[Suggestion] The most absurd VS buff ever put into a clickbait title

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Braneman, May 5, 2016.

  1. Braneman

    You know what I want, and I know this is going to be majorly controversial to everybody out there but...

    I want the Spiker to have a UI indicator showing when its fully charged.

    I know that's possibly the most absurd buff to the VS that's ever been put on these forums, but seriously come on its a gun that charges up and the audio cue doesn't match up with the charge effect(or at least it didn't last time I checked). If the devs aren't going to go through with whatever planned buffs they had the least they could do is give me some indication as to when I can start firing charged shots with it.

    It could be a giant batman spotlight in the sky every time its charged up, or a LED I have to physically solder into my USB port but at least give me something here. How about a dot? right in the center of the crosshairs that when its fully charged turns green?
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  2. FateJH

    Historical anecdote time.

    When the PlanetSide Classic Spiker charged, yes, there was animation, and, yes, there was sound. On top of those, however, was the very precise measurement that was a slowly depleting ammunition count. The longer it charged, the more ammunition it consumed, up to a maximum. If it charged for too long, or ran out of ammo while charging, the shot was lost.
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  3. Saturax

    Good idea with charges indicator,this weapon realy need few changes:
    +remove slowing when your gun is fully charged, sound alone give away your position to all around you ( like power blades ) and dmg reduction is to hight with range, so you can not us it to shoot enemys on mid/long distance where they can not hear you.
    +it have worst dps from all pistols when you shoot shot be shot. Its definitely not good secondary weapon to save your live, but you us it like primary weapon for hunting and charge 6 shoots... hard mod :D )

    So... 1-4solutions:
    1.remove slowing while charged
    2.beter accuracy
    3.lower distance penalty
    4.reduct noise of weapon

    Im not saying use all changes i did write just some.
  4. DarkStarII

    Is the front popping out not enough of a visual cue?
  5. Braneman

    The problem with that is that I'm pretty sure it doesn't show up when I'm ADS'ing and when I'm shooting at somebody I'm not looking at the front of the gun, I'm looking at the crosshairs to make sure I'm actually going to hit whoever I'm shooting at.
  6. Armegmus

    Peripheral vision is overrated, apparently.
  7. Braneman

    Apparently asking for a UI indication so I don't have to look for a tiny part of my gun to see if its charged is as well.
  8. DarkStarII

    It does, you can see it move forwards while aiming down sights. Plus after a while of using it you get used to the time it takes, becoming almost like second nature (I use a lot of charge-up weapons). Something easier to see wouldn't hurt though.
  9. Pfundi

    Wasnt the spiker just buffed to be better than the Desperado? (Few patches ago)
  10. Saturax

    I think you are mixing weapons, NC Desperado is in category with VS Cerberus and TR Inquisitor and im prety sure spiker have around 1100 DPS ( semi-automatic mod ) so its one of worst weapon for 1 be 1 shots ( charged its diferent story )
  11. Pfundi

    The Desperado is NCs burst weapon. So its right there with the Spiker.
    And the Rebel is NCs high DMG pistol fitting the Cerberus.
  12. Braneman

    At least from the ingame numbers Spiker is 167/480 and the Desperado is 167/500 so the Desperado should still be better.
  13. Saturax

    Well... spiker is in category with TR T4AMP and NC magscater ( short range, max dmg in short time (expect spiker need charge...))
    So... you have to balance weapons in cathegory to other 2 frends.
    ( but i see what you mean, desperado is similar like spiker, but spiker have crazy dmg reduction with distance. Thats the think desperado dont have same like cerberus and inquisitor )
  14. MonnyMoony

    No because the Spiker buff never made it in - and even if it had - it was a change to the chargeup mechanic, not the 2 shot burst.

    The Spiker is basically a lower damage version of the Desperado - with marginally better accuracy and a couple more rounds in the magazine.
  15. MonnyMoony

    The best thing they could do with the Spiker IMO is remove the charge mechanic altogether.

    I'd rather see a 4 shot burst weapon whose damage profile fell somewhere between the Desperado and Repeater.

    The weapon that is screaming out for a chargeup shot option is the Lasher.
  16. SpaceTimeSpace

    But that what make VS a VS? Clunky weird contraption of a imagination from a specie perspective of an indigenous intellectual race would leave behind. Do not get me wrong, I play the three sides and it become transparent 2+ years ago.

    Here what I manage to figure out over the Mag8 > Cerebus > Manitcore of another post.
    "NS > NC vs. TR > VS". Argue all you want, this is the formula on how the game shall be rule, this is not a Sovereignty.

    Charge Up, the nightmare with coffee spitting.