The most useless weapon?

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  1. Codex561

    We all bought stuff we regretted, we all bought stuff we liked but somethings are not even worth trying since they are so useless Situational. And yet you still got it!

    What is the most useless and unworthy thing you got for your certs/station cash? (Ability, weapon, utility, etc)
  2. Udnknome

    NB4 Lasher Crying.

    I bought the AV turret before people cried nerf, Now tanks artillery the front lines from beyond my range. Thankfully the AI turret got buffed, so farming ensues.
  3. Uliseh

    NS7 PDW

    for me personally ...... it was crap , very good recoil but god awful in CQC
  4. Pikachu

    Duster. A bulldog tailgun gets far more kills.
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  5. Rikkit

    The Infiltrator decoy grenade, just as useless as a rock in the air...
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  6. Robes

  7. Leftconsin

    I still can't seem to use Tomcats properly. Its actually a hardware issue for me, and I don't want to go to the electronics store for better equipment when I can still use coyotes effectively. They are the only thing I've bought that I have struggled with.

    Canister Modified.
    Whose bright idea was it to put a shotgun on a tank :mad:
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  9. z1967

    NS-357, I bought it because it was on sale and completely regret it. Commissioner has higher alpha and TX-2 makes a better spam weapon with the 21 round mag. So it just kind of sits there as a weapon I am never gonna use except maybe if I try to aurax it.
  10. Revanmug

    Duster and Modified enforcer. Those 2 are nothing more but trolling weapon.
  11. squarebug

    M77-B 100 cert sniper w/ straight pull

    the tsar is about a million times better
  12. maudibe

    Worst weapon ever purchasesd: the tomcats air to air missles. Never work well for me. If I am on someones tail it gets a lock, fire they turn to face me, and missles doesn't hit them. They are worthless as using the nose gun is much more effective EXCEPT under certain circumstances such as they run and contiue running AWAY from you.
  13. RenegadeHelios

    A 6x on my crossbow. :c

    Dat drop tho.
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  14. Prudentia

    1000c for the NerfSystem11C+200 certs ammo, 200 certs rail, 100 certs barrel and 100certs for scopes
    1600c down the drain for a weapon that has trouble putting out enough damage output to detonate a tank mine.
    and actually...
    all the certs into Carbines, Solstice with Foregrip is everything you'll ever need.
    same for Assault Rifles, HV45 was a waste, Default is better if you can aim.
  15. pnkdth

    CME, without a doubt. Hope this weapon gets a serious overhaul one of these days.
  16. Prudentia

    i like it :(
    it feels like a child of a Pulsar and a Corvus. can actually hit something but still retains killing power. :)
  17. Kunavi

    From what we already own? OK that shortens the list as I main TR. Note that I've spent currency on mentioned equipment's accessories as well, just not typing it individually if I can avoid it. For instance in case of the Duster I didn't just waste its Certs, I wasted more for its Ammo Capacity, Thermal ETC... And so on.

    I also mention weapons which I think are cheap crutches for low Cert, low skill players or kindly put, temporary. Stepping stones... Which I no longer want nor enjoy using.

    Heavy Cycler
    All BASR except RAMS and TSAR 42
    T16 Rhino(No point after the T32, it's a lesser version of it with more bullets)
    Ammo Belt
    Munitions Pouch
    Flak Armour(So I need HALF or 1/3 of a hit more, from the Damage sources it's supposed to protect me against. Really? It barely feels like a 50% protection increase in many cases!)
    NAR for MAX
    ALL Scopes except X2, X1 and in case of BASRs, X4 and X12 and MAYBE IRNV(Crutch to see VS and to a way lesser degree, NC, in darker areas - I can Spot through smoke so that's nothing to me, and bullets go EVERYWHERE for TR so forget precise aiming)
    HVA and SPA, too specialized to worth their trouble
    Suppressors(After heavy use of those I eventually decided I can safely rely on my targets' lack of awareness and not suffer the Suppressor penalties)
    All Extended Mags except for my Barrage
    AMR 66
    NAR for any Vehicle
    MAX Lock-Down
    Stalker Cloak(I just don't play like that in PS2)
    Drifter Jet Pack
    NanoWeave 5(Fortunately I only got it on my HA, deciding it's not a 1000Cert thing after trying it)
    Andrenaline Pump
    Armistice(Trampled by Class Specific stuff)
    NS PDW(Same)
    MKV Suppressed(Same)
    CARV-9(Pure RNG, it's been fun but I now rely on my T32 or my TMG-50 more)
    All NC LMGs except SAW and EM1
    All VS LMGs except Orion
    Stealth for all Vehicles
    IR Smoke for Ground Vehicles
    All Frames except those that increase acceleration and speed for Ground Vehicles
    All Frames except those that increase Hover ETC for Air
    MAX Bursters

    Just out of the top of my head.

    I also have to say that I would definitely want different and unique Faction traits for my Faction. Those currently boil down to +X Bullets(USELESS) and more recently +ROF, both of which are counter balanced by low Dmg, swapping magazines for AN ETERNITY and random "Hit Chance" which is comical, especially when the target is farther than 20M.

    Oh and having 2 cannons which shake way much when fired, which HAVE to land both shots or they will dish out significantly less Dmg. Oh aaaaand being able to stand completely still for a bit to increase ROF(Which should be high to begin with) which is not helping much because C4RocketsBulletSpamVehiclesETCETC; Then one can stand still a bit more, until one begins to stand still so they can then stop standing still so they can move again... Of course at the same speed EVERYONE else does though TR are allegedly the MOBILE FACTION(Which mysteriously translates into LESS ADS SPEED than one would expect).

    Yeah, I'd scrap those traits completely. Or I'd scrap PS2 Lore completely so people like me could finally move to Easy Mode and not feel they just created 1 more Alien Probe Bait peasant.
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  18. Kunavi

    I am also torn on Zepher, I like it a lot but I think the Dalton tramples it in experienced hands. And there's the Shredder too, in any case.
  19. Tommyp2006

    Anything but the flare gun/snowball gun is the wrong answer if we actually mean the worst available weapon.
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  20. Silvermyst

    Well when the screen that gives you an option of different types of free stuff as a beginner finally popped up for my NC character I saw that one gave you another MAX gun. I noticed it didn't say whether or not it was a left or right hand version, so I looked at the rendered NC MAX that showed up on the side of the pop up when I selected the MAX load out, and it showed the MAX using two scattercannon.

    I thought "Hey, now I'll be able to use my NC MAX with two anti-infantry weapons." (I hadn't gotten a second one yet)

    So I happily selected it, went to the nearest infantry terminal and subsequently found out that the gun they gave me was for the same arm as the default scattercannon.


    I still feel really ripped off by that. I could have selected the free carbine to get access to an UBGL on my NC character, but no, didn't happen.

    (yes I know I technically didn't buy anything but it was the worst unlock I've gotten.)
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