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  1. DarkStarAnubis

    On a lighter topic.have you seen how Medics often shape and decide the outcome of fights?

    I am not talking about a 100 vs 10 fights where the outcome is fixed, but more small to medium group fights.

    Medics presence make other players more confident, resilient and bolder because they know they will be healed or rezzed quickly: Medics alter the battle flow even without acting, just by being there (or not being there) .

    Playing as Medic, I am often right behind or aside the guys pushing for the objective and I took the habit, from time to time, to use the applicator for a fraction of a second on the guys around me. It is a reminder "A Medic is nearby. Keep fighting". When used on retreating people, often they change their mind and rejoin the fray.

    Conversely, seeing one (or more) Medic in a group reassures me, it means we can count of them and we can dare more, jump into the room and kill a couple of bad guys and die for sure in the attempt, it does not matter at the end because the Medic is behind the corner.

    The lack of Medics instead demotivates people. They take less risks (or no risks at all), become more passive and fearful, more time spend behind cover as opposed to engaging and supporting.

    Not mentioning the fact Assault Rifles (*) are excellent weapons and Medics themselves are quite resilient subjects given their self-heal ability.

    Do you experience the same?

    (*) side note: I would swear the Diamondback kills better than the NS-11A despite being a reskin. Placebo effect because that weapon is cooler looking?
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  2. Badman76

    Yes, agreed. Also, knowing you have good medics around you would give you the option to swap medkits, restoration kits or regen implant for something else.
  3. Lord_Avatar

    Absolutely - CMs are crucial and they do have a notable psychological effect on allies and enemies alike (not unlike MAX units, albeit in a different way).
  4. LodeTria

    Anyone who said medics aren't useful is a idiot.
    They are incredibly useful, have the best guns in the game and give squads and huge amount of sustain.

    They are far more useful than engineers, who usually you only need 1 of for ammo.
  5. Campagne

    I don't really think the presence of medics will alter player behaviours much.

    Not all players care about revives or will be willing to wait for one, see the medic in the first place, or go down in a time and place where a revive is a practical possibility. Also the medic has to be alive to help and he's probably not getting support from anyone else.

    That said, reviving alone makes a huge difference.

    Also yeah probably a placebo. People tend to perform better using equipment they like and enjoy using and FPSes are no different.
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  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    Whenever I play with my friend and he goes medic, I instantly have a confidence boost, not because I care about my deaths, but because I get impatient to respawn. Having someone pick me up so I don't have to spend my time waiting for the respawn timer and having to walk all the way back to where I was, or somewhere else, is a really big deal to me. It's more efficient and cuts down travel time.
  7. Demigan

    I don't see any change at all. It's like seeing a group of Heavies clustered around a chokepoint and you decide to lead them in for a charge because there's enough of them. Sometimes they will run in with you and things are awesome, sometimes they value their KD more and wait the fight out causing you to lose the chokepoint fight more often. And this is typical. It doesn't matter if I'm a Medic or not, I don't see players change their behaviour just because I'm there. I have to literally stick with one particular person and have his back 24/7 before I see a change in behaviour in how they fight, but if I'm not a Medic and do the same I see the same changes in behaviour.
  8. Kristan

    It was already said that Medic is the most powerful class in the game.

    Diamondback not only looks cool, but also sounds sexy as heck. I mean, comparing to standard NS-11...
  9. TRspy007

    A proper squad with dedicated medics can make the whole difference in fights, I agree.

    That said, spawn reductions have seen medics as less reliable. A lot of them won't rez or heal, cuz they know you'll just respawn in a second.

    The assault rifles are epic weapons, they make the medics as lethal as heavies in certain instances.
  10. TR5L4Y3R

    if only medics had a couple more AV options for selfdefense or support i would bother playing them ..
    don´t come at me with C4 .. and no the assaultrifle is not enough of an incentive ..