The Lookdown - Is it any good?

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  1. Collin

    Ok I know its **** it was **** in PS1 and is even worse in PS2.

    ZOE shows directly that mobility or alpha damage to stop the enemy in this game is the key to success. The lockdown provides nothing from that above. You are sitting duck and just wait for the C4, AV nade or lib dalton to come.

    Just to make it clear the Agis shield is not that great as well but at least it provides a benifit than just a fast redeploy in a locked down max.

    It is so situational and even then the lockdown is not great. Dual Bursters with lockdown work once. If you can´t kill the ESF you are dead and against a lib it just provides a big laugh for the dalton gunner.

    I don´t know how to fix it rather then just drop it directly and think about something else.

    BTW it looks even bad when a max is locked down. It looks like he is falling over somehow.
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  2. DashRendar

    Yes it's situational, so is the entire NC MAX build and that's not getting any better any time soon.
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  3. Kaon1311

    Change to 50% movement reduction and remove the stupid 'locked in place shoot me with rockets C4 me, grenade me, run behind me as i cant move for 3 seconds if i try to unlock and move' ability.

    Oh and while we are at it, remove the 2 second to unlock and move the Prowler too. Being static while locked down, and taking 2 seconds to lock in place are enough setback/negatives :D
  4. Ganelon

    ....Rank 5 gives a 5% RoF increase to Bursters.
  5. Collin

    well at least it can shine in that situation but the lockdown has a HUGE disadvantage YOU CAN`T MOVE at all. It makes no sence! In warfare if you can´t move you are dead. It just makes sence IF you can provide indirect fire but thats not possible.
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  6. Tommyp2006

    It's very useful for defending a building, and still requires proper positioning to be effective at that. It's effective for AA use as well. Otherwise it's pretty useless.
  7. Kaon1311

    We must work together to rectify the stupid NC and TR max abilities!
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  8. NB88

    Stop whining, atleast your ability allows you to shoot. ;)
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  9. DashRendar

    I agree with you it's definitely lackluster. I rarely see LD MAXes in the field, and even rarer do I see them used well. I do have a few instances burned into my memory of good LD uses and I know it can be used really really well. A LD ext. mag Mutilators MAX locked into the corner of those L shaped buildings that only have entrances at both ends is literally a bug zapper for lemmings, and requires an unusually high amount of teamwork to topple.

    I don't even have LD on my TR character, but I do have ZOE on my VS characters (all of them). I've actually posted a proposal to the forums many months ago when these abilities went live that said that the LD should only cut movement speed by 50% and may have to sacrifice a small amount of RoF/projectile speed gain to get there. Of course this was blasted out of existence because every shortminded TR that saw an NC avatar thought I was trying to nerf them. I've given up trying.
  10. Ned

    The reason Lockdown is so bad, and it is a bad ability, is the deploy/undeploy time.

    By the time it takes you to root in place, a well placed tank shot or a few infantry will take you down, considering it takes only 2 HA rockets to take down a 350 Resource max, by the time you have locked down and realise you need to undeploy (Which in total is like 4 or 5 seconds before you can start moving) You are already screwed

    Lockdown is supposed to provide supression and area denial, which is hard to do when in most cases you get hit while locking down and are down to half health.

    The deploy/undeploy time needs to be changed to less than a second to make it properly viable, its the only way to counter the ridiculous penalty of being rooted in the spot
  11. Ryme

    At least your ability allows you to move... out of the way of incoming rockets.
  12. Geneaux

    And avoid C4 to a degree...
  13. DashRendar

    And also why it takes 2 seconds for Aegis to protect an NC MAX, when a dumbfire can be fired in about that amount of time, and C4 can be detonated even quicker.

    The deploy/undeploy time on the Aegis needs to be shorter to counter the ridiculous penalty of not being able to shoot.

    Do you see how these arguments mean nothing? Also, a few months after the abilities went live, Higby tweeted that more TR have certed and carry LD regularly than NC MAXes have certed and carry Aegis, by about a 30% gap.
  14. Ned

    I carry lockdown because I dislike charge, even though charge is more useful, I see at least triple Aegis what I do with Lockdown though, Aegis is sort of useful for escaping, and against C4
  15. GeneralPeragorn

  16. Withnail

    At least with the lockdown in PS1 you could continue to aim while locking and unlocking without your guns spazzing out all over the place!
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  17. DashRendar

    Aegis useful for escaping. Have fun having eyes in the back of your head

    In my experience, if you activate Aegis when you are at or below 1/2 health, you are dead already. I've come across very few exceptions to this observation.
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  18. Cloaking

    They need to make it so the lockdown and unlock speed for MAX and prowler is halved and make it so you can fire faster as soon as you begin locking down (without the sway of the MAX lockdown, or the lockdown bar that needs to complete before you can fire faster as prowler)

    Also. make it so the kickback between shots of the prowler is not as large. You have to realign your shots before you can even fire the second, making max lockdown upgrade / Reload Speed redundant at range.

    They're pretty simple fixes that wont break the game and will make the abilities far more useful.
  19. DashRendar

    That's natural range compression that keeps the Prowler balanced. Without this the prowler would be the best AI tank AND the best AV tank. I don't know about you, but even from a heavily certed AP Vanguard with additional front armor point of view, an anchored AP Prowler in close range is a terrifying thing. You are asking to make something that is balanced if not airing the side of OP, purely OP with no downsides. I'm sorry, but that's not reasonable.
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  20. TommyXXL

    no, better just pretend there is no lockdown. it was added as a nerf for tr maxes.
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