"The member custom loadouts will lock again if the player loses membership"

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by moooosa, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. moooosa

    I'll be the first (maybe?) to call bullcrap. So far I've purchased $30 in Station Cash and a 3 month membership. You are out of your minds if you think I'm going to just keep politely paying you money indefinitely. That means that this feature addition, which has always been very necessary, not to mention basic, won't be available to me for more than a brief time.

    That means as a paying customer, who's paid a substantial amount of money for your game (MUCH more than I've spent on any other game in recent history), I can't even enjoy this basic feature that should have been in the game day 1.

    There is a chance I might decide to pay you even more money some time down the line, but it won't be for membership, it will be for Station Cash. I feel really bad for the people who spent $120 on Station Cash because they decided they liked that better than membership, and are getting shafted out of basic features like this.

    Seriously guys, this is not a perk, this is an obvious, "one day our game will be out of beta(!)" kind of feature that needs to be in the core game.

    Yeah there are a lot of worse ways you could have screwed up than this one feature, but at this point I'm afraid you're heading towards doing those too.
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  2. moooosa

    And HOLY CRAP if you think I'm going to pay real money to buy individual loadout slots. Get your marketers out of the design teams. When everyone requested this feature they weren't suggesting a way for you to charge them more money. I'm inclined to call you bad names, just as a matter of principle here.
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  3. TeknoBug

    Haha, I don't think so, I'll stick to my 3 loadouts.
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  4. HadesR

    Tis how F2P works .. Want more bank / Inv / Char slots .. Pay $ for them ... SOE are actually less greedy than someone like ArenaNet who charge you for a box game then also charge you for extra slots ..

    But TBH 3's enough for me so I can save my cash
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  5. Morrow

    Its plain wrong. Why cant we have additional loadouts from gaining BR's like we asked for. I actually feel like cancelling my membership just to stick it to SoE for how bad the last two GU's have been.

    Give us a reason to Battlerank up like additional loadouts then find a better less pathetic way to make money off of us please.
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  6. rayvon

    Im not paying again until we get something more substantial.
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  7. Morrow

    I totally agree with you.
  8. raw

    You have to understand that this game costs SOE money too, and if they don't make enough money there won't be a PS2. Loadout slots is exactly the kind of convenience stuff SOE said they would sell.
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  9. ironeddie

    Not a surprise load out slots cost & since its linked to membership it's no surprise they would relock if you dropped membership. Possibly it would have been better to have a one off charge per additional slot, purchaseable from the store.

    People shouldn't expect this kind of thing for free though.
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  10. Cromell

    Yup. Like several people already said, 3 loadouts are enough in most cases. Heck, I don't use half of them. I'm perfectly fine with SOE selling more, though I doubt they will sell a lot of them.

    Also, 3 loadouts for members... why not? They already get a lot of benefits WHICH DISAPPEAR when membership period ends. It's aaaaaaall about convenience.
  11. Crator

    Can't believe people are complaining about this costing money. I will gladly pay for more loadout slots. You get a total of 10 per class & vehicle if you have membership and buy the 3 slots from the cash store. 6 perm slots if you buy the 3 from the store without a membership.
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  12. Sinoby

    It would be better, if once subscribed you would have received that slots forever. Will be a nice perk for more people to try subscription. Maybe they would like other subscription benefits and keep it up...
  13. TheMonkey

    I'm all for SOE getting money from PS2, but I have to say the prices for loadout slots are outrageous.
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  14. Paramecium

    OMG they gave you memory on weapon attachments what else do you NEED 3 more loadout slots for? If you can't live without it then pay. God this community is full of whiners I wish they'd go full sub and get rid of these cheap *****.
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  15. WaaWaa

    Who uses loadouts anyway? Takes all of a few secs to manually setup a loadout, and the next time you select it, it's pre-set the way you set it up!
  16. Cl1mh4224rd

    I'm pretty sure you can purchase up to 4 additional slots through the Depot. That's a maximum of 10 loadouts: 3 standard, 3 from membership, and 4 individually purchased.

    So, even without a membership you can have up to 7 loadouts. Sounds OK to me.
  17. gualty

    Let's be serious:
    the backbone of a good "free to play" is to avoid being "pay to win".

    There is no way additional loadout profiles can add a gameplay advantage to a player.
    Is not gold ammo.
    Is not extended shield.
    Is ABSOLUTELY nothing you "need": 3 are more than enough.

    SOE must make money in a way or another and i find this one 100% legit.
    We all would like 10 loadouts screen, but we must admit it is NOT something that can restrain the game experience.
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  18. KlyptoK

    Membership doesn't have enough perks = people complain.

    Something gets added to membership = people complain.

    They should have locked your extra character slots when you stop your membership.

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  19. EtharionTurambar

    Meh i know, seems crap to me, you aint getting my money. (if i had any XD )
  20. Haruk

    You can purchase 4 loadout slots that have nothing to do with membership. You can just buy them. 5 bucks.