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  1. Laraso

    The Medical Kit is superior to the Restoration Kit in every way. Not only does it heal faster, it heals more. Many people use the Restoration Kit as a way to heal "in battle", but the healing is actually very underwhelming and will only prolong your death for a fraction of a second.

    Every class has twenty bars of health (not including shields). If you have taken damage and only have one bar of health left, using a Restoration Kit will only regenerate eighteen bars of health over the span of about five seconds, leaving you with nineteen out of twenty bars of health after the healing has taken place.

    The Medical Kit on the other hand appears to heal around forty bars of health over the span of about one second. This means that it not only heals you instantly, it also continues healing you long past your maximum health capacity.

    If used correctly, the Medical Kit can give you around six to seven times your normal amount of health after certing into it completely.

    Here is a video demonstration. I survive sustained LMG fire using the Medical Kit, buying me just enough time to get away.

    To everyone out there using Restoration Kits, stop. Switch to the Medical Kit now. Restoration Kits are a waste of resources.
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  2. Yidazen

    I was deciding on this myself. Would love to hear of other people using the medical kit.
  3. Whet

    I agree Medic kits are wayyyy better than resto right now. You just have to make sure to keep a high stock of them because every other patch you can't restock them lol.

    also next time you make a vid to prove a point please dont have the viewer wait 1:30 to see the point your talking about, its quite annoying especially when your not busting rockstar moves.
  4. Laraso

    I was recording with music already playing in the background, so I couldn't edit that post-recording. I decided to just upload it at the point where the song started because I felt it seemed a little awkward when the video started halfway into the song.

    I usually play with music off, so when I record something I want to put on YouTube, I can just add music to the video and start it from any point I want. I was not able to do that this time since I had music playing.
  5. Lord Robert

    Medkit nerf incoming
  6. Laraso

    Don't give the devs any ideas! They might actually do it!
  7. Zaik

    We've been telling them resto kits were pointless for a long time, I wouldn't count on it.
  8. Laraso

    I was joking.
  9. Grotpar

    There was a time when Resto kits were cheaper.
    But then someone derped and lowered the cost of med kits.

    Now, however, resto kits seem to be far more reliable, as half the time, med kits don't heal at all.
    And as mentioned before, every other hotfix breaks the ability to restock them.
  10. Laraso

    That's odd, because I've never had a situation where a medical kit failed to work for me.
  11. IMTasty

    Happened to me 2 days ago, was on low health (2 bars I think). Every medkit (4) I used healed me to full for a fraction of a second and then the health dropped down again by itself. (no damage taken, shields were up and not in combat)
  12. Cougarbrit

    I want a refund for my resto kits. I woulda thought that a 6 second heal would in the end heal more than an instant fix. But apparently that's wrong. Long heals = bugger all heals while quick heals = bugger all damage
  13. Tigga

    I know you're on Miller, so I can tell you this bug only happens on Indar.

    I'm thinking of certing C4 for my HA just for buggy Indar....
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  14. IMTasty

    Ah okay thanks. Didn't know that was the reason.
  15. Laraso

  16. applecherry

    I already told everyone the medical kit is overpowered and give people a SIGNIFICANT ADVANTAGE usually at med to long range. For instance, a heavie survived 5 shots from my semi auto sniper rifle gauss spr and I knew he used medical kit because I saw the green nanite emitting from him. This is from my other thread:
  17. piggy

    restos works fine on indar tho.
  18. Laraso

    It's not quite as powerful as you make it out to be. Yes, people can heal themselves up to four times during their life, but if they do that they're going to run out of infantry resources FAST. That's like 250+ resources.
  19. phreec

    I liked the part with AAAAAAAAAA-aaa-AAAAA-aaaaa-AAAAAA.
  20. Laraso

    lol, I can't tell if that is sarcasm or not.