"The member custom loadouts will lock again if the player loses membership"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by moooosa, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Ryekir

    You still have the 3 custom loadouts that you've always had, that everyone has had since day 1. All this means is that if you are a *current* subscribing member, you get an additional 3 loadouts (so 6 total).

    Additionally, you can buy up to 4 MORE permanent loadout slots from the depot (regardless of membership status), meaning you can have up to 7 loadouts as a non-member and up to 10 loadouts as a member.

    How is any of that a problem?
  2. Regpuppy

    Always amusing, isn't it?


    Anyway, back to the topic. Aside from the fact that 3 load-out slots is very adequate to begin with. Let's ignore that and look at a few things.

    - This is a feature us members did not have prior to this update.
    - You have the option to purchase more permanent slots for SC instead
    - No one gets hurt by this

    Seriously, I don't get all the commotion. All this update is doing is rewarding continued membership in a way that doesn't affect any other players gaming. Membership didn't suddenly get worse either. They just added this on top of what's already there and gave people an option to get more permanent slots with SC instead. 15 dollars, or even less with sales, gets you the same 3 slots membership would. So it's not even a huge deal to those who use SC.

    If you manage to find issue with this, you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel just to cause a fuss.
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  3. Lady Seraphina

    Yeah, gotta say I'm not gonna pay for this either.
  4. Naithe

    You sure about that? By the sound of this thread, some people might cut themselves over it! =)
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  5. Cl1mh4224rd

    People who feel a convenience feature like this is so absolutely necessary to their enjoyment of the game that they'll rage when it's not included for free, but not pay a damn cent otherwise disappoint me...
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  6. Regpuppy

    I chalk that up to user error. :p
  7. Makora

    Wait, is there anyone out there who actually NEEDS more then two loadouts? I mean weapon wise you only need one. You have these swanky new arrows that lets you switch between weapons. And the arrows remember what addons you had on the weapons.

    Three is a more then enough number for loadouts.
  8. moooosa

    Well you guys, not all of us just run around with the stock loadouts. Some of us have invested into a number of different weapons, abilities, and playstyles. That's where the whole idea of having more than 3 loadout slots came from in the first place, of course. Some people needed them, and now we have them, kind of.

    This is largely a matter of principle. SOE asked how they could improve their game. Some people said they needed more loadout slots. SOE said, "sure! We'll give you more loadout slots." Then, on the day the feature is rolled out, "that'll be $x please and thank you!" This isn't a content update; this is a SMALL TWEAK that probably took one guy an afternoon, and should have always been in the game. It's absurd to turn around and charge money for that, and it's absurd that unless you buy the slots separately at a high price, you will LOSE ACCESS TO THEM no matter how much money you've dropped on the game already or how long you've maintained membership, as soon as you stop paying them their monthly increments. I'm not paying $15 a month for loadout slots.

    Furthermore, I invested money in this game expecting basic improvements and new content to be added down the line. I did not invest money in order to have to pay again for each new improvement. Please tell me you can understand this.
  9. Xae

    Oh dear... who lets the poors in?
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  10. Madmojo

    Had 10 slots for all "classes" in PS1. We're already ahead.
  11. moooosa

    I'm a paying customer. Are you going to try to tell me how $15 for 3 loadout slots is a good deal? Because that would be entertaining. Even if they were 99 cents it would still be stupid.

    Whats the point of saying "oh it doesn't effect me so it's not a problem," by the way? At this point SOE are starting to put a price tag on anything they can think of rather than simply providing the features the game needs to existing players and customers.
  12. Bhoot

    Obviously the membership only load outs only work if u have membership, common sense. Rightfully so it's a perk to sub players, it's not exactly a game breaker and if u want more and are not a subscriber then pay for more with sc.
  13. exLupo

    Don't like it? Don't buy it. You aren't losing out on anything.

    As this is not a feature "the game needs" and just a convenience, your argument has no application here. Once SOE starts selling game-critical components, then you can complain. Hasn't happened as of GU12 and "slippery-slope" arguments are generally trash..
  14. Elrobochanco

    Yesterday I spent more on coffee than the cost to give every one of my characters/classes/vehicles another loadout permanently.

    Probably do the same today.

    If you think a fiver is too expensive for this, you would have a heart attack if you ever look at the price of stuff in something like neverwinter.
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  15. starlinvf

    Load out slots....... the only thing Tribes:Ascend players thought was trying to milk them. (Because nothing else about that game was designed to milk them).
  16. moooosa

    $5... for a loadout slot. A thing that saves clicks in a video game. Are you... ah forget it.

    Try opening up Steam today if you have it and see what $5 can get you.
  17. exLupo

    $5 got me an EVE shortcut in Steam just so I could have a non-demo launcher and have my play time tracked in Raptr. Compared to that, a loadout slot ain't too bad.

    A fool and his money? That kind of thinking is below my pay grade.
  18. Xasapis

    Did we really needed the extra loadouts? The only class I can say that I could use more loadouts is the max and I top that with 5. Maybe even the heavy with 4 rocket launchers. That's about it really. And even with the max I was fine with three loadouts, one AI, one AV, one AA.
  19. Crator

    Depends on what you have certed really. Doesn't it? You just need to think about it a little. A big advantage is now you can swap between the suit/ability/defense/grenade slots using the load-outs. So make your classes work in conjunction with them and a few variances on the guns they have. You become more versatile by using more of the slots to your advantage.b
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  20. Xasapis

    I'm pretty heavily certed in everything but infiltrator and light assault. My most certed class is probably engineer (all carbines available, all SMGs, half the shotguns, Eidolon, max Flak and explosives armor and so on), second highest the max (all weapons except blueshifts, all abilities maxed, timers maxed) etc.

    • Now, the thing is, the max with 5 slots could easily work with three (Nebula Kinetic, Nebula Repair, Burster, Vortex, Comet). For the AI, I would just need to swap armor module, and for the AV, more of a pain, to swap the two comets for two vortexes. Vortexes being what they are, and that swap wasn't happening that often.
    • Now for the heavy, the only reason to swap was the rockets. The three defaults were Decimator, Nemesis and Lancer for a close quarters, anti air and long range build.
    • An infiltrator would take two builds (long range & close quarters).
    • An engineer two builds again, if stretched (flak or explosives armor)
    • A medic two builds (flak or grenade bandolier)
    • Light assault with just one.
    I'm more annoyed that we don't have continent specific camo selection, than the extra loadouts introduced that I didn't really need.