The Lockdown and the secondary gunner

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  1. Pikachu

    I'm all for you getting your speed boost ability buffed but strafing super fast or going super fast backwards while keeping your strong armor facing the enemy is a bit too much. o_O

    Your signature makes me giggle time to time. :D
  2. Notih8Darian

    I'm not 100% sure on this, but I think that vanguard side armor is more resistant to damage than magrider front armor (no idea where to look to verify this). Even with keeping the front armor faced while retreating, it's likely that the mag is already damaged and needs to repair, so another tank could just follow it and kill it. That being said it wouldn't buff it to where it's OP or anything, but it'll make all the mag drivers happy :D

    And thanks for the complement man! :)
  3. Wezdor

    This. The TR are so used to having OP stuff they completely forgot how **** magburner actually is. I mean, original poster actually implies that it's better than lockdown. What the hell.

    If any ES tank ability needs a buff, it's magburner. Omnidirectional would not make it OP and make it 8x as useful as it is now.

    The magburner lasts for 1 second and has a very long cooldown. It wouldn't be OP in any kind of way, trust me.

    Not to mention the fact that if you bump into something with side or rear armor you blow up.
  4. Izriul

    No. If you pull a vehicle and then there's a delay you lose resources, not get the vehicle, can't move and you're dead. This is terrible mechanics and should be addressed. There's also times you get in the vehicle but still get sniped in the head, despite being inside, and the vehicle despawns. Again, bad mechanics, and should be addressed. There's no excuse for a free kill like that when you're frozen in place and not just die but lose resources for something you never gained.
  5. Ronin Oni

    He's not doing nothing... he's looking around keeping you from being flanked, and making anyone who tries desperately sorry.

    Also, close range AA shredding....

    Prowler's fine.

    Locked down it already outperforms every other tank at long range without making the Vulcan be effective at 500m
  6. Ronin Oni

    be more aware where you spawn your vehicles....

    ie; NOT ON THE FRONT LINE where you can be sniped
  7. Izriul

    I can't believe some people stick up for a bug. This is an MMO, there are people EVERY where, it has nothing to do with being on the front line, it's a bug and it should be fixed, period.
  8. Vortok

    It's never really made sense how Anchor mode makes someone care less if they're 1/2, as it takes the Prowler that already has a larger portion of its dps coming from the main guns, and boosts those guns further while leaving the gunner untouched. But how do you balance it for all guns? Faster projectiles on a Walker/Ranger than other factions stands out to me specifically.

    At least if we had vehicle loadout swapping a Prowler could swap to a Halberd (if they have it) for long range bombardment. Doesn't really fix the lopsided damage output ratio, but it's not like the Halberd gets worse while anchored (stationary platform to fire from, at least).

    Then fix the bug, don't apply an invulnerability bandaid fix on top of it. Just file a detailed bug report with specifics of how it'll deduct resources without spawning the vehicle if the person dies at the right time.
  9. SuBs

    Must agree. It seems they really don't use their brains a lot of the time. Content and changes seem to be thoughtlessly pumped out. I wonder if the majority of the devs actually play this game.

    Here's what happens when you take Everquest developers and put them to work on a shooter:


    Behold the utter thoughtlessness...
  10. IronWarrior

    Not sure if I understand you right, are you implying that lock down is for close range combat?
  11. Aegie

    No, I suppose I could have been a little clearer. I was trying to convey that the strength of Lockdown is long range combat and this means that when in Lockdown you are vulnerable to a CQC rush (whether infantry or armor) and thus there is a kind of synergy with having a Vulcan on a Lockdown Prowler in that in the event someone rushes into CQC you have the Vulcan, a strong CQC weapon, that can help make up for the weakness of Lockdown.

    This would be a little like a sniper having a pocket shotgun- you have the sniper rifle for long range (like Lockdown) but in the event someone closes the distance you have the pocket shotgun (in this analogy, the Vulcan).