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  1. Mekhazzio

    Sure, but it's a pretty safe bet that you won't get many infantry targets in AV arm range that -aren't- using level 1 flak or nanoweave, and you've got more splash to make non-direct hits more useful, to boot. It's not a great distinction anyway: the Comet doesn't one-shot infantry, either, but I've still never seen anyone hit by it not die on the spot, either from the hit or immediately after. Half someone's health in a single shot is nothing to sneeze at, since you're generally not soloing with a MAX, and -definitely- not soloing with a dual-AV one. Usually all you need to do is land -any- hit to finish them off.

    No contest that the Falcon's the best of the three, though. Burst damage is king when it comes to anti-vehicle work. You want to pop out, shoot, and get out of the way, not stand there plugging away against a target with enough firepower to crush you. Even from long range safety, you want to spike them down before they can react rather than do steady sustained. That's why they changed the MAX AV to single-shot weapons in the first place, after all.
  2. PaladinZERO

    I have had some good runs with my dual pounder, but it is situational. Last night I went after NC MAXs camping a bio-lab portal, not even close, they tore me up despite NA IV. On the Vanu, I had more success, actually killed one, but again, it's hard to hit 8 time in that setting, as when they take 4 it's off to repair and you are not going to go after them.
  3. PurpsUK

    I must say I've had a fair bit of success with dual comets, some of it might be cheap too but sniping doorways with an engi resupplying works.

    I'm not sure how much of that success comes from being in a vs max and people expecting a free kill though, as I don't see that many dual comets around.
  4. Lucidius134

  5. crippler38

    I think they need help on hit detection, all of the av

    my falcon seems to go through everything and my nooblet max can't hit from very far with scatter cannons
  6. Takoita

    Zoom optics and different reticule would go a long way in making this weapon more useful.
  7. Frosty The Pyro

    I have nothing but respect for you Compass, but I do not believe this is acurate.

    Falcons do not one shot stock infantry without a headshot. I use falcons quite a bit, a single chest shot will leave infantry with no sheilds and half life. This coincides pretty much PERFECTLY with the the 750 direct damage. Implying that unlike tank weapons the max AV do not sum indirect and direct damages. This is not a case of Flak armor which would max at 750 +125 leaving the target with 125/500 health or 25% health or nano which would have left the target also with 125/625 health or 20%, both of which are very easily visably decernable from the oft observed 50%, so it is quite distincly a case of the indirect damage not summing in this case.

    And though I do not have personal experience to confirm this, the spread sheet gives the same splash radius (1m) for all MAX AV, which technicly give pounders the advantage in indirect damage at 300 per salvo per arm.

    yes, though only at the specific ranges were both hit due to the cross pattern that max weapons fire at. due to the different projecile speeds these may be different ranges for the falcon and the pounder though this would need specific testing. At ranges shorter or longer than that you are only going to be hitting with one at a time which will give the TTK advantage to the pounder (8 seconds vs 8.1), however at 7.5 the target the poudner was fireing at has only 31 (41 effective) life left while the falcons target has 313 (416 effective), so if manage to get even the smallest amount of splash from the second arm in the the pounder gets an andvantage of 7.5 vs 8.1. If you manage perfect splash however (so falcon is doing 1000 a salvo and pounder 525x2 a salvo) the advantage goes back to the falcon at 5.4 vs 5.5, though it should be noted that similarly previous case the pounders target would be at 31 (41 effective) health at 5s and the falcon target would be at 500 (667 effective).

    That was based of the (generaly accepted) assumption of maxes having 2000 health with 25% resitance (2667 effective health) in reference to explosive weapons.
  8. Compass

    I have been using 3K HP, which falls in line with the standard underbarrel GL doing 750 damage to infantry, which allows for easier comparisons of direct impact Falcons, which appear to do the same damage, and puts the HEGs at half the daamge of a UBGL per round, and ignoring explosive damage, which adds a bunch of weird dramatic math.
  9. OscarGolden

    It truly is abysmal. The only good use I've found for dual pounders is when the enemy has a sunderer on a bridge with a lot of infantry. It does okay in that scenario from range. It could really use some tweaks. At least a little bump in av damage.
  10. Goldy

    The problem with the pounder isn't it's fault really.. it does 365 damage a shot, times that by 2 (it's magazine count) and it does around the same as a falcon. The issue though is that the pounder is more of a damage over time weapon while the falcon is more of a burst damage thanks to the falcons heavy upfront damage (750 a shot, dual wielding its 1500,. Meaning, better chances of getting a kill with the falcon.

    This game wasn't designed around damage over time weapons, if the exp gains was a pure-damaged based system, then the pounder and others like it wouldn't have so much grief.
  11. Frosty The Pyro

    Except for rear hits to tanks, and maybe ESFs/flashes, duel pounders will kill any vehicle faster than falcons, and falcons only win by .1 seconds with rear shots. The falcons advantage is better effective range (faster projectile), and being easier to "peakaboo" with.
  12. Goldy

    Well, it is a very much "who sees who first" kind of game, so ya..peekaboo.
  13. Olek

    They need to remove these grenade launchers all together, HE grenades are not good against armor, HE is for soft targets.
    Instead give the MAX a rocket launcher, dumbfire and only on one arm.
  14. etmecho

    i know this thread's old, but dual M3 pounders are quite fun to use and i can rack up some decent kill count in crowded battles
  15. vanu123

  16. DirArtillerySupport

    Yeah pretty much...what a difference a few patches make eh?
  17. exLupo

    Ancient spirits of evil, transform this decayed form to Thread-Ra, THE EVER LIVING!
    Loved Pounder at launch, loving it even more now.
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