The "Loyalty" rewards primary effect is to punish your most loyal customers.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ghoest, May 5, 2013.

  1. Ghoest

    I have alpha squad.
    I have been a subscriber since release.
    I have spent additional money through station cash.

    Im loyal.

    So you come out with a "loyalty' reward that gives me nothing. (it only rewards people who were less loyal than me)
    But it does have one effect - I NOW HAVE TO WAIT IN LONGER QUEUES.

    This was a total nasty selfish move on SOEs part.
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  2. Liquid23

    you were given free stuff... 45 dollars worth of camo and a title...
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  3. gigastar

    If you have all those things but did not get the loyal soldier bundle for free, contact customer support, dont clog up the gameplay forums by whining about promotions.
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  4. Tommyp2006

    5 for armor, 5 for vehicles, 5 for weapon...

    Iast I checked, 5+5+5=15
  5. Hibbe

    15x3 (faction specific)
  6. Liquid23

    you were given 3 faction specific unlimited camos for 3 different factions... that's 9 camos that normally cost 5 bucks each...

    so that's 9 camos times 5 bucks each.... go grab a calculator
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  7. LT_Latency

    Protip : This is a free trial to get people who don't have a membership to buy one and play more.

    They are not giving anything away. They want you people to go. WoW that double exp is awsome I think i will start paying for it
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  8. Liquid23

    it's only +25% xp :(

    but yes that is the point
  9. Arcfade

    On all characters I might add ;)
  10. K3STR3L

    Oh, its this thread again. We going to get this spammed for a month on here now? "I think it is unfair that some people get things for free and I don't". Grow up.
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  11. Liquid23

    I was happy at first when it only unlocked for my one toon... but then they were like "oh sorry our bad you get it for all your toons"

    it was a very very nice gesture
  12. FTree

    check your privilege.
  13. joeretin101

    this is to get people to buy membership. it's a promotional stunt. give people something to make them feel good, then take it away so they'l l miss it. then people wll want ihe advantiges back and buy membership.
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  14. Snarfy

  15. Liquid23

    first hit is always free man :D
  16. Paisty

    As a current member I will say this.

    A will not be re-subbing this game ever again. To be denied the free month, because i have paid for this month already, when people who stopped paying months ago gain all the same benefits as my purchase did, is blatantly insulting.

    Throw on top of that pile of ****, my queues are 10 times longer now, only a moron would give them more money.
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  17. Liquid23

    see I don't get that... you obviously enjoyed the game enough to pay for a sub and keep paying for it so why deny yourself the enjoyment and benefits just because someone else got a taste of it for free?

    It's like me saying I'll never pay to go see my favorite sports team play again even tho I enjoy it cause that damn little kid with cancer in the wheelchair not only got to see it for free once but they even waved him to the front of the line to get into the stadium
  18. Disparu

    This, this month essentially people are paying for what others are getting for free, and also ruining the point of paying for it in the first place (the queues). So we get to pay, for something you get free and then we get the point of sub **** all over.

    So I hope they get another guy to perma sub out of this bonus because you just lost one. If they really wanted to do something they should have given out the free memberships and EXTENDED the paid members by a month, not only is that common sense but they could also have given current members a load of SC as compensation for the month. They had choices, they chose to do nothing. So I'm choosing to pay nothing.

    People can post like above all they want about oh stop moaning, but its not your money, its ours and we'll stop spending it if we want to. Marketing done right is free, marketing done wrong is the most expensive part of business.
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  19. Mrasap

    I understand this is a promotional stunt of SOE to incentivize non-members to become a member. Yet seeing that SOE couldn't care less about the current members doesn't exactly bemuse me. The fact that they call everybody loyal except paying members is just another kick in the balls.

    Also, to all those saying non-members may have put just as much SC as members, please enlighten me why you are entitled to a bonus and members do not.

    This is coming from a confused non-member who most definitely will not become a member anytime soon.
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  20. ManicUndies

    I understand why some subbers are upset, SOE could have extended their membership by a month or so to offset the queue times and what not, but they're still reaping the other benefits. If they're a long time member, than they still get more exp and the 500sc monthly. And while the queues may suck, give it a week, it'll die down. A lot of the time, I don't think SOE thinks out their "nice" gestures such as the whole refunded cert grant fiasco. Coming from a non-subscriber, all I can say is this loyal soldier jazz could have been executed much better. More so, it would have been nice if there was actually some sort of loyalty metric to it. I.e. non-members that have been playing the game for at least 5 months get the package and subscribers that have had a membership for at least two months would get more things like a special pistol camo or even more priority in queues. That way it wouldn't be the crap-storm that it is.

    All in all, sucks, but that's SOE for you.
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