pistol (whose name I forgot) isn't really my favorite, though I have been trying to use it with the stalker cloak lately (because of the high number of rounds), but it gets very frustrating to put 10 shots in somebody and still get hosed down because they survived with a sliver. I'm not a super accuracy guy so I can't always nail those head shots. I imagine anybody else using the weapon would, unless they're amazing, find it useless.
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  19. Prudentia

    It's the weapon you use when you play against a bunch of noobs and don't want to feel bad for using a powerful weapon that will let them think the game is P2W.
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  20. Unclematos7

    NS-15M. The ultimate 0 impact pea shooter.

    I have the antares and kestrel too, but I got them with certs and knew what I was getting into.
    I also certed the reaper just to complete the NC AR lineup, but now they released the tross, another 200. ugh.