The most useless weapon?

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  1. Itzhaki

    I bought rocket pods and A2A with SC - can't manage to hit anything with neither of them. I can't rocketpod an AFK infiltrator without crashing into a rock or something.

    Also the MKV supressed and the Equinox Burst. Just waiting to get to auraxium on both of them so I can throw them away and never look back.
  2. Ryker

    1. Mkv supressed, top of the list because it excels only at burning certs.

    2. Canister, absurdly close range shot gun on a slow moving tank? Never even heard of some one who got a kill with this thing.

    3. Ns 11c, unlike the monsters ns 11a and its lmg variant this thing has only a similar name in common. Yes low recoil but it takes half a clip to kill a spawn beacon and nearly a full clip of head shots to kill a wounded infel. Only the mvk is weaker then this garbage.

    Runner up. Hyennah missles.. wtf does any one know how to use these things?
  3. Ryker

    Shoot at the feet you get a hit and then a slash for every shot.

    Or so i was told.

    Maybe not... but at least it looks cool!
  4. Prudentia

    HV45 has abysmal hipfire bloom and abysmal recoil. you can spray with it or you can spray with it.
    and after all the Solstice is a weapon with almost no horizontal recoil, good hipfire, good ADS accuracy and a decent Firerate.
    i should probably invest in a FG on the VX67 and Serpent and see how they stack up, but currently...
    i was fighting against 3 INI guys at once. i used the VX67 i got owned. i switched to the CME and farmed them 20 times and then switched to the Solstice 10 times. then i won the battle
  5. GeneralPeragorn

    Striker and Vulcan. Both are useless now
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  6. DaninTexas

    Striker. Bought it after it was nerfed. I have tried and tried with that weapon. Just plain broken
  7. SolRG

    The Phaseshift. The most awful sniper rifle ever.
    Or the magburner.
    Or the Lancer.
    All of them in theory are good, in practice, they're vastly inferior to their counterparts.
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  8. Codex561

    The only thing that matters to me is the TTK and damage model.
  9. Bine

    I have to say I am very glad for the VR area. I nearly bought those laser guided missles for the ESF. I expected them to hit harder than they do. I wanted to, say, play dive-bomber ala WW2 stuff. Dive at an enemy, launch the rockets, and pull out the moment they hit. I wasn't expecting a kill with one dive but they really dont hit hard enough to justify their use. Rocket pods do mroe damage from a dive than them and thats not cool.
  10. DrPapaPenguin

    As a weapon, I have to say MSW-R. It was a complete waste of certs that I really shouldn't have made, and since it's auraxiumed now I'll never come back to it. I actually enjoyed TRAC-5S more, because at least the GL was lulzy. Either that or Tomcats/Rotary, which I never get around to use, because A2G has much better dividends.

    As for upgrades, well, nano-mesh shield gen, which I stopped using, medi-tool, which I stopped using, MAX flak armor, which I stopped using... Probably there is more in that list, I just can't put my finger on it.
  11. Zazen

    The E-Modified > Cannister remains a steaming pile of camel poo. I bought it, believing, apparently in vain, it had to be made serviceable by any self-respecting developer, I was proven very wrong.

    I only whip it out now when I'm getting cocky and feel like sending a few unlucky souls to the respawn screen of shame, often it just ends up being me though.
  12. PastalavistaBB

    Striker => They should rename it to "Fireworks Launcher".

    Vulcan => A Gattling Gun that shoots peas.

    Enforcer Trollified => As the name suggests. Only good for Trolling.

    Duster => "Get Gud or get Dusted and cropped." Just kidding. It's only good for scaring Infantry.

    MAX Flak Armor Level 5 => It doesn't protect against direct hits like normal Infantry Flak Armor. Not totally useless, but it doesn't deserve the certs invested in it.
  13. Fenrisk

    1. Striker. The WORST Rocket launcher in the game. Been left in a terrible state for almost a year. The Annihilator or grounder are better then it in every way that matters. I want to the devs to REMOVE it from the game as it's a constant reminder of just how biased Higby is against TR. If the striker was a NC weapon it would of been fixed months ago.

    2. Skyguard. Useless at the one Job it has. It reminds me of sam from game of thrones. He had one Job and he failed at it.

    3. TMG-50 The worst LMG in the game. It's like a SAW but every single stat has been nerfed to be lower then a SAW and it has less attachments.

    4. Ranger - Take 50+ seconds at point blank range to Kill a STOCK Lib. What a joke!
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  14. Vixxing

    Phaaaaaaaaseshift! by a "longshot!"
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  15. Pikachu

    I must add ranger to the list. Most boring and ineffective weapon ever. Make the shells explode against any target so it doubles as AI.
  16. RubiksCubix

    1. Harasser Armor
    2. Scout rifle
    3. 100 cert sniper rifle
    4. Magburner
  17. Pirbi

    Mag burner is awesome. You can get into great flanking positions. Your main cannon can't hit anything from there, but you can get there.
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  18. PlatoonLeaderG

    As much useless are the weapons/abilities i dont care as long they are fun.I m playing with fractures a lot and they truly suck against infantry and takes too long to kill a vehicle but they are so much fun :D.I might be getting 1-3 kills each time i use them but still they are so awesome!

    Striker is boring but when its used right,its very fearsome.

    What i dont like much is lockdown and anchored mode,i dont like movement restiction at all.Except for good placement there is nothing else to improve with stupid.
  19. ShadowBlack2014

    Why do people not like the 100 cert sniper rifles? Those are Bolt Driver equivalents right? The Bolt Driver's awesome! I prefer it over the Longshot.
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  20. cruczi

    Yep, it's the most versatile and forgiving of the long range snipers. I also prefer the TR 100 cert BASR over the longshot-equivlaent but currently i use the latter just because I have Auraxium on the other
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