The LONE WOLF syndrome

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  1. Imnuktam

    You still havent added my real toon Deadlysmurf or my other alt I play to the list Therealfamine ;)

    Battle Rank 28
    Server: Connery
    Experience Points: 609380
    Certification Points: 2914
    Percent to next Cert: 26%
    Kills: 1594
    Assists: 898
    Deaths: 427
    K/D Ratio: 3.73
    K+Assists/D Ratio: 5.84
    Headshots: 160
    Revenge Count: 5
    Vehicles Killed: 297
    Damage Given: 2307821
    Damage Taken: 1334120
    Most Played: Engineer
    Medals: 20
    Facilities Defended: 484
    Facilities Captured: 132

    Battle Rank 12
    Server: Genudine
    Experience Points: 69728
    Certification Points: 660
    Percent to next Cert: 50%
    Kills: 365
    Assists: 280
    Deaths: 35
    K/D Ratio: 10.43
    K+Assists/D Ratio: 18.43
    Headshots: 46
    Revenge Count 3
    Vehicles Killed: 34
    Damage Given: 327542
    Damage Taken: 248850
    Most Played: Max
    Medals: 5
    Facilities Defended: 115
    Facilities Captured: 6

    Stat page is old and hasnt been updated in a while. Deadlysmurf is now lvl 33 with 2267 kills, 1197 assists and 611 deaths, his ktd ratio is 3.71

    I honestly play both of those toons as a lone wolf and use imnuk as the one I group with my friends with so my experience is exactly the opposite of yours. Famine has never joined a group and amassed all his stats in about 3 lone wolf play sessions. I live longer alone hands down everytime UNLESS you count rolling with the zerg in which case you should be living a long time as you easily roll everything with a giant force.

    For the record my stats with therealfamine were mostly from using max dual cycler which is why he is so high, but deadlysmurf is usually on foot, and nothing is inflating his stats artificially like tank or libby farming. I use esf to get around and kill on the way but my most played is engy, light assault and max if i can find a bio dome battle.

    I personally feel the game needs both lone wolves and outfits. Most of my friends that roll in outfits with the zerg have base stats exactly opposite of mine. They have a lot of caps with few defends. Lot more assists to kills than I do and do less but take less damage than i do. Only reason i ever get involved in these discussions is to show other side and that game can be played effectively as a lone wolf. There are many times I am standing right next to your squad/platoon/outfit doing my job very well and not in a squad at all so i can go where I want when I want and not use voice so I can hear my game surroundings.
  2. SinerAthin

    To lone wolf in this game is more about "riding the wave" if anything else.

    And by "riding the waves", I mean "Riding the zerg".

    Not understanding the zerg will get you killed, outflanked, surprised, overwhelmed.
    To effectively lone wolf in this game, you need to understand the nature and behavior of the zerg to be able to place yourself in the right spots where you are 'naturally defended' by the friendly zerg.

    If anything, playing lone wolf with the zerg can be more demanding than being in an outfit(outside of schedule), because you constantly need to pay attention to what the zerg is doing, whereas at least in an outfit, you have a vague idea of what's going on and more obvious plans.

    Riding the zerg is all about using your own guys as bullet shields, while hitting as many people of the enemy zerg.
  3. ent|ty

    Really? Then why have there been so many times I have turned the tide of war singlehandedly by holding or capturing a base or ambushing forces on their way to another? Lone wolves play a part.

    If you have ridden with some of the zerg mentality squad and outfit leaders I have, watching them cap a base, then leave me behind because I didnt get inthe Sunderer fast enough (I WAS TAKING OUT 2 HIDDEN ENEMIES ready to cap as soon as we rolled out), and other stupid selfish leader things, I wouldnt need to be a lone wolf.

    Because of me, many bases have been defended and secured, when the zerg just decides to leave, and go cap another empty base, then ***** and moan about 'lone wolves' who won't follow their orders to the letter.

    We don't need to hold off an entire army. We just have to be the resistance when there is none. The individual (or loose group of lone wolf pugs) who work together away from the Zerg to do some real continent capture.

    Planetside 2 is not epic, the Battle of Troy was...

    The fact is, I go further as lone wolf, in both XP and Certs, as well as fun gameplay than any lame *** squad or outfit zerg I've played with so far.

    For example, a Zerg gives me about 4500XP per hour capping mainly empty bases... and solo play is about 8500-9500/hr. I don't really play for XP or Certs, but its amazing how fun and XP actually go together. I get alot of point caps, multi-kills from rocketing low flying or cocky Libs, Sunderer groups, mini-infantry groups, etc.

    Though this is not universal, there have been some squads I've enjoyed playing with, the experience is too short for me to really abandon my solo ways.

    Please refer to above. Most lone wolves are not killcounters... they're obviously about fun. Squads and outfits zerg and play differently... they're in it for the XP.. the funny thing, it may work out to less XP for them per hour and they don't realize it.
    When you avoid fights all day, your XP, and fun will go down.
    Take it or leave it, I was bored, taking a **** so I was reading the forums :) time to go back to reality.[/quote]
  4. Ozrik

    If your color blind like me.. Joining Squads can be more of a problem than help, as you can not tell friend from foe half the time.
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  5. iller


    I almost never had any frustrating issues with this game when I was 'loning it'. All of the problems I've had came when putting myself in harm's way to play side-by-side with Squads/Outfits only to be completely decimated by a single ESF'er/Magrider or a Duo of Lib / Double-SaronMagrider players using really overpowered Vehicle weaponry and possibly cheat programs too...
  6. Historic

    I lone wolf because after asking till I was blue in the face for a squad and getting know reply I have too.
    Before you post and tell my about the squad join option yes I know about it but was defending a base and most times it gives you a squad that spread all over the place.

    well over 150 players defending this base and you tell my there no space in one squad 0.o
  7. Vanus Aran

    OMG to say this in a nice way, please be quiet.
    You have no idea what I understand under a game that really deserves coordinated teamplay to win.

    The current PS2 is way off from this and will probably forever???
    And I cant even blame anyone for it?
    WHY spending time to organize teamplay, when BRAINLESS ZERGING is getting you the same amounts of point while having THE SAME EFFICIENCY as if you would play coordinated.

    The outfits do really THINK they make a difference, thats in fact hilarious as hell.
    I want them see do anything without the help of their brainless zergers. They will die like flys.
    They can see their end comming and can do nothing about it since they lack members.
    To defeat an army, you need an army! And in PS2 the army is not coordinated.

    Because there is not one single content in the game that is really forcing you to play coordinated without a heavy loss in efficiency if you dont! You have no idea.
    And actually you dont have to believe me. I dont even want to repeat myself anymore.
    All this people complaining about cheaters and stuff, their problems I want to have.
    This games lacks depth in tactical elements. While its epic, its just not rewarding strategy.

    In the end... whole continents get conquered by simply overflowing everything with getting the maximum numbers possible on the server in the own empire and simply outnumbering the enemy.
    You just cant hold your ground against this. No matter what you do. Since brainless zerging is supported!
  8. gunshooter

    Why did you completely ignore my post, where I show you that by "lone wolfing" I do better than you in far less time?
  9. Mietz

    I like how he immediately assumed I'm a lone wolf when I'm in fact currently a small, private, outfit leader (10 RL friends), and was part of 01WG (one of the largest outfits on Cobalt) before I made my own.

    Way to shoot himself in the foot.
  10. maxkeiser

    Agree with this. There are far too many whiners who want the game changed to allow BF3 style 1 man armies and rambo run-and-gun stuff.
  11. Xocolatl

    Lone wolfing and avoiding large conflict zone will definitely give you a much better personal stat, since you aren't putting yourself in harm's way. Personally though, I have more fun putting myself in harm's way. I think it just feel more cool when I set up a proper flank and such.
  12. HerpTheDerp

    Riding the blob is nice when you want to relax, since you don't have to do anything. Get in a Sunderer, and you will be driven from facility to facility, with your buddies capturing them all one by one, at practically zero risk to you, while you still get the 250/500/1000XP just for showing up. You can literally read a book or watch TV in the meantime, just move your mouse once in a while or the game will log you out due to inactivity.

    The only "skill" you need is to pay attention when the blob inevitably loses its momentum and Redeploy somewhere else before the pendulum starts swinging the other way.

    While this is super easy, it's also nost very efficient.

    Much more efficient way to get XP is to do the opposite - be on the path of enemy blob. Simply spawn in a facility on the blob's way and sit in the spawn room behind the shield waiting for enemy players to literally walk into the barrel of your gun. Blob mentality is one of invincibility; we have the numbers, we are on the roll, nothing can stop us. Well, you can't stop the blob, sure, but you can mow down stupid people who try to peek through the shield getting insane killstreaks in the process. Enemies can't shoot through the shield, obviously, and the only things that can harm you is grenades and C4. Unless you're blind, you are completely safe.

    When the facility is about to get captured, you have two options. Either stay in the spawn room and take down as many people who will rush it the moment it flips down with you as you can(recommended if you have a grenade bandolier, double C4, or mines) or simply Redeploy away.

    Then just spawn in next facility on the blob's way and repeat.

    10+ K/D ratio guaranteed, even if you never even touched a vehicle or MAX.
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  13. SteveRaptor

    I see where this is going,
    Im a Lone Wolf myself, but i would like to describe how and why do i play like this, saying in advance dont get offended by some of the contents, its nothing personal.

    The term lone wolf for some players, doesn't neccessery means a casual player that just logs in, fly/drive hes tank/aircraft, rack some kills, roam around and log off.
    Lone wolf, as a dedicated/non-casuall player such as myself playes differently.
    Like most of the players who prefer a part in the game, i like driving tanks, specfically the prowler (also drove the magrider when i first played the game, but eventually got bored with it and went to TR) and i can say that im a pretty good and experienced driver overall.
    Thing is, about a good lone wolf or in a better word Roamer, that he sees the game perspective in a different angle and he usually approach the game in an open minded approach rather then standing go blob/zerg this and then flank there and then capture that.
    An exprienced lone wolf knows what areas to avoid and where help is needed, he also approach combat knows to utilize hes vehicle/tool of war to support the current scenerio by out-playing the opponet by performing better then the rest "bulk" force, in short hes is a force multiplier.
    simple examples is u approach a facility sieged by enemy, u see an entire force of ur allies fighting in meatgrinder, probably what their squad marked for them, 80% of the people will join the fray, and will go for "must kill as much as possible before i die to get as much cert points as possible".
    Instead if joining the farm or whatever there, u search for that sunderer, that infantry nest that keep spawning attack foces, or lock the spawn room, those players are such a rare sight, u will almost never see a guy getting a tank and try to sneak around and eliminate that enemy spawn point/beacon/sunderer/etc.
    In some cases u jump and repair a generator or an ACU that no1 paying attention that its cleared of enemies.
    When battle is gone, u dont go cap empty bases, u leave the scenrio and roam around to find a important place that u can support.
    as result of this, experienced lone wolves feel that they are achieving less in squads/platoons which usually lack this vision of battlefield.
    Since, honestly, most of players those days dont bother to think much, and are square-headed in game, platoons/squads range from marking waypoints around the map, not really paying attention to what really needs attention and simply leading u into meatgrinder or even worse, just to farm people for certs.
    want a good example? one word: the crown at indar.
    Its really is that sometimes u just want to get away from all the stupidity that surrounds you.
    I cannot give enough examples how many times i joined a battle with my prowler and managed to completey influence nit just by thinking open minded, looking around, knocking down 3-4 vanguards unoticable, clearing out a sunderer and the infantry nest coming from it, or simply jumping at an important junction to drop 2 mines then later blow up 6/12 sunderer on its way to cap a base.
    Most of the times, u will see a large columb of tanks rolling to meet another blob of enemy tanks, and honestly nothing really intresting happens until some1 initiates a good move on the enemy.
    I found myself countless times making my way out of the blob i joined ,and found a good way to flank and outsmart the enemy force and start knocking out enemy MBTs and lightning left and right, and guess what, 30 sec later i see 5 friendy prowlers that left the blob in the front line and joined my flanking move.
    While u cannot capture entire facilites by urself, u can patrol around from time to time and intercept tanks/sunderes infantry that on their way to support their allies in an attack on your nearest base.
    When u play a good lone wolf, sometimes u can achieve better then an entire squad, not in terms of how many kills u got, but how u influenced the battle in ur favor.
    Players who play a lone wolf to raise their K/D wll find themselves pretty much dead most of the time.
    and finally, good lone wolves in PS2 know when to join an assualt force on key locations and when to hunt alone around important points in the map to cut off incoming vehicles/infantry,since assaulting an enemy bio lab by urself wont get u far. joining main assault force that going for the crown is waste of time, instead joining this small squad of 6 players that actually managed to get brains and leave the freaking crown in indar to push onward into a tech planet is worth ur support.
  14. SinerAthin

    Mines do stay even after redeploying, don't they?
    Planting mines + redeploying seems like the best way to troll them :p

    Ever tried planting a turret and aiming it at the entrances in a facility?
  15. Banick

    So what is the issue? Teamwork will take down any air. The people complaining are the ones who are disorganized outfits or lone wolves expecting to jump into an AA MAX and single highhandedly take down one liberator after another per clip.

    Then you have the people in outfits who play air wings, and are practically unstoppable. ESF escorts protecting Liberators, neutralizing any ESF opponents who try to counter the Liberators. And the Liberators reap the exp rewards of disorganized and lone wolf players who think that running out of a spawn being camped as an AA MAX or even a group of them, is an effective counter measure.

    It's not. I don't see people running head on in front of enemy vehicles then coming onto the forums to complain about it and expecting to 1 hit them. Why should an organised pilot and gunner suffer because the receiver of fire is too stubborn to concede the territory and go elsewhere.

    My outfit took the Crown tonight with 3 liberators, 2 reavers, and 1 squad of 5 men. It was an unstoppable force that no single AA MAX should touch nor even a team of them. Sure, they might slow us down, but when you counter a well organised outfit, it should be countered with another of your own faction. Pubs are expecting to be able to beat back hordes of enemies, or in this case aircraft, just so they can have free infantry reign.

    But if I go up solo with just my gunner, any halfwitted ESF pilot can and will (sometimes) take us out. Or at the very least, make us bug back to warp for repairs. ESF is the counter for liberators, in lieu of that a group of AA MAXs or tandem them with AA launchers or even Skyguards. That is balanced, and it is also the most deadly for any airforce to deal with. Multiple locations, static AA, inf on the move with AA launchers, highly mobile skyguard and ESF to break off escorts.

    But the pubs want to run around with a single AA MAX and expect to deal a blow to well laid plans. I can't wait until the fad dies off and the real tacticians here stick around.

    I think the real issue is the lack of exp for guarding against air. So they want to be able to get more killshots on air solo, instead of a combined team effort.
  16. Xind

    If you're going to Lone Wolf, bring an AMS Sunderer. Suddenly, you're teh point man at a breach.