The level of grudge holding in this game...

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  1. Popper100

    Is too damn high!

    Let some stuff go.

    ZOE is passed, we live on.

    Striker 1.0 is passed, we live on.

    HE Prowler 1.0 is passed, we live on.

    Rocketpods 0.9 is passed, we live on.

    And I say to my fellow planetmans, we will live on.
    And because we live on, we must continue to strive for balance!
    A balance every little planetboy and planetgirl would be proud of!
    Free of prejudice! Free of narcissism! Free of fear!
    A new world. A glorious world. A planetman world.

    Why is everyone so vehement about past mistakes with equipment and punishing people now? Seems strange.
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  2. SerasVic

    PPA 1.0 is NOT passed, i'm dying
  3. InoxGecko

    I for one have no intention of playing a game that has been nerfed to hell and back.

  4. Popper100

    It's not so much the nerfs, but the reactions certain people have when we talk about fixing said nerfs. Things like recalling the 6 months Striker was busted as hell and saying TR deserve their lollipop cannon now because of it. It comes up too much now to write off as a joke and people seem genuinely spiteful over stupid things.

    Case in point, PPA at the moment.
  5. DatVanuMan

    What if I told you:
    That the Banshee is better than the PPA in almost everything single way, and the Marauder is being changed to become one?
  6. Popper100

    I would reply:
    The "Light" PPA is not a great weapon simply because it does not allow for strafes, the strafes that are necessary because in large battles enemies don't render until you are right on top of them. And that the PPA is just doing its job. And that the Marauder is actually a fine weapon that needs its mag size cert line doubled to be as good as the PPA. And that whining about the PPA killing infantry is idiotic. Because it is designed to kill infantry. Something they took away from tank cannons a while back. Which was idiotic.

    But this is a hypothetical reply to a hypothetical reply to a post on a forum.

    Also, Canister is............................................. not............. garbage.
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  7. Swooped

    If they released a sniper rifle that was designed to destroy vehicles and it 1 shot mbts would it be idiotic to complain about it since it was designed to kill vehicles? Just b/c something is designed to do something doesn't mean it can't be too powerful at it.
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  8. Popper100

    Indeed, and that is why I put down those four examples in the original post as things that went a bit too far to outright stupid far. Still can't believe they goofed with Prowler HE.

    Is the PPA to the level those things were at? I'd be surprised to see any vets say yes.
  9. Iridar51

    "planetman" is a terrible word, stop pushing for this "memeologism" and let it sink in the abyss.
  10. Popper100

    Enh, it was useful for the mash up speech. Got you in and forced a post, didn't it? Victory for the planetpost!
  11. FateJH

    In an ideal world, SOE would refactor everything that performs wonky within a realistic cycle so that everyone considered it fairly implemented, minimizing discontent between usage and engagement. In reality, we sit on these complaints for ages and it digs into us. Sometimes, something happens quickly (Phoenix headshot); sometimes, it (feels like it) takes a long time (ZOE rebalancing). The only common factor is that getting these kinds of changes is a complete crapshoot in regards to the output In regards to the ZOE rebalancing, not only is the ability useless despite the number of good ideas proposed to keep it viable without being overdone or underwhelming, but the VS MAX weapon line was potentially irreparably hobbled because SOE refused to point a finger at ZOE early. Occasionally, something turns out absolutely great the first time - the Air and Flak rebalancing - and the amount of interplay, survivability, and engagement available in the game opens up; despite that, people continue to feel the overbearing ways of the past were better, or that a new mechanic that completely ignores the balancing is the next cup of tea. The one has the transparent benefit will always feel like things are fine as it is and that nothing has to change. Then things change.

    In the end, the only thing that is consistent is the cycle of discontent.

    I don't see it catching on. It doesn't really roll off the tongue or play on any linguistical trickery appeal. It's a back-formation ("<scandal>gate" or "<feature>Side") to be sure, but not a very good one. I guess you could make a snappy website URL out of it.
  12. Popper100

    I understand where you're coming from, and where a lot of other people are. It hasn't been the easiest of roads, and the dev team is, hopefully getting better. My only hope is that people will sit back, stay level headed, and set things to the way they need to be in regards to the vision for the game.

    And regarding ZOE, still can't believe they didn't fix it with a 3 second timer, where you took the same extra damage as when it was on, after shutting it off. Boom, downside to spam switching.
  13. Stormsinger

    The community was ranting and raving rabidly about it for so long, the only thing that I can think of is that the Devs wanted to effectively remove it from the game until such time that people just stop mentioning it, so they can tweak it without berjillions screaming players demanding one thing or another.
  14. GhostAvatar

    I would love to see you try and live on with a Spiker in your hands :p
  15. FateJH

    Unfortunately, we all inheritted that one guy who had to make a new thread about "Japanese Bird Cooking Spaghetti" whenever there wasn't one of the front page of 4chan's /jp/.