The most asinine weapons balance in awhile

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Bill Hicks, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Bill Hicks

    Heavies got excited when Sony announced they were looking at heavy faction specific weapons.

    This is beyond terrible.

    Instead of buffs we get this terrible stat rebudgeting. Basically they have so many points they can give weapon to keep it balanced with other weapons.

    Such arrogance and greed. Why cant the class made for killing infantry get great empire specific anti infantry weapons that are somewhat situational but great all around?

    They didn't even find synergies between stats to make these weapons good.

    The jackedhammer is a complete joke now. Getting owned by anyone who can press m1. you die before you can use the extra ammo in the clip. The gauss saw is by far better than the jokehammer even in cqc

    I dont know about the lasher or the chaingun. Anyone who uses them can tell us what they think of them.
  2. VSDerp

    Bill Hicks has spoken. nuff'said
  3. Mambakiller

    a tip from my grandma:
  4. WraithRage

    Bill, I'm not sure how to break this to you. The Jackhammer is the best out of all three to come out of this rework.

    I spent a good bit of time on the PTS this round looking specifically at the Heavy Weapons and it is a fact that the JH came out on top. That being said, I am not saying nerf the JH (even though it is pretty damned strong compared to the other two now), I would like the other two brought up to the JH's level.
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  5. Terrarion

    Did you.. use the burst mode?
  6. Bill Hicks

    Burst is garbage. The delay between bursts ruins it. You have to be very close to get a quick kill. Might as well use a pump shotty.

    If the jokehammer is the best of the three then its even worse than i thought. Whoever tested this thing and didnt make noise about how lousy it is needs to stop testing.
  7. Pikachu

    Wut didn't some vanu guy make a thread about how the jackhammer now is super overepowered? I haven't tried it in real game yet. Been playing around with falcons now when dead zone is heavily reduced.
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  8. Bill Hicks

    Your gradma didnt mind my aiming.
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  9. Angry Scientist

    Having used the jackhammer in actual combat, I can say it isn't terrible.

    It's just a semi auto shotgun. That's it. It kills in three shots and so does the semi autos. The burst option is a good alpha strike, but the 'rechamber' delay screws with your aim and delays another shot. Miss and you'll likely regret it...or not live to, that is.

    It isn't useless. It just isn't awe inspiring spectacular.

    Fun thing I did notice, however. I saw a great number of NC heavies toting the Jackhammer around. And I was killed a great number of times by the MCG (my expression was dumbfounded when I died and my death screen was filled with the MCG assists), so it's being used too.

    But the lasher? Haven't seen it. Granted, it might be because the VS were stuck down fighting the TR, but hey.
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  10. jdono67894

    We all know why the VS aren't using it, it isn't super OP.
  11. Locke

    The new Jackhammer burst ability is pretty fantastic imo. It's like a semi-auto shotgun with a pump action secondary mode.
  12. DashRendar

    Burst is and has always been garbage on the JH. The JH strength is and has always been that it rewards a skilled user. I loved it even before the final nerf followed by buff it got, when it was largely considered "a joke." Protip: you move faster when you hipfire, and the JH has the most accurate hipfire of any shotgun in the game, as well as the longest viable range. It heavily rewards players with good aim who can chain 2-3 shots in a row with it, but I guess bads gonna bad.

    It's funny too, because I'm related to someone named Bill Hicks from Cali.
  13. Ganelon

    Jackhammer is the best of the three.

    MCG is only used because of the new sound effects (no, seriously).
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  14. Thardus

    It is super OP, but only in the right situations. Next time the Vanu have the high-ground, prepare to rage about the Lasher.
  15. DashRendar

    I've used the MCG for a while even pre-buff. I've yet to use it since the rework this morning, but it seems like it's pretty good to me. They buffed it from their initial statement about what they were going to do with it.
  16. Mambakiller

    inventing names like asinine to make u smarter?
    Its spleed ASSASIN, so pls next time use real words
  17. Ultramarine

    Dude the jackhammer is amazing. Burst mode puts it almost on par with pump shotguns up close, while semi auto makes it the longest range shotgun in the game. And it's semi auto with the largest magazine.
    Anybody saying the MCG was used for sound effects is silly :p it sounds more like a lawnmower than a gun, and has wicked suppression ability at ridiculous ranges.
    Haven't faced the lasher yet.
  18. DashRendar

    Actually it's tied with the high capacity semi auto shotguns, but this is a great trait. It also has a spread 1 full unit tighter than the high capacity shotguns, so the JH only downfall is its CoF, which is the same as all shotguns, though it affects the JH moreso than the rest because of its accuracy.

    And you probably won't :(
  19. DashRendar

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  20. Lamat

    Although I'm very disappointed with the max shotgun nerf. I am happy with the jack hammer it essentually is now a shotgun that can switch between semi and pump action. The damage reduction, rof decrease and reload decrease are barely noticable. I had so many jack hammer kill streaks tonight.

    Our max is just sad now. Please just take the shotguns away and give us guass rifle arms.

    Falcons are too slow. They should either have more splash damage or no splash but high velocity. not that this has anything to do with this gu, they have sucked for a while now.
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