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  1. Mrasap

    I want to convince some of my friends how awesome PlanetSide 2 is, so I wanted to share some videos with them.

    What would you consider the most entertaining movie made using gameplay of PS2? Infantry, flying, tank, machinima.. anything! Which video did you think was very entertaining and made you desperately want to play the game?

    Make a post with a link to your favorite PS2 video and see which gets the most likes!
  2. Mekaniz

    I liked this one alot, but it only contains infantry gameplay:

    Also this (not much action, but still looks spectacular):
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  3. ScottishRoss

    Stuff like that.
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  4. Mekaniz

    Oh and if you really want to convince your friends to play Planetside 2, just tell tham that a 100 cert gun is on sale today! :eek:
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  5. Mrasap

  6. Mrasap

    I'm sure there are more enjoyable videos around.
  7. IamDH

    Dont get your friend to play
  8. Takoita

  9. Atlien77

    it's a rather old Video, but I still enjoy it:

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  10. Drasilov

    Robert Stoneman's war correspondent videos on you tube are pretty awesome.

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  11. Mrasap

    Awesome! Reminds me of Quadrons flak party massacre

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  12. Kortan

    Friends don't let friends play PS2.
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  13. Moukassin

    i really liked this one!

    this one is not bad too :D
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  14. SebDollar

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  15. mittmorren

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  16. sindz

    A guy named thunderhawk makes some really good videos
  17. BlackbookPS

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  18. Linus

    At the start, I loved the scythe design and I found and still find this one beautiful.
    So I searched some videos on youtube and I enjoyed to watch Davelantor's ones
  19. Mrasap

    I also liked your Demolition Man video a lot!

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  20. Madiadk

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